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Update Galaxy Note N7000 to official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXLSA leak

As you know the official Android 4.1.2 OTA Update for the Galaxy Note has been leaked, but apparently the release date for the same will take place only in 2013, or if we are lucky enough, maybe somewhere during next month. Now, if you don’t want to wait that long and if you want to test the Android 4.1.2 flavor on your own Samsung Galaxy Note N700, this step by step guide is all you need. During the next few lines I will be showing you how to manually install the XXLSA leaked software on your Note, so let’s get started.

This leaked ROM is still in the test stage, but according to our sources (check the link from here for more details) it seems that the Android 4.1.2 firmware is working perfectly and there are no bugs in the system. So, the update is a stable one meaning that you have no reasons for waiting for the official release date of the OTA update. You will be able to easily flash the same on your Galaxy Note by following and applying this manual method that will take you and guide you through the installation procedure. In order to make a proper idea related to the Jelly Bean OS for the Note N7000, here are some of the features which will be added to your phablet:

Android 4.1.2 Features for Galaxy Note

Android 4.1.2 Features for Galaxy Note

This is an official software meaning that it is coming straight from Samsung (even though we are still talking about the leaked Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ROM) so by updating the same on your galaxy Note you will not void your phone’s warranty. Furthermore, you don’t need to have a rooted device for being able to flash this firmware and also the root access (if it was previously gained) will now be revoked and the bootloader relocked. Therefore, once you install the jelly Bean OS on your Note you will be able to restore the warranty, this if your handset is currently running a custom ROM firmware.

A backup though is still recommended because this is being considered a risky operation. Remember that you will manually flash the official software (which normally will OTA be received) on your Galaxy Note. So, take your time and make sure that all of your personal data is in safe hands. Then, you can safely go and perform the proper steps from below. If you don’t know how to complete a full backup then use our suitable guides (search through our how to section for the same) for learning how to save the contacts, messages, call logs, EFS and lot more.

As this tutorial explains a manual procedure, a Windows running computer will be required along with your device and its USB cord. On your Note enable the USB debugging option before doing anything else. Then, on both phablet and PC deactivate or uninstall the security tools or programs like antivirus and Firewall protection. The Note must have enough battery life for being able to stay alive during the update operation; therefore if there is less than 60% power left take the battery and charge it. This guide should be applied only for installing the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 with the leaked Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware because the software won’t work on a differed device and worst you can even end up in bricking your smartphone or tablet.

How to Update Galaxy Note with Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Leaked XXLSA Firmware

  1. Download the update file from here.
  2. Extract the file on your computer.
  3. Then, download Odin.
  4. Extract and install Odin on your computer.
  5. Turn off the Galaxy Note.
  6. Put your phablet in download mode.
  7. The download mode can be reached by pressing and holding the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons at the same time for a few seconds.
  8. Now, on your computer open Odin.
  9. On Odin, click on PDA and select the “CODE_N7000XXLSA_549786_REV02_user_low_ship.tar” file.
  10. Next, also from Odin select Phone and pick the “MODEM_N7000XXLSA_REV_05_CL1222228.tar” file.
  11. Finally, select CSC and pick the “CSC_OXA_N7000OXALSA_549786_REV02_user_low_ship.tar” file.
  12. Make sure that the Re-partition option is not checked and don’t make any other changes on Odin.
  13. Connect the device (must be in download mode) with the PC by using its USB cable.
  14. Once the handset is connected on Odin the “added” messages should be displayed and the ID:COM section should be yellow.
  15. If different install the drivers on your computer and re-do the above mentioned steps.
  16. On Odin, click on “Start”.
  17. Wait until the process ends.
  18. In the end, the phablet will reboot by itself.
  19. Also, on Odin the “pass” message will be displayed.
  20. If you get a boot loop then complete the following:
  21. Reboot the Galaxy Note in recovery mode: press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons at the same time and this time choose recovery.
  22. Then, from the recovery menu select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”. All the data will be wiped out so remember to backup the data first.
  23. Select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now” and you are done.

So, that was all for now. Your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 has been successfully updated with the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean software. Remember that the OTA update will be made available later this year or in January 2013, this being the leaked firmware. Do tell how things worked for you by using the comments area from below.

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  • underdesk

    if try can i connect to samsung kiesk then?

    • me


  • james

    perfectly working on my Galaxy note N7000…! thanks to uploader of this OS.

  • nandu

    if i install this rom and update my phone…..will i be able to get official updates later..???

    • Mani

      No i dnt think so bcoz itz warranty will no more be valid.
      We shoul w8 fr the official updat.

