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Update Galaxy SL I9003 to Jelly Bean Codename 3.5.0 Custom ROM

Unfortunately, it may seem like Samsung has forgotten all about its Galaxy SL users, as there is no ICS or Jelly Bean update released for them and also there are no info about a possible launch of the same. But, you shouldn’t get too disappointed though as thanks to those of xda-developers, you can now update your Galaxy SL I9003 handset to Jelly Bean OS and this by learning how to install the new Codename 3.5.0 custom ROM firmware. This is exactly what we will be checking during the present step by step guide, so if you want to experience the new Android system on your own smartphone, then you are in the right place.

This is not the only ROM available for the Galaxy SL, though it’s the first to bring the Jelly Bean system to its users. The Codename 3.5.0 comes with the latest Android features along with much more as many capabilities will be added to the internal system. So, if you own such a device, then, by flashing the mentioned update, you will be able to improve the battery life, customize the appearances, enjoy the improved web browsing experience, gain more speed and power from your phone and personalize the looks. A new theme and interface will be installed, the classic Android one being replaced. From what we know, the software is working perfectly, so there aren’t bugs or things that aren’t working.

Be aware as this is not an official update provided by Samsung. The Jelly Bean based Codename 3.5.0 ROM was developed by third party devs, meaning that you will have to complete a complex operation which is being considered risky. Also, you cannot use KIES for applying the firmware, a manual procedure being required. Therefore, for ensuring that you are doing all as it should and for ensuring that your Galaxy SL is in safe hands I recommend you to read all the lines from this tutorial, not only the proper steps.

First of all you must backup the data. You should complete this operation each time you decide to perform or change something on your SL I9003. It is the best way in which you can be sure that your personal info is in safe hands. As you will see, for being able to apply the update you will have to make a full wipe of the system first, so all the data which is saved on the internal storage memory will be erased. Because of that the best for you is to backup the text messages, the contacts, the call logs, market apps and even the current ROM. For suitable guides or tips, you can anytime check out our how to section, where you have all the aspects and details needed.

You will not be able to update the Galaxy SL to Jelly Bean Codename 3.5.0 custom ROM unless you first root its system. A root procedure is available here on Android.gs, so don’t hesitate and use the same. Be careful as the warranty will get void and the only way for you to get it back is by downgrading to the stock ROM. Updating to an official software is also a solution but since there is no such thing available, the downgrade operation is the only option left. Beside this, you must also get and flash a custom recovery image (CWM recovery for example) on your phone. The tool is extremely important as without it you cannot install the update.

The other pre requisites are referring to the following: make sure you can use a Windows powered computer; on the PC and on the phone deactivate or uninstall the security tools; enable the USB debugging option from your device by going to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”; if the battery status shows less than 70% power left then charge the battery; remember to backup, root and install a custom recovery image. Finally, don’t apply the Jelly Bean Codename 3.5.0 ROM on similar handsets with the Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 because you can brick your beloved smartphones.

Update Galaxy SL I9003 to Jelly Bean Codename 3.5.0 Custom ROM

  1. Download the ROM file from here.
  2. Download the Google Apps package from here as it is not included in the update.
  3. Save the files to your computer.
  4. Connect the handset with the PC as you need to copy the files to its SD card.
  5. Ensure that you are not placing these files into the sub folders.
  6. Then, unplug the USB cord.
  7. Turn off the phone.
  8. Reboot by pressing the Volume Up and Home button simultaneously while pressing on the Power one.
  9. In this way you can enter in recovery mode.
  10. From recovery menu select “wipe data factory reset” and then “wipe cache partition”.
  11. Return to recovery (“+++go back+++”).
  12. Select “install zip from sd card” and “choose zip from sd card”.
  13. Pick the update file and install it.
  14. Do the same (repeat the last two steps) for installing the Google Apps package.
  15. Wait until everything it’s installed successfully.
  16. In the end, select “+++go back+++” and then “reboot system now”.

If there were problems while completing the steps share the issues with us so we can help you through (use the comments area from below). Also, test the new ROM and tell us how it performs on your phone. That was the how to procedure from which you could learn how to install the Codename 3.5.0 Custom ROM firmware on your Samsung Galaxy SL for updating the same to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OS.

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  • Waltz

    do you have any videos on the jelly bean on i9003?

  • Munawar

    google play mx player and some other apps or not working.
    plz help ?

