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Update Galaxy S3 i9300 to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 XXDLI5 Test ROM

SGS 3 is ended the best smartphone available nowadays and not only for its high end specs and performances; the handset is receiving updates, Jelly Bean based ones of course, almost daily as there are numerous custom ROMs, beta software and even test upgrades released and available for its users worldwide. The official one is still missing though, Samsung really trying to bring a stable and bugs-free platform for its S3 devices. Anyway, if you just can’t wait for the official Jelly Bean to come, then we have the perfect alternative for you. The test version of the ROM is now available, so during the next few lines we will be checking in how to update the SGS3 to latest XXDLI5 firmware.

Last time, we explained to you on how to flash the XXDLI1on your S3, so now you can easily improve the same by applying this new version of the Android platform. As usual, you have the installation procedure explained in the easiest way possible and as we are dealing with the test version of the official update you will not be able to use KIES; therefore you will have to manually install the firmware and that by following the steps from below. But before we do that, you should read all the lines from this tutorial for ensuring that you know all the aspect related to the present update procedure. As stated, the previously version of the ROM had some bugs in the system, the same being removed by the present update. But for making a proper idea about this aspect, here are the main features included in the XXDLI5 software.

SGS3 XXDLI5 Features

SGS3 XXDLI5 Features

Take note that this is not a custom ROM. It is a test one, so for applying the same you don’t have to root your SGS3. By updating to XXDLI5 you will not void the Samsung warranty, so you have nothing to worry about. For completing the process you will have to use Odin, which is a complex tool used and designed especially for this type of operations. Odin is also used for rooting procedures, installing different tools like custom recovery images, and so on. I will explain more about how to use the program during the steps from the proper guide. Now, let’s see which the pre requisites are.

First of all, you should backup the data. As you are not OTA apply the update on your Samsung Galaxy S3, the data which is stored into its internal storage memory might get corrupted. So, it will be better to save the same. In order to make a proper and full backup you should use some free distributed tools from Google Play. Also you can sync with Google and use the Android cloud, or why not use a computer or SD card for temporarily save files. If you don’t know how to deal with these operations, just search for suitable backup guides through our how to section. You have all the details needed there.

As soon as the backup is completed, you can deal with other things. And the first to start is to ensure that you have access to a Windows running computer and to the phone USB cord. Next, on the PC and Galaxy S3 deactivate all the security tools, like antivirus or Firewall protection, as these programs are usually interrupting the Odin tool. Then, enable the USB debugging option from your handset. Also install the proper drivers on the computer. In the end, charge the battery of your smartphone, or at least ensure that there is at least 60% power left. Don’t apply the steps from below on similar devices with the Samsung Galaxy S3 model number GT I9300 as you can risk in bricking your handset. You can now safely head to the next section of this guide and the final one to. Be careful in what you do and try not to mess things up.

How to Update Galaxy S3 GT I9300 to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 XXDLI5 ROM

  1. Download the update file by using the download link from here.
  2. Save it to your computer.
  3. Extract the same.
  4. Then, on the same computer download Odin and install it.
  5. On the PC open Odin.
  6. Turn off the S3.
  7. Enter in download mode.
  8. For download mode press the Volume Up rocker key while powering on.
  9. Now, connect the phone with the computer by using the USB cord.
  10. Once connected, on Odin you should see the “added” message displayed.
  11. Also, the ID:COM section should now be yellow.
  12. If not, try to re-install the drivers and then redo the above steps.
  13. On Odin, click on “PDA”.
  14. Select the update file.
  15. Next, click on “start”.
  16. Don’t make any other changes in Odin, just wait until the process ends.
  17. In the end, on Odin you should see the “pass” message displayed.
  18. You can reboot your SGS3 and disconnect the same from the computer.
  19. Done.

You can now go to “Settings -> About Phone -> Firmware Version” and check if the update was installed or not. That was the how to procedure from which you could learn how to install the latest Jelly Bean 4.1.1 XXDLI5 ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. Share your impressions with us by using the comments area from below and tell us how you find the new OS. Remember that the official one will soon be released by Samsung, this being just the test version of the same.

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