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How to Update Galaxy S2 GT I9100 to Official ICS 4.0.4 XWLPX Firmware

The Galaxy S2 handsets can finally be updated with an official Android OS, as Samsung just released the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 XWLPX firmware. The ROM can be OTA (Over The Air) applied but only in limited countries; for the rest of the SGS2 users, the update can be installed only by performing a manual procedure and this step by step guide will be teaching you the same. So, if you want to update your SGS2 to the latest ICS stock ROM available, you will have to complete the next lines.

As usual, when we talk about official upgrades, we end up in telling you only few details due to the fact that there isn’t actually much to speak of. The XWLPX firmware is bringing only minor bug fixes and improvements, so no important features to be added. As stated, the ROM is coming to update the SGS2 to Ice Cream Sandwich version number 4.0.4 and it isn’t a worldwide release. You can still install the same though, if you choose to manually apply the software. To make it clear, this Android OS comes with add on stabilities in the Camera, improvements for the battery life and few capabilities for a better Android experience.

But even though your phone will not be updated with major features and important capabilities you will still receive a stable version of the ICS platform, as an official firmware is always optimized for offering the best Android experience available. If you don’t like the XWLPX ROM, then I suggest you to take a look over our Galaxy S2 GT I9100 section, from where you can learn how to update a custom ROM on your device. There are many ROMs suitable for your phone and you can even choose to install a Jelly Bean based one, so choose wisely.

Now, if you do choose to apply this tutorial, then I should mention once more that this is an official update released by Samsung and suitable for the Galaxy S2 GT I9100. Therefore, you don’t need to have a rooted smartphone for being able to install the firmware and you don’t have to use a custom recovery image for the same operation. Also, if you previously added a beta ROM on the device, then you will now be able to restore the warranty. Be aware as the bootloader will be relocked, the root access revoked and the factory restrictions reinstalled. For unchaining the phone system again, you will have to re-root it but by completing a how to guide suitable for the new XWLPX OS.

Even though you are dealing with an official update you must first backup the data of your SGS2. This because for the installation procedure you will have to use Odin, which is a dedicated tool used especially for this type of procedures. Anyway, during the update operation the data might get corrupted meaning that you will not be able to use it afterwards. So, first of all save your personal info; you can do it by using backup and restore apps from Google Play. You can save almost everything from your handset (contacts, messages, call logs, internet saves, current ROM, market apps and so on) so go and use our tips by consulting our how to section.

Next, you must ensure you have access to a Windows running computer with Internet connection enabled. You will have to connect the smartphone with the PC so the USB cord must be near you. Furthermore, on your device enable the USB debugging option from the path “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”. On both PC and S2 deactivate the security programs as these tools might interrupt the update operation. Finally, of there is less than 60% battery power left in the system, go and charge your phone. Don’t apply the present tutorial for devices similar with the SGS2 GT I9100 as the ICS 4.0.4 XWLPX firmware is being suitable only for the mentioned handset.

How to Update Galaxy S2 GT I9100 to Official ICS 4.0.4 XWLPX Firmware

  1. On the computer download the update file from here.
  2. Then, on the same PC download Odin.
  3. Install Odin and then open it.
  4. Extract the update file.
  5. Turn off the S2.
  6. Reboot in download mode.
  7. For download mode: press and hold Volume down Key and Center button while powering on.
  8. In download mode connect the device with the computer (Odin must be opened).
  9. On Odin the “added” message should be displayed.
  10. Also, the ID:COM section should be yellow.
  11. If not, try to reinstall the drivers and then redo the above steps.
  12. On Odin, select “PDA” and pick the update file.
  13. Click on “Start”.
  14. Don’t make any other changes.
  15. In the end the “pass” message should be displayed.
  16. The phone should reboot automatically.
  17. You can remove the USB cord.
  18. If you can’t use the new OS, reboot the phone in recovery mode.
  19. For recovery press and hold Volume Up button and Home key button while powering on.
  20. Select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.
  21. Then “+++go back+++” and next “reboot system now”.
  22. Done.

Well, that was all. Now you know how to manually update your SGS2 to official Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 XWLPX Firmware. Stay close as we will come with a root guide suitable for the new OS. Do tell us how you find this software or if you had problems while trying to install it. Hopefully during the next few months we will have a Jelly Bean OS released by Samsung for the S2 models, so finger crosses guys.

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  • S2_Malta

    does this mean that i can update normally in the future? I’m new to rooting and flashing and i dont want to break my phone

    • Seraphial

      Do not worry just flash the official ones, later you can root and apply custom roms,

  • Moo

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!! My S2 GT-I9100 stopped accepting my pin screen lock (apparently a bug with this model) and the bypass app on google play did not help so my last resort (short of factory reset and loosing everything) was to attempt an upgrade and as I didn’t have access to my phone I couldn’t use kies to do this, so I had to risk the update with odin wiping my data. Fortunately for me it worked a treat with all my media and contacts still there (I had just taken a heap of holiday photos on it). Cheers so much. One very happy customer. 🙂

  • magdasrbija

    odli?no svaka cast!

  • sas

    please post a root for this…..

  • Shaan


    There are two files in the Zip file. Do we have to use only the main file of 630MB or we have to upgrade the phone for each of the files one by one?… Please help

  • Mhammad

    what’s the different between (XWLPX) and other stock ROMs, how should i know witch one support the Arabic language ?

  • Atti

    since i buyed my s2 the wifi didn’t connectind to any hotspot. Now i updated to 4.04 and my wifi still not cnnecting 🙁 .What can i do? someone help me.

  • awarr

    Thank a lot man. u save my day! i’ve been downloading fake firmware. ur firmware save me. Thank many many XO XO

  • Androidsurferball

    Mine it says FAILED? please help me thanks

  • Androidsurferball

    My phone was stucked in boot screen then I just removed the battery while the usb still plugged. Then put back the battery again and start the whole procedure from the beginning. And now succesful! PASS! running smoothfully.All my applications contact settings everything are still in tact. running smooth 4.04. One question. Do still need to wipe out the cache in boot mode? to make sure everything will be smooth and optimized or just leave as it is? Thanks

  • LMCM

    hi, why do i have to pay for zip express to extract the file? is there any other way so that i can extract the file? help pls tnx.!

    • Fahad

      You can download WinRAR (for pc), ES File Explorer (for android), or similar extration softwares for extract a zip file.

  • Doron

    1000% works 🙂 and i managed to root it using another forum guide
    Tip – change to unicode in sms settings

  • vule


  • Romesh

    i updated my Sllbut i get hanging problem for using some on line app like playstore , Facebook ,whats app massenger and some other its throw out from that i m not satiesfied

  • How long should this take ? The ID COM is blue but it looks like it started and stalled any suggestions ?

  • afaq

    where is the update file i am un able to download pls help

  • afaq

    where is the update file i am un able to download pls help pls pls