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How to Update Galaxy S3 with Official XXALF6 ICS ROM

Even though the Galaxy S3 hasn’t arrive yet through all the promised carriers, Samsung is moving fast and it’s bringing updates after updates. Of course this is a good thing, as the S3 users are somehow privileged as many other Samsung smartphones are still waiting for the ICS update. Anyway, in today’s step by step guide I will show you how to update your SGS3 with the latest and official XXALF6 ICS firmware. The ROM is not available yet, but we managed to leak it though, so for the proper manual installation method check the following.

If you don’t want to apply this update manually, you will have to wait until Samsung will officially release the XXALF6 ICS 4.0.4 software. There are no words about this event, so who knows when you will be able to OTA receive and apply this OS upgrade. Anyway, the present tutorial will be easy to understand, completing the steps will only take a couple of minutes from your time. So, check it out and see if you can handle it. For flashing the ROM you will have to use Odin, which is a common app for these kinds of operations.

If your SGS3 is running a custom ROM or a beta firmware, by updating it with the official XXALF6 ICS OS you will be able to regain the lost warranty and also restore the default looks and features of the Android platform. Furthermore, the bootloader will be re-locked and the factory restrictions re-installed. In case you have a rooted device, by applying this operation the root access will be revoked and for regain the same you will have to follow a root guide suitable for the new operating system. Stay close as we will update you with such a tutorial in the coming days.

From what we know, this update is coming mostly to resolve some issues from the previous versions of the ICS flavor, this being the most stable variant available so far. You will not get any other features aside the basic and default ones, the classic ICS interface being also included. This is perfect for those who aren’t impressed by the looks of a custom ROM and wants the old Android back.

As we are dealing with the manual method, some pre-requires must be mentioned. I recommend you to complete the list from below if you want to ensure that nothing bad happens. In this way you can prepare your phone and computer (you will have to use a Windows running computer) for the update process.

  • Backup the current ROM for restoring the same in case something bad happens.
  • Backup any other data from your SGS3. You can save contacts, messages, market apps, call logs and any other info. If you don’t know how to do it just search through our previous guides for backup procedures and you will find all the details needed there.
  • Take your handset and from its settings enable the USB debugging option. Or, follow: “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging” (check the last option).
  • If your smartphone has less than 60% of battery power, charge it first.
  • On your computer and on the S3 you should deactivate the Firewall or antivirus tools. In most of cases these kinds of programs are interrupting the update operation.
  • Ensure that you are applying this tutorial only for the SGS3 handsets.

You can now safely head to the next section of this step by step guide. Read all carefully and do as explained below. If something isn’t working as explained don’t hesitate and share the issues with us (use the comments area from below).

How to Update Samsung Galaxy S3 with Official XXALF6 ICS ROM

  1. Download the ROM file from here.
  2. Also download Odin.
  3. Save the tools on your computer.
  4. Extract Odin and open the same.
  5. Reboot the S3 and enter in recovery mode. You can do this by holding on the Volume Up Key and Center button while powering on.
  6. Connect it with the computer by using its USB cable.
  7. Once you do this on Odin the ID:COM option should be yellow.
  8. From Odin select “PDA” and choose the “tar file” which you have downloaded before.
  9. Then click on “Start”.
  10. Wait until the process ends and then disconnect the handset from the PC.
  11. The S3 should reboot automatically.
  12. If something isn’t working properly enter in recovery mode again and from there perform a full wipe of the system: “Wipe data factory reset” and “Wipe cache partition”.

That was all. The Samsung galaxy S3 is now running the Official XXALF6 ICS ROM.
Remember to tell us how things worked and if there were any kinds of problems. Test the new update and share your impressions with us and with other users. Stay close as we will bring a suitable root step by step guide in the coming days.

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