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Update Galaxy S2 i9100 to Jelly Bean 4.2 with Jellybam Custom ROM

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S3 has become the most popular Android based smartphone, its little “brother”, the Galaxy S2 is still one of the most common smartphone among Android users worldwide. That’s why there are so many custom ROMs available for this device, new updates being launched almost daily. Of course not all the OS upgrades are stable ones, therefore you must be careful before deciding whether to flash such a firmware on your S2 or not. Anyway, in order to ease your work, during the present step by step guide I will show you how to update your Galaxy S2 GT I9100 to latest Jelly Bean 4.2 by installing the Jellybam custom ROM firmware.

I will explain a manual procedure as the Android 4.2 update isn’t released by Samsung for your Galaxy S2. In fact, the Jellybam software is just a beta OS improvement that has been developed for your handset by third party devs. And as it is being based on the latest platform, all the Jelly Bean 4.2 features along with extra ones will be added on your smartphone. In this way you can easily power up the performances of your S2 GT I9100, not to mention that you will be able to enjoy Google’s latest version of Android on your own device.

Of course a custom user interface will replace the default Android one, but this shouldn’t be something bad. Actually, the looks will be improved so that you can receive a more intuitive and appealing interface. Anyway, I recommend you to take a look over the image from below as I have mentioned some of the Jellybam features there; in this way you can make a proper idea about this Jelly Bean 4.2 update that can be flashed on your Galaxy S2.

CM10, AOKP, Paranoid based Jelly Bean 4.2 ROM for Galaxy S2

CM10, AOKP, Paranoid based Jelly Bean 4.2 ROM for Galaxy S2

As you can see, once you install the Jellybam update on your Galaxy S2, you will also flash features based on the CM10, AOKP and Paranoid custom ROMs, meaning that you will get an optimized and customized platform that will smoothly work on your handset. Now, if you have decided to complete this tutorial, then you must first take care of the pre requisites. The first to start with is the backup. A full wipe of the system will be required (you will find out more during the proper steps) so you might lose all of your personal info. Therefore, use our search section and look for backup and restore guides. You have all the info needed there, so don’t hesitate and use the same.

Then, as we are dealing with a beta firmware, your Galaxy S2 GT I9100 must be previously rooted and installed with a custom recovery image. Now, if we are to talk about the root operation, you should know that the warranty will get void. You must be careful in what you do, or else you can end up in bricking your smartphone. As a final tip, you can restore the warranty by downgrading to the stock ROM, or by updating with an official software released by Samsung and suitable with your S2. Then, after gaining root access you must install a custom recovery image, preferable CWM recovery; you will see what to do with this tool during the below steps.

The last preparation tasks are: you will have to use a Windows running computer that mustn’t have security programs installed (antivirus and Firewall protection included). The same must be applied for your handset (I’m referring to the security tools). Next, make sure that your S2 is charged, or at least ensure that there is minimum 60% power left; else the device might get turned off in the middle of the operation. Enable the USB debugging option on your handset by heading to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”. Remember to backup the data, root and install a custom recovery image and don’t apply this guide if you own a similar device with the Samsung Galaxy S2 model number GT I9100 because the Jelly Bean 4.2 update is working only for the mentioned smartphone.

How to Update Galaxy S2 GT I9100 to Jelly Bean 4.2 with Jellybam Custom ROM firmware

  1. On the first step you need to download the update file.
  2. Use the download link from here and save the Jelly Bean 4.2 ROM on your computer.
  3. Connect the handset with the computer via USB cord.
  4. Select the downloaded file and the copy-paste or drag and drop it to the phone’s SD card.
  5. Disconnect the smartphone from the PC.
  6. The recovery mode menu must be now reached.
  7. For that, first turn off your Galaxy S2.
  8. Then, press and hold the Volume Up, the Home key and the Power buttons together.
  9. Once the recovery menu is displayed, select to wipe the system.
  10. You can do that by selecting “wipe data factory reset” followed by “wipe cache partition”.
  11. Return to recovery: “+++go back+++”.
  12. Select “install zip from SD card” and then “choose zip from SD card”.
  13. Select the update file from the SD card.
  14. Install the same.
  15. Don’t make any other changes.
  16. When the flash process is done select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.

