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How to Update Galaxy S3 with Official ICS 4.0.3 XXALE9 Firmware

The Galaxy S3, one of the most powerful handsets available, has not been even released for all the customers who had pre-ordered it, this being an aspect that doesn’t really matter when it comes to OS updates. Therefore, after we have brought you the how to procedure in which you can install (or downgrade to) the stock version of ICS, which comes pre-installed on the phone’s internal system, now we will be checking in how to update the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the latest and official ICS 4.0.3 XXALE9 firmware. In fact, this is the second OS upgrade released by Samsung after the XXALE8 (you can find it on Android.gs too), so things are moving fast when it comes to Samsung’s pride, the S3.

I will teach you how to manually apply this update, as it was launched just for the African users, though anyone who has an unlocked device can apply the same. Remember that the S3 must have an unlocked bootloader; if different you will not be able to flash the XXALE9 software into its system. Don’t expect to see major improvements or features added, because this firmware is coming more to resolve the bugs and issues related to the battery life and screen brightness. These are two bugs reported by users who had tried the previous XXALE8 ROM. So, for improving the OS and the phone’s capabilities you should consider in completing this step by step guide.

Being an official update, here is what you should know. First of all if you have a rooted Galaxy S3, after flashing this firmware, you will lose the root access. So, you will have to re-do the root procedure, but this time, by using a guide suitable for the new OS. Then, a more relaxing aspect is saying that by installing an official software the warranty will not be void and more, in case you had previously lost it (by flashing a custom ROM, or by rooting the device) now you will be able to restore the same. Anyway, in case you are wondering, you will not receive the XXALE9 firmware OTA (Over the Air), as it was launched only for the African users. That’s why you must manually apply the update.

Now, it’s best to backup the data first. This is a typical procedure that must be completed before applying an update or making other changes into the system. So, go and backup the messages, the contacts, the call logs, internet settings, calendar info, images, videos and anything else you need to. For the best methods available for the backup task you can search within our previous guides, as you have all the aspects explained and detailed there. Then, for making things properly, your phone must stay alive through the whole process. This means that you have to charge the battery first.

Also, due the same considerations, you should uninstall or deactivate the Firewall or any other security programs installed on your computer or smartphone. Finally, for being able to connect the handset with your PC, on the S3 you must enable the USB debugging option. If you don’t know how to do it, just follow: “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”; check the last of the options.

As soon as you take care of the up mentioned lines, you can then go and start the following steps. Remember that this update is coming only with bug fixes and not with major features. The ROM is being based on the same Android Ice Cream Sandwich version number 4.0.3, so there are no spectacular improvements.

How to Update Galaxy S3 with Official ICS 4.0.3 XXALE9 Firmware

  1. Download the ROM from here and place it to the computer.
  2. Download Odin.
  3. Extract Odin and then open it.
  4. Turn off your S3 and reboot it by entering in download mode.
  5. For download mode: press Volume down Key and Center button while powering on.
  6. Connect the phone with the PC; use the USB cord.
  7. The ID:COM section from Odin should now be yellow.
  8. If not try to install the USB drivers and then to check the Samsung kies option from here: “Settings -> Wireless & Network -> USB Settings”.
  9. Up next, from Odin, select “PDA” and pick the file downloaded in step 1.
  10. Click on “start”.
  11. As soon as the process ends you can disconnect the phone from the computer.
  12. Then, you must reboot it and enter in recovery mode.
  13. From there, select to “Wipe data factory reset” and “Wipe cache partition”.
  14. Then, select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.
  15. You can now safely use your device as we are done.

That was all for now; the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been updated with the latest official Android ICS 4.0.3 XXALE9 Firmware. Test it and see if the bugs have been fixed, or if you are still dealing with issues. Stay close as we will come with a root guide soon as well as other OS updates for your beloved Galaxy S3. Share the possible problems with us and we will do all that we can in order to help you out.

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