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Update Galaxy SL I9003 Using MIUI 2.3.23 Android Custom ROM Firmware

MIUI 2.3.23 Running on Galaxy SL i9003

The Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 device was released in February 2011 and here you can find instructions on how to install the MIUI custom ROM firmware and upgrade it to the version build 2.3.23 that is based on the Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread. Most users that will find this guide are normally beginners when it comes to rooting or even updating firmware for their device, which is why you need to read the entire article to be sure that you’re applying the correct changes on your phone and you won’t accidentally damage its firmware. So, make sure to read all the instructions listed under the pre-requisites section and all tutorial guide steps to complete successfully the installation and, in case you can’t understand or you don’t know how to apply an action then feel free to ask us in comments.

The Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 is a more recent version of the first edition of the Galaxy S device, that uses a SuperLCD screen which is inferior to the Amoled screen that came packed with the first SGS device.

All users that are using this device can easily upgrade and root its custom ROM firmware using the MIUI 2.3.23 edition. You should know that using this custom firmware it will change  the appearance of your back menu and the overall interface of your device. Personally, the main default MIUI interface is simpler and it organizes your entire smartphone to be homescreen based as the APP drawer has been totally removed. However you can easily change the looks by installing a custom launcher from Google’s Play Store such as the Go Launcher, ADW Launcher EX, MX Home, Launcher Pro etc. MIUI custom ROM installation incorporates all the former default features of the Galaxy SL I9003 phone like the SONY Bravia Engine, Beats audio, Sony XCloud etc.

This update hasn’t been created by the Samsung Electronics, but by an independent developer and it might pack some bugs that weren’t solved before the launch, however these will be fixed in future updates. MIUI delivers custom updates periodically and these can be done over the air if you wish using Wifi or even 3G, but this depends on your data plan. MIUI custom ROM firmware 2.3.23 comes with an improved GPS, v4 icons, ICS windows animation, virtuos OS scripts, Music default app, improved 3G and Wifi connections, sensors, bluetooth. Numerous crashes and errors have been solved. For all the other changes you will need to check the developers’s webpage from your device.

Now that you know all this general info, I think that you’re ready to move to the next part of this article and learn how to correctly prepare your phone and your computer for the firmware update. Here’s what you need to know before moving to the first step of the tutorial guide:

  • during the update all the data you currently store on your device might get lost, which is why you need to create a backup of all video, music, pictures, documents and all the other files. Use an app that is not KIES as that will make your data unavailable and you access to it will be blocked.
  • make sure to sync your Contacts with tour Gmail account.
  • installing a custom ROM will void the warranty of your device and to restore it you will need to return the stock Android edition.
  • save the APN and MMS settings just in case something goes wrong and you won’t be allowed to browse the web after the update.
  • charge the smartphone’s battery until it reaches over 75% so that it won’t switch off the device while you’re applying all changes.
  • your device has to be already running a XXKPQ rooted firmware.
  • enable the USB debugging mode by going to Settings, then Applications -> Development and there tick the ‘USB Debugging’ option. This can be done only with the smartphone disconnected from your computer.
  • ROM manager and ClockwordMod Recovery apps should be installed. These can be found on Google Play Store.

Now that you know all this info, you can easily move to the next part of this article and learn how to successfully update/ root your device using the MIUI v2.3.23 custom ROM firmware. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First thing that we need, is the MIUI 2.3.23 custom ROM firmware and it can be downloaded from here.
  2. Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable  and copy the zip package on the root directory of your SD Card.
  3. Disconnect the device from your computer.
  4. Now you need to enter recovery mode by pressing and holding both Volume down key and OK button and at the same time press the Power key. In case recovery mode isn’t loaded then you will need to turn off the device and repeat the action until it manages to boot in recovery mode.
  5. When in recovery mode select the ‘install zip from sd card’ and then ‘choose from sd card’ and select the zip you moved at step 2.
  6. Confirm that you wish to apply the update and then wait until it completes. Then select the ‘+++GoBack+++’ line and this takes you back to the recovery mode menu.
  7. Select ‘reboot system now’ and your device will be restarted after a couple of minutes. In case booting up process takes to long to complete you need to remove the battery and then power back ON the device and re-enter recovery mode to repeat all the steps listed above.
  8. When the reboot is complete and the home screen has been loaded then you are free to use your brand new customized MIUI interface right on your Samsung Galaxy SL I9003.

After the update is complete you can go ahead and restore the backup. Also, in case you don’t like the MIUI launcher then you are free to install a launcher that suits you better by going to Google’s Play Store. Make sure to restore your favorite apps and games. Check back to our website to learn when a new update or even a brand new MIUI custom ROM firmware will be launched for your device. As you already know, the ICS won’t be made available for your Galaxy SL I9003 smartphone and the only thing you can do is to rely on custom ROMs to keep your device updated to the latest software.

If you have any other questions then please feel free to post them in our comments field and we will gladly help you. Use the comments to let us know if this guide helped you  install the new MIUI 2.3.23 on your device. Remember that if the update wasn’t applied when you reach the final step, then you might’ve done something wrong and you need to repeat all the instructions under the tutorial guide. That should eventually complete the installation of the new firmware update.

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