Congratulations, you have managed to update your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 to Jelly Bean 4.2 by using the Jellybam Custom ROM firmware. The software is being based on the CM10, AOKP and Paranoid platforms so many features have been installed on your smartphone. Therefore test the new OS and do tell us how it performs on your Galaxy S2. Also share if there are bugs or things that aren’t working by using the comments area from below.

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  • John

    Hope this isn’t a stupid question but in step 4, can you confirm SD card means microsd card ?

    • fs

      Yes, it does mean microSD. If you like, copy the files onto the internal storage of the phone.

    • yup the location where you have paste that file

  • Guest

    Yes, it means microSD card. You can put the files on your phone’s internal storage too, if you like.

  • meer

    must i format my phone??

  • Randon

    Hi. I know that the article is geared towards the i9100 model, but is there a way to update other Galaxy S2 models to Android 4.2?

    • Guest

      Can someone comment on this, please?

    • Brian

      I have the i9100 and it installed smoothly, but it isn’t 4.2 and there is no 4.2 camera or gallery either. It is 4.1.2 and nothing has visibly changed since the last 3 or 4 updates of this ROM


    i done everything. but when the time to rebooting. it just stay on the boot logo “galaxy s2” and blackout.. what is happening?

    • Unjo

      same thing is happening to me….. xD its just on rebooot for past 30 mins and still doesnt seem to change. or when i start, its the same thing…. WHAT SHOULD I DO????

      • reubens

        wipe dalvik cache, wipe cache, wipe data, flash again

        • izany

          i flash again but nothing happen. just the same.

  • Will

    Is there no need to update the kernel for those running ICS or Honeycomb?

  • androidian

    The update is only V4.1.2…its not 4.2,u guys should actually check dis stuff before posting here

    • Marc

      Thats correct. I have also 4.1.2 instead 4.2

  • shahbaz ali

    Its not 4.2 its 4.1.2
    But very good…..

  • Daro


  • Daro

    sorry Can i ask all you some question….now i use Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100..
    i want to install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 . bu i want to know have someone do it done and working good all apps on this phone?

    • have done 4.1.2 and believe me its really awesome

  • Brian

    Why does this site keep saying we’re getting JB4.2 when it is 4.1.2? Where is the 4.2 camera and gallery etc? The ROM never contains what it says it does. That new ROM still has the old versions of camera, gallery, etc.

  • Brian

    Has anyone managed to get the 4.2 camera and gallery? I did a clean install of this ROM and it ran smoothly, but the said items do not exist. Great ROM, all the same, but does not deliver what it promises to deliver. It is 4.1.2 with the old camera and gallery.

  • cordennaraga

    I’m lucky I didn’t use this update instead I used AOKP’s very own JB Milestone 1 4.1.2 and I’m loving it ;). Hope AOKP will release their JB 4.2 Build 1.

  • pieter

    Morning, everything went really smooth. up to the start up after the install where it just stays on the jellybam rocket ship flying through space. please help!!

  • wanted

    i installed it…
    it’s so great !!
    thanQ for it

  • MR10

    Is not rom 4.2 in GT-I9100

  • rayn

    getting error as e singnature verification failed

    • tharz

      me too also why happened like that?

  • shubha

    is that only me or any one else experiencing poor display after flashing this ROM. everything works fine but really unsatisfied with poor contrast and poor in my Galaxy SII GT-I9100

  • Ethan74754

    Guys, My s2 is already running with jellybam custom rom 4.1.2 and it Started saying that new update is available for this ROM. Is there any way to update with the new version of this custom ROM without wiping out the previous data and settings ? I don’t want to flash my phone again. Plz suggest.