      • me

        Until then…flash this rom first…when the update is avaiable, then flash back to ics….its not that hard…

    • me


  • Jevaughn

    I updated and now Kies doesnt recognize my phone and I cant restore my contacts etc. Any suggestions?

    • me

      kies can’t connect if you are using leaked or custom roms

  • Wayne

    Ive update mine n it work awesome..thanks a million

    • Mani

      Any problem?

      • me

        no…i i have using for a week…its great

  • Wanadoo

    i want to try it, but if i see those reply’s here… contact’s can’t restore uhm.. can’t connect to kies.. etc. should i really wait for the official update?

    • me

      sync to google account for contact

  • Abu Oun

    wonderful so far… Many thanks for the well documented procedure… will test for couple of days and report back if any issues…

    • Rosemary Stevens

      did you have to install any drivers?

      • me

        just install kies software..its should come with drivers

  • Rosemary Stevens

    ok what am I doing wrong? My phone is in debug, I’ve downloaded Odin and the firmware, I carried out all the instructions although once I connect my phone Odin says “added” but the id:com section does not change to yellow. If I try to click start anyway message comes up as failed. Somebody please help me 🙁

    • me

      Turn on android debugging

      • dont use debugging mode, do it without ticking debugging, it works all correctly…debugging is not needed. -Dev

    • temyong

      it only work if the phone is on but in download mode it only turn blue what is that?

    • hbf

      same problem with me help?????

  • nikhil

    Updating through these steps voids my warranty? Do I get official updates from Samsung?

    • me

      Actually binary will remain 0 count after flash this rom…It’s stated as samsung official…so in case anything happen…you still can claim your warranty…:-)

  • Ashok

    Hi Friends,

    I have not rooted my phone. Can I install the leaked ROM without rooting the phone ?Please suggest.

    • me

      No…just flash the files using odin

      • Ashok

        Thanks Dude…

    • It doesn’t matter if it’s rooted or not. It’s a stock unrooted ROM anyway and it won’t root your device either.

  • Suaeb

    CPU spikes to near 85% and phone feels like lagging always. Sometimes it feels awesome but most of the time i find it slow than ICS. Can anyone help me regarding this?

    • me

      dont have that problem… 🙂

  • jimmy

    i ve used it for over few days now, at first it was smooth and all, but lately, it feels lagging and sometimes takes too long to load application like contacts and camera.. Is there a way to downgrade to ICS 4.0.4. Please help..

    • me

      just flash official ics…download from sammobile…get the official rom for your country….flash using odin…p.s:i dont have that lagging problem…:)


    Hi Friend,

    I came to know, after installing this ROM kies will not recognize the device. So if I want KIES to recognize after installing the leaked ROM means, what I need to do ? Whether I need to downgrade to ICS or ?

    • me

      this is the leaked rom…kies is useless if youre installing leaked or custom rom…you can downgrade to ics…sync your contact to google…after that flash this 4.1.2….sync your contact with google…the you will get all your contact.. 🙂

      • ASHOK

        Thnk dear.

        Thanks and Regards

        V Ashok Kumar

        Sent From Mobile

  • stevechrysler

    can baseband N7000XXLRK flash with tis firmware.??cos im having problem flashing wit odin..the ID:COM jus cant get yellow eventhough i installed samsung usb driver and USB debugging is on..plss help

    • ASHOK


      Is the Custom Binary Download is showing as NO in download mode ?

  • sajjad soomro

    its awsome awsome awsome thnx and its official and its dosnt void ur waranty so best of luck

  • seb

    hello, i have a problem.after i did the update the phone asked me “sim network unlock pin” and it doesn`t connect to any carrer.pls help

    • Asif shahzad

      Did it perfect………….just a little buggy but fine for a pre release

    • RudyC.

      It’s March 7, 2013 and I just got the OTA notification to update my firmware to Jellybean but that didn’t work and it recommended that I upgrade through Samsung Kies, which I did. Like you, it is asking me for the SIM network unlock PIN to connect with my carrier. It’s late here but I’ll call my service provider for some answers regarding the unlock pin.

  • a

    Can you do a video tutorial?. also what drivers are you talking about? it just says install drivers and repeat the previous steps… what drivers!?



    I am trying to flash through ODIN. But ID:COM is not changing to YELLOW. It was in default BLUE color. Already USB debugging mode ON and drivers installed. Kindly post your suggestions.Thanks in advance

    Additional Info :
    Custom Binary Download mode is showing as NO. Whether this is the cause for not changing to Yellow ?

