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Update Galaxy Note N7000 to Official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXLSZ OS

The Galaxy Note N7000 users can now enjoy the Android 4.1.2 experience as Samsung just released the official OTA update for the mentioned device; the firmware has been rolled out in different regions, each version of the OS being different. Anyway, if you still haven’t received the software yet, or if you need to manually apply the same, then I recommend you to follow and complete the present step by step guide. During the same we will be checking on how to update your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 to official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 built number XXLSZ, so take a sit and start flashing the ROM on your phablet.

This version of firmware has been leaked shortly after we have showed you how to manually apply the official Android 4.1.2 OS on the Galaxy Note from Taiwan and Hong Kong therefore similar with that procedure, this tutorial will take you through the XXLSZ OS installation procedure. The guide can be easily performed as there are only a few things to take care of and this because we do have to deal with an official release of the Jelly Bean platform and not with a custom ROM software. Anyway, this is still a complex operation, so you should try to avoid the unpleasant situations by sticking to the lines from below.

This version of the Android update comes with several improvements for the camera, offers faster performances results and also removes the reported bugs from the Jelly Bean OS. It is not a major upgrade, but until the Android 4.2 firmware will be offered (the rumor are saying that a “soon” release date is expected) for the Galaxy Note N7000, this should do the trick. Beside these aspects, it’s always a good idea to flash the latest official ROMs because in this way you can remove the issues, enjoy a more stable Android experience and get the latest features and capabilities which are available for your handset.

The best part is that the installation procedure is not hard to complete as you don’t have to previously root your Galaxy Note and install it with a custom recovery image. Therefore, the warranty will not be void; furthermore, if your device is rooted and flashed with a custom ROM firmware, by applying the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXLSZ OS, you will be able to restore the lost warranty. Of course by completing this tutorial you will revoke the root access, relock the bootloader and also install the factory restrictions back. In order to re-root your Samsung Galaxy Note you will have to use a guide that is suitable with the new XXLSZ Jelly Bean 4.1.2 software.

Now, for performing the present operation you will have to use Odin. Odin is a complex tool designed for the Samsung devices and used especially for these types of tasks. Because of that, you need to make sure that you can use a Windows running computer, your phablet and its USB cable. On the PC you will download and install Odin and by using the Galaxy Note and its USB cord you will flash the stock Android 4.1.2 XXLSZ firmware. In order to do so, first deactivate the security options and programs from your computer and from the Galaxy Note. Furthermore, charge the battery of your handset if you notice that there is less than 60% power left. Finally, go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging” and enable the USB debugging option.

Even though we are installing the official and stock Jelly Bean ROM on your Galaxy Note, I do recommend you to backup the data. You can never know what can happen and ending up in losing your personal info is something you want to avoid. Therefore, save everything you need (like contacts, messages, call logs, EFS and so on), but without using KIES or the recovery menu. Just use backup and restore apps from Google Play (search through our how to section for suitable backup guides).

Complete the below steps only if you have the Samsung Galaxy Note, model number N7000 phablet. This tutorial will not work for the LTE version of the Note; also if you do apply the guide for a similar handset you will end up in bricking your device.

How to Update Galaxy Note N7000 to Official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXLSZ OS

  1. Download Samsung KIES and install the proper drivers for the Galaxy Note.
  2. Download the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 firmware from here; save the update file on your computer and extract the same.
  3. Download and install Odin.
  4. Then, on the PC open Odin.
  5. Up next, turn off the phablet as it must be entered in download mode.
  6. You can boot into download mode by pressing on the Volume Down, Menu and Power buttons at the same time.
  7. With the device in download mode connect the handset with the computer via USB cable.
  8. Take a look on Odin: the ID:COM section should be yellow or blue and the “added” message should be displayed.
  9. If not, unplug the USB cable, turn off Odin, re-install the drivers and then re-do the above explained steps.
  10. From Odin, select “PDA” and pick the update file.
  11. Click on “Start” and don’t make any other changes.
  12. In the end, on Odin the “pass” message will be displayed; just unplug the USB cable and reboot your smartphone.

Now, if while you are trying to apply the above mentioned steps Odin gets stuck, you need to close it, disconnect the Note from the computer and force restart it. Then, repeat the procedure from the start and everything should be working fine.

