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Update Galaxy S Advance I9070 To Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread XXLD1 Firmware With ODIN

Galaxy S Advance XXLD1 Firmware Update

Samsung Galaxy S Advance can be updated to a new version of Gingerbread firmware that has the ‘XXLD1’ tag attached to it and, it should come with numerous fixes and improvements that will greatly improve your Android experience. Read all the instructions in this post and you will manage to apply all new firmware updating files easily.

Wi-Fi problems have been fixed along with some glitches that appeared while running various games, that were delivering force close errors. Instagram is fully supported, Google Play Store upgraded to the latest version, camera is fully functional and multiple other features and applications have been improved for excellent performances. Note that before moving to the tutorial guide, you will need to prepare your smartphone by reading the pre-requisites info that I’ve listed below:

  • Installing this update on a rooted device will revoke the root access. If you wish to root the phone after applying this update, then you will need to return to our website as we will post a rooting tutorial guide when all the tools needed are mad available by the Android community.
  • XXLD1 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware is a global update and it  can be installed on all Galaxy S Advance I9070 models.
  • create backups of your audio, video, picture and all other important files stored on your smartphone. You can choose to move these files on the phone’s SDcard, as that will be the  only part left unchanged by this update. Alternatively you can use the USB cable to move the files on your PC and restore them back on your phone after the update is complete.
  • SMS text messages can be saved with the ‘SMS Backup & Restore’ application for Android – learn how to install and use it by going to this post here. As well as the Call Logs info that can be saved using the ‘Call Logs Backup & Restore’ Android app – read this article here and learn how to install and use this app.
  • The Contacts stored on your phone can be synced with your Gmail account. Restore them on your device after the firmware update has been applied.
  • Charge the phone’s battery until it reaches over 75% power levels so that it won’t discharge while you’re applying the firmware changes.
  • Enable USB debugging. It can be done by opening Settings, then Applications, Development and then USB debugging options needs to be ticked.
  • disable the antivirus and firewall applications.

These are all the things that you need to know and now you can say that you’re ready to update your Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070 smartphone. Now you should move to the tutorial guide and learn how to successfully install the new 2.3.6 Gingerbread XXLD1 firmware update. Make sure that you read twice every step in order to be sure that you correctly apply the changes I’m telling you to perform. In case you have any extra questions then you should post them as comments and I will give you a proper answer.

Please note that this update will revoke the root access for the already rooted devices.

How to install Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread XXLD1 Firmware update on your Galaxy S Advance I9070:

  1. Download the XXLD1 firmware update zip from here. Save it on your PC and then extract its contents in single folder.
  2. Download Odin executable from here. Place it in the same folder you’ve created at step 1.
  3. Power off the smartphone and after this you will need to load Download Mode.
  4. Download mode can be accessed by pressing and holding the volume down and center button and, while doing that you need to press Power. When an android logo appears you will know that the download mode has been enabled.
  5. Launch Odin and then connect your Galaxy S Advance to your computer. Now the ID:COM box should turn yellow, which means that all drivers have been correctly installed. Move to the next step, but, in case otherwise please this note:
    • Note that in case the ID:COM box doesn’t become yellow then you will need to install the USB drivers in your PC; then go to settings, open wireless & network and then USB Settings. Here make sure that the Samsung KIES option is enabled. Do all this ‘note’ actions when the phone is disconnected from your PC.
  6. Now, in ODIN, you need to click the ‘PDA’ button and then select the firmware update .tar file from the file you’ve created at step 1. Click START and then ODIN will begin to install the new firmware update for your smartphone.
  7. When the update is successfully installed, ODIN will restart your Galaxy S Advance. After the home screen successfully loads you will need to disconnect the phone from your PC and then switch OFF.
  8. Now you need to boot into recovery mode. To do this you have to press and hold volume up, center button and, while doing that, press POWER. This will boot into recovery mode. In case this step failed, then you will need to repeat it until you manage to load recovery.
  9. Wipe cache and then you’re done. Reboot the system using the recovery menu and then wait a few minutes until the Galaxy S Advance will boot into the new Android 2.3.6 XXLD1 firmware. This is it, you’re phone has been successfully updated with the new Gingerbread version.

In case the installation wasn’t completed, then you will need to re-read the preparation guide and then apply once again the steps listed under the tutorial guide. Also, if you can’t understand any of the above instructions then you should let me know using the comments field and, I will try to help you overcome any troubles you’ve encountered while trying to install the XXLD1 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware on your Galaxy S Advance.

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