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Update Galaxy S To Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy S3 ( ICSGS3 ) Custom ROM Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S Updated Using ICSGS3 ROM

The ICSGS3 is a custom ROM firmware that will make your Samsung Galaxy S I9000 look exactly like the future UI of Galaxy S3 phone. Here you can find instructions that you can use to update your GT I9000 to ICSGS3 Android 4.0 based custom ROM firmware. Read all the info in this post to correctly apply the new firmware on your PC.

Your Samsung Galaxy S will look like the future UI of the Galaxy S3 after you install the Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy S3 custom ROM which means that apps like Agenda, Calendar, Messaging, Email, Gtalk, Gallery and all the other stock applications. Also, the a beats audio plugin has been added to give you a better and enhanced sound.

The custom ROM can be overclocked up to 1.4 GHz and it is based on the XXLPH Galax S2 Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich port, which means there are several functions and features that won’t work on the SGS. However, with future releases we should see new updates and multiple other features will be added. For the moment, the video camera, HD Video playback, Vibrator, Mic in applications and several other minor functions and features aren’t working with the ICSGS3 ROM firmware for I9000 of Galaxy S device.

Read the instructions below to learn how to properly configure your PC and smartphone for the updating process to the new Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy S3 custom ROM:

  • backup your important files by moving them on your phone’s internal SDcard as that part will be left unchanged. Alternatively you can move these files on your computer.
  • Text messages can be saved using the SMS Backup & Restore app for Android.
  • Use Call Logs Backup & Restore to save your call logs information.
  • Sync Contacts with Gmail account using this guide here.
  • this custom ROM works only with the XXJW4 firmware which means that your SGS has to run that firmware. Also, it should be rooted and the CWM Recovery should be installed on your phone.
  • enable USB Debugging.
  • Disable / remove SIM Card Lock by opening Settings> Location and Security> Sim Card Lock and uncheck its box.
  • apply the tutorial guide instructions only on Samsung Galaxy S I9000 devices. It won’t work with any other smartphone model numbers.
  • make sure that your phone’s battery is fully charged so that it won’t discharge while applying the new ROM.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible in case something goes wrong and your device gets bricked. Make sure that you understand what actions you’re about to take and it is recommended that you have previously installed or worked with this type of custom ROM files.

How to update the Galaxy S I9000 using Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy S3 custom ROM firmware:

  1. Download the ICS GS3 custom ROM zip file from here.
  2. Move the zip file you downloaded at step 1 on your phone’s internal SDcard.
  3. Power off the device and then you will need to enter CWM recovery menu. It can be done by pressing Volume Up, Home center button and then press Power until you notice that the screen has turned ON, let go of the buttons and move to the next step.
  4. When ┬áin CWM Recovery, you need to use the ‘volume rocker’ keys to navigate and ‘power’ to select options. Select the ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ option and then confirm the wiping process. Wait for it to be completed.
  5. Now you need to select ‘install zip from sdcard’ and then ‘choose zip from internal sdcard’. Select from your internal SDcard the ICSGS3 custom rom zip firmware file and then confirm its installation. Now the new custom ROM will install on your SGS I9000 device.
  6. After the installation is complete, you will need to restart your device by selecting ‘++Go Back++’ and then ‘reboot system now’. Please note that the first boot of the new ROM might take up to 10 minutes and you simply have to wait for it to complete.
  7. When the main Android home screen appears it means that your Galaxy S is now running the Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy S3 custom ROM. Enjoy it!

These were all the steps you had to take. In case you cannot complete the tutorial then you should ask for help by posting in our comments field and we will gladly try to guide you throughout the entire process. Make sure to check other parts of our website as you will find other guides that will help you install other custom ROMs on your Galaxy S phone.

Download Samsung Galaxy S3 wallpapers for Galaxy S I9000 devices from here. These will make your SGS to better resemble the Galaxy S3 user interface.

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