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How to Update Galaxy S2 T989 to Official UVLE1 ICS 4.0

If you have a Galaxy S2 T989 smartphone that runs a custom ROM firmware, or a beta OS and if you want to restore its warranty, now you can easily do it as I will show you how to update your phone with the official UVLE1 ICS 4.0 software. I will explain you the manual method, so don’t worry, you have all the info needed in order to safely apply this update. Samsung released the ROM from a while, but this will not be a problem for us, as you can anytime follow this step by step guide and install the UVLE1 ICS 4.0 on your Galaxy S2 T989.

As already stated, by flashing the present upgrade, you will be able to restore the warranty (in case it was lost). This means that in case you have a rooted device, after updating it, the root access will be revoked. Furthermore, the bootloader will be re-locked leading to a locked system with numerous factory restrictions. Anyway, if you will want to, you will be able to root your smartphone again, as we have recently brought you a tutorial that shows you how to gain root access on a Galaxy S2 T989 that runs the official UVLE1 ICS 4.0 ROM.

Then, you should get this platform as it is the most stable one so far. It has fewer bugs than any other Android version (official and unofficial) though we all know that we can’t compare it with a custom ROM which brings more features and capabilities for improving your phone’s performances. If you want to apply such a firmware, you can search within our previous guides because you can choose from many possibilities. Read all of them and choose the one that suits your demands. You can test them and if you are not satisfied you can return here and flash this stock ROM.

Make sure you perform this operation only for the Samsung Galaxy S2 model number T989 and not on similar handsets as you can brick them. Also read all the lines from here in order to make things properly. The first thing you need to do before installing something is a backup. In most of cases, when updating, the data is wiped out. You can lose important info, so go and save the data. You can use our tips from where you can find what apps you need to use and from where you can download them.

After ensuring that nothing can happen with your data and personal saves, you should complete the pre requisites. But first make sure that you can have access to a Windows running computer, to your phone and to its USB cord. Then, of the PC and S2 uninstall the antivirus programs so that we can install the update. Also, the device should have enough battery power, so check if there is at least 70% left; if not charge the battery. Finally, enable the USB debugging option: “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”.

When done, you can safely begin the steps from below. Read call carefully and do as explained. Download the files from the appropriate links and don’t do things by yourselves as you can damage the firmware.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 to Official UVLE1 ICS 4.0

  1. The software can be downloaded from here.
  2. Also you need to download Odin.
  3. Save the files to your computer and extract Odin.
  4. Open Odin.
  5. Reboot the S2 and enter in download mode. Press Volume down Key and Center button while powering on the phone.
  6. Then, connect your phone with the computer by using the USB cable.
  7. As soon as it is connected, on Odin the ID:COM section should turn yellow.
  8. If not go and install the USB drivers in your computer and re-do the last step.
  9. Up next, click on “PDA” and choose the previously downloaded “T989UVLE1_T989TMBLE1_T989UVLE1_HOME.tar.md5” file.
  10. Click on “Start”.
  11. Wait around 5 or 10 minutes.
  12. In the end the handset should reboot automatically.
  13. Then, enter in recovery mode and perform a full wipe (this if something isn’t working).

And that was the last step. As you could see, thanks to Odin we were able to easily and quickly install the official UVLE1 ICS 4.0 update on your Samsung Galaxy S2 T989. You can now root the same if you want as we have showed you how in our previous step by step guide. Do tell us if there were issues during the installation procedure (through the comments area from below) and we will help you out.