    • JuandeDios

      Hi, i had that same problem, so i use another Odin version (Odin3 v1.85) and the ID:COM appears on yellow, I think light blue is the yellow equivalent on the Odin version posted in here.
      The 1.85 version worked for me.
      Thanks from Honduras for this tutorial, I’m doing the upgrade.

      • JuandeDios

        Everything goes well i have installed my first non official ROM and 4.1.2 looks great on my Note N7000. Thanks

    • temyong

      same here I tried it too but it only turn blue nothing happen still 4.0.4 I hit start and waited for an hour still ics, what happen here? I had a driver install retry the step still blue idcom,

  • chetan

    if i cant connect to kies how will i get my contacts back

  • Omkar Parab

    Thanks a lot guys. Updated my Galaxy Note N7000 to Android 4.1.2.

  • Ana Garcia

    i have installed this rom but the keyboard doesn´t write letters only numbers !
    I really love this rom,can someone help me out to repair this stupid bug?? The language I am using it´s Portuguese…
    Thank you!

    • Ana, is everything else working normally? Have you been able to fix that keyboard bug since then?

  • duncmac

    Tried flashing but accidently disconnected during the process! Just get an error message saying firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in kies and try again. Kies no longer recognizes the device. Any advice please?

    • arun kumar

      hi frnd u do like this…. first u remove ur sim , then buy a memory card and then copy the downloaded file, the downloaded file is in zip format don’t extract it u just copy it to memory card. then u put ur phone in recovery mode(press volume up+home+power button) after ur phone go to recovery mode select “install zip files from sd card” after select that option u see the zip file u copied now u install it ……. its an easy way to do man ……. happy……

  • Ben

    i dont want any trouble,will wait from sam to release.

  • how long it takes actually to flash the new firmware, mine 2 hours already and no sign it to be done soon.

  • trissc

    does it matter if my baseband is XXLRB instead? would that brick my phone or anything when i flashed this one?

  • Prince

    Great work done no probs thanks

  • Saqib

    After doing this do I will lost my phones warranty????

  • JonSnow

    does this work with all galaxy note from any region?

  • handsome

    worked for me . installed last night after great struggle , odin wasnt changing yellow but was blue all the tome until i downloaded and used odin 3 v 1.85 .so if any one encounters similar problems i suggest you use a different odin .thanks guys

    • bro, in some ODIN versions, it turns sky blue and not yellow. mostly in the newer ODIN versions, it is blue. it is equivalent to the yellow in the old ODIN version. SO, DO NOT panic

    • tommy

      bro can you please send me the link for downloading the .zip file

  • step 15.If different install the drivers on your computer and re-do the above mentioned steps. which drivers are these were can get them i tried this method and the ID:COM section did not turn yellow. please help me out

  • temyong

    hi 2 all guys help me out here, I just follow the instruction, that odin only work if my gt n7000 is on but in download mode turn blue and nothing happens when I click start button is that it? I’m still on 4.0.4

  • masoud

    I did it but just remember leave blank the phon (modem) in the odin if not your simcard doesnt work

  • Maz

    Hey there. Thanks so much. Can anyone tell me how i can flash back to ICS 4.0.4. My phone isn’t rooted or anything, but i tried this and i just want to flash back to ICS so when it comes out officially i can update then

    Thanks 😀

    which guide do i follow from here? http://www.android.gs/update/samsung-galaxy-note/

    • firstly you have to download the firmware of ICS from sammobile.com and then you can flash it the way u installed this JB update. you will have the md5 update firmware file and you can flash it the same way u did to JB, putting the phone in download mode and connecting to ODIN.

  • Ulgerch

    Did update by the instruction and so far so good. No problem found.

  • Chris Matthews

    My Odin is Stuck at Facotryfs.img
    Also I was Running ICS 4.0.4 XXLRG before this now my phone wont turn on please help it says Firmware stuck

  • Done n Done Fine… 🙂

  • Mac

    hey guys .. iam from egypt and i was waitting for this update for my Gt-N7000 .. i wanna flash this rom to my phone temporarily until the official update becomes available cause i wanna have the official update from samsung .. please advice me how can i get ICS back to my phone after i flash this rom to get the official update from Samsung to avoid any bugs….thanks,,,Kindly post your suggestions with Informations

    • you can download the ICS firmware of egypt and when you come to know that jb is arrived, u can flash it just the way u will flash this JB ROM. just check out that is your Note carrier sim locked or not. if its unlocked then you’re good to go buddy..

  • Hug0boss

    Any ideas on official update of Galaxy Note GT-N7000 to Android Jelly bean ?