  • Munawar


    I like the rom and installed it but google play , mx player and some other apps are not working also my wifi signals are poor and bluetooth starts only on reboot.
    Ive installed the google apps.zip but having problems

  • amg

    wifi says avoiding poor connection and is not working


    wifi says avoiding poor connection bluetooth problems and some bugs also there otherwise the os is good please fix all as soon as possible

  • NIkhil

    Unable to mount sd card. I tried through cw recovery and manual recovery menu. But its giving an error message, unable to mount sd card

  • Kiran

    wifi not working and my 3g/2g connection also not working. Please help!

  • Dinesh

    will this support to galaxy sl i9003 DDLF2


    yep it supports but some problems are there @7d5010caab3e3e62bf814088cb45127e:disqus

  • Shamik Kulkarni

    it is showing SIGNATURE UPDATE FAILED what to do?????

  • Shamik Kulkarni

    im trying since the last 10 days….:(

  • ash

    Can’t access the external sd card with this ROM… kindly advice

  • tousif

    its awsm i updated it and its working

    • Kiko

      its still not working….i have no idea what is wrong. I did root and flash custom recovery, but anytime when i try install zip from sd card i can see only this. Anybody could help, please?

  • ngvikas


    i followed your steps and was stuck with an error saying “assert failed: run_program(“/tmp/updater.sh”) ==0″ and there was a message “Status 7”

    am i doing anything wrong? is there any dependency on filesystem?


  • saiganesh

    wil this work on DDLE1 in ginger bread 2.3.6

    • moderate

      Read before u ask something *************** *********************

  • manish

    not working in galaxy i9001

    • replymania

      Its clearly mentioned as it is for i9003.. It wont work for anything else.. It wont work for nokia 1100.. Read before u ask something.

  • newnoob


    Everything works perfect except the reported issues. I don’t use those features anyway. But yet I don’t see any improvement of battery life. It’s still the same as the stock rom I was running. The best is in the performance. Touch experience improved. No lag at all. Secondly customizations. Now I can do pretty much everything I like. I can control how I want my UI too look like: eg, which items should be under status bar, toggle order and many more.


    Notes for people who are yet to install this rom: Make sure you followed every steps of this article and don’t try anything else while doing it. I’ve accidentally updated the SuperUser binary right after rooting it and lost super user access in the process. It took me a night to figure out a way out of it. So, strictly follow the steps and nothing else.

    Also in the How to root tutorial, the link to CF root is broken. But thankfully you can find it in the net. The file name is DDKP3-CFROOT-12-02-2012.rar.

    • newnoob

      Ok got another issue. No FM radio support in this Codename 3.5.0 rom. It’s not possible to install the apk from older samsung stock rom for gti9003. Also I couldn’t find any FM radio app in play store that allows me to tune local fm station. All of the application available are basically internet radio. So tough luck for FM radio lovers.

  • Gary

    my cannot download anything from playstore :((


  • Fazida

    I’ve problem.
    While install the zip file, it’s appear

    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    Please help me! What i’m gonna do next?

  • Ahmed

    My phone only shows the initial logo screen … i even can’t put it back to recovery mood .. any urgent help please !!?

  • mahargha

    Folks, I had an issue where zip files wont show up in external SD card after data and cache wipe. I did the below

    1.Format the SD card using the SD Card and Phone storage in settings

    2. copy the zip files to root folder
    3. Wipe data and cache
    4. Setup the phone again after it fully boots up

    Step 4 was needed to show the zip files in recovery Mode.The phone is now updated to JB. But i am facing issues with the wifi . Hope to get around that soon.

  • mahargha

    Wifi issue for me is now solved. I was getting the error “Temporarily avoiding poor connection”

    under wifi>advanced there is a check box for “avoid Poor connections”, simply uncheck that and it works …

    Thanks to the developers for giving this update!!!

  • sk

    wifi not working

  • Arslan


    im able to use internet on the browser but when i try to activate whatsapp it says cannot connect to the internet please try to reboot. i try to do that but it still doesnt work. please help

  • imran

    my i9003 tuch not work plz help me………….

  • Dileepa Daulagala

    Pls pls pls help me. I did exactly what is said and successfully installed the ROM. But now i can’t connect my phone to my Laptop through the DATA CABLE. When i plug it, It only charges and doesn’t give me the option to connect with the Phone. I can’t even install a new ROM as I can’t connect the phone to PC. Pls. help help