Also, if in the end you will get a boot loop, or error messages, you need to: reboot into recovery mode (press and hold the Volume Up, Menu and Power buttons at the same time); select “wipe data factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”; choose “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”; done. Finally, take note that the first time you boot your Galaxy Note, you will have to wait longer than usual; don’t panic there is nothing wrong with your handset.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the tutorial. Now, your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is running on the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXLSZ OS. So, just test the software and share your impressions and thoughts with us. If there are bugs or if you are not satisfied by the ROM, use the comments area from below and share your experience with us.

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  • mehul

    it is a officeal jelly bean or not ?????

    • rahul

      yes ofcourse official it is…

  • ikram

    will this update works for middle east, Qatar….is there any damage (bricking) to the device while installing this update….

    • rahul

      yes it will work…. do research if your phone is network locked. if its not network locked, then you’re good to go !

  • Omer

    I can’t extract the RAR file; “Unexpected end of archive” .
    Anyone know why? or how to fix it?

    • The File wasnt Downloaded properly, Download again

  • Reece

    I downloaded firmware and odin,

    Rebooted and started phone in downloading mode. connected with pc and odin showed COM0 connected blue status.

    Click on PDA – selected firmware file.

    it gave me md5 error. Searched the net and got answer to remove extension md5 and i did it.

    Click START and it started updating

    got PASS message

    but when started phone, it gave me error message.

    i tried to reboot using Volume Up + Menu + start button but failed


    ANY HELP ?????



    • if u have MD5 error then it means your downloaded file is having integrity issues. its not downloaded properly. you have to download it again, and try not to use a download manager because it breaks file into parts and then reintegrates them. most probably you renamed it and it faked pass, use a MD5 checksum generator to match it with online sources. you may have a bad downloaded file

  • Hussain

    Will this work for India G note n7000? Has any one installed successfully ?

    • rahul

      yes i have installed in indian note with CSC: INU

    • Anupam

      ya, have installed just now, working great no issues

  • SteveChrysler

    Currently my phone is running 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXLSA leak which is flashed manually..will i be able to update it to XXLSZ ver..?

    • samjith

      answer is given above…

  • sahl khan

    Can i update it by rom system

  • Ayman

    hello help please
    gave me fail everything is fine except fail

    • samjith

      remove external memory…make some space in phone memory… then try again..

  • Vivek

    Thanks…It’s Working Superb!!! Thank You Once Again!!!

    • koush

      how to enanble powersaving mode in dis version?

  • samjith

    me from india. jellybean-4.1.2-xxlsa release was running in my mob. now i updated to this. simply done.
    kies air process will auto terminate in xxlsa version. but its fixed in XXLSZ version.
    airview is still missing. nothing more i felt about this update.

  • sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow rom

  • works great.. ……battery drains faster then usual though…….except for that its amazing and super fast

    • i think it drains more battery in WCDMA mode, 3G sucks up battery like it’s drinking all the juice out of it. what do you say?

  • koush

    hii.. im from delhi.. just now updated my note n7000 to dis version myself on my pc.. its very great .. all r working fine..
    tell me how to activate powersaving mode?
    wen i on it., its displaying a message to enable powersaving, enable atleast one function..
    wats dis? im confused.. plz help

    • koush

      ok now got it

      • sujith

        koush, how did you activate powersaving

        • anupam

          go to power saving mode from the main settings and not from the drop down menu

  • how long does it take in cache.img process..??
    i guess its already half an hour..

    • Nainesh

      how much time did it take to complete ur update dude

  • omi

    if this is an official update from samsung, then why samsung has not released this updates in india.

  • inder

    hey can u tell me one thing after upgrade this rom my fon warranty still alive or samsung not respose after this plzz tell fast

  • people

    need root ?

  • dharmesh

    done well working best also working power saving mode thanks

  • ravichand

    My internet browser is not opening.
    .. wat to do.

  • sujith

    Did all those mentioned here…. Its very very slow.. and the power saving does not work…DO i need to do anything else?

    • sujith

      Ok, i guess i commented quite soon… i rebooted the phone and it got a little faster… and also set up the powersaving options… and its working too… all and all, i am grateful to this article 🙂

  • pankaj

    lovely update.. thanks..

  • Sai Hemanth

    Does this update adds multi windows?


    thank you i made it bcoz of uuuu and its working awsmmmm mannn
    in india

    • boss what is this ?Up next, turn off the phablet as it must be entered in download mode …… pls reply

  • Nainesh

    how much time does it take in total to get it updated.
    its been an hour and it still has not completed yet. Pls help

  • Kris

    Perfect. Took less than 15 minutes from start to finish. Works perfectly. Thanks

    • Nainesh

      how the hell did the update finish in 15 mins. I had kept the same for more than 3 hours and still that thing didnt happen. it was stuck on cache.img and didnt complete. so i was forced to cancell the process. which odin version did u use

  • Atul Verma

    I Want to install official Jb through odin because i cannot wait anymore for it to arrive india.SO all i need suggestions on-

    1.Out of all the countries that got their official JB ota (germany,Hongkong,Taiwan,Italy,Algeria,russia etc)Best Stable Smooth Official Jelly bean is of which country till now so provide me with the best and fastest download link of that official complete rom to flash through Odin.

    2.I want full Airview,Smart Rotation,Svoice etc Note 2 features and butter smooth perfomance without lag and better battry standby without rooting my phone is there any download link and instructions to install them.because airview is not available in official jellybean of any country till now i guess and is there any fix etc thn give download links.

    3.After Flashing it through odin would i still be eligible to get Ota updates for my country and that would not void my warranty?

    4.would i lose all my installed games and apps and data images videos etc after installing this Jb.or any of my application like camera wifi etc wont work properly?

    5.after installing this official Jb Rom is any danger or risk for bricking?and when update is later available for my country India,can i shift to Ota update for same even after installing through Odin >

    Help me please i know there are lots of experts and developers here.i would follow your instructions properly.give the answer in single comment as lots of people want this as i have gone through so many forums on different websites and have these as frequently asked questions.this would help and benefit all.

  • Anupam

    i am from india.really took me around 20 min to install. had no problem at all. than you very much

  • sonu aggarwal

    i use mobile odin in my rooted phone always for switching roms
    n u all kno …even last dialed call also saved in logs ..noapp even not a thing removed…all msj everything same only os is changed….n it is better then pc (coz it onlt takes 2 to 3 mins) jus dwnlod rom in mmc n select in odin n then it reboot then it do all in lil time…… i alway shock my frnz vd my many roms…

  • think_deep

    hi, i cant download the firmware

  • insigniakalp09

    Guys this might sound silly but being new to android….. do i have to use a external memory card or i can just deal the process with the internal storage memory…. and also is airview included in this update??

  • sal

    Does need rooting before go through the process? Regards

  • Acker

    Fabulous – thank you. The ROM image took a while to download, but my phone is back alive making new noises! 🙂 Thanks for super easy guide to flashing the GT-N7000 Note1

  • obama


  • Thanks a lot.. Its working for Indian phablets. proceed the steps as mentioned in the site..no need to backup the phone also.. after flash, i got my earlier data without anything loose. Thanks again.

  • pranay220

    stuck on the first step……odin nt detecting phone….neither kies…..its displaying “please connect the phone”
    in kies mini i tried the install driver option too..!
    help plz…..pranay220@gmail.com…..thanks already..! 🙂

  • Joe

    thanks, works flawless.
    I am glad to have your guidance, since SAMSUNG disappoints me by not supplying the update until 20.03.2013 in Switzerland

  • Dharmendra Joshi

    after update my galaxy note is running very slow and battery is draining fast. how can i fix this problems. please help.

  • boss what is this ?Up next, turn off the phablet as it must be entered in download mode …… pls reply…

  • Richie Kwok

    After I updated my Note to Jellybean, it was working well, I had to
    reset somethings, but then it told me that “process.com.google.” so i
    tried to restart my phone but just when it was about to go to the home
    screen, it restarted, again, again, and again. i don’t know what to do
    now, any help ??????

  • nara

    im a Mac user.. is odin available for mac ?

    • Syahmi Amin

      The windows version is compatible with mac

    • Try heimdall. That works flawlessly. Odin is not available for Mac but you won’t regret.

  • rr

    Can this be used to update N7000 XXLRK ?

  • yuper

    since the software uograde my note has become quite slow. what can be done to help it?

  • brad

    Its saying my divice has been modified when i go to update it what do i do to taje it off