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How to Update Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 with AOKP ICS 4.0.3 Custom ROM Firmware

The perfect way to start using your Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 on its full power is by unchaining its Android based ROM. This can be achieved by gaining root access and by installing a custom recovery image into its system. For learning how to perform these tasks you can anytime check our previous step by step guide, by following the link from above. The next step that you must take for being able to power up the performance of your tablet will be in flashing a custom ROM; this is what I will be teaching your today: how to update your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 with the AOKP ICS 4.0.3 custom ROM firmware.

There are some important aspects that you must know before applying the update, so read all the lines before adventuring in doing something with your device. First of all the AOKP firmware is being based and developed on the Android ICS 4.0.3 platform, so the same will be installed on your tablet; nothing spectacular so far. The best part with this software is related to the features that are included in the system. Furthermore, the AOKP custom ROM will bring the classic, pure and default variant of the Android OS, the touch wiz interface being removed. This means that you will gain more speed, the Google UI is a lot better than any other interface.

Beside these aspects, the update will also come with some bonus apps like Dropbox, Android Assistant, Flash, FilemanagerHD, GPS Status, Titanium Backup and ROM Control. Also, the battery life will be improved, the OS will be optimized and customized, the performances will be powered up and many other features will bring more power to your Galaxy Tab 2. Anyway, there might be some bugs or issues as the firmware was developed and tested by those of xda-developers, so we have them to thanks for this opportunity.

Take note that this is not an update released by Samsung, so by applying the same you will lose the warranty. This is not that relevant, as you need to root the Tab 2 before updating it, so the warranty will be void from then. If you will want to restore the warranty, you will have to update your tablet with the default / official / stock version of the Android OS, or why not, relock the bootloader. Of course, if you choose to do that, the root access will be revoked. So, in order to keep your device in good hands, don’t try to do things by yourselves; follow this guide only if you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 model number P3110, or else you can brick your beloved gadget.

Dealing with a custom ROM, your data might get erased during the installation procedure. For avoiding that, you need to previously perform a backup procedure. There are many apps available on Google Play that can help you with this task, or you can search within our step by step guides for the proper tutorials. Just read them and choose to apply the method that you like the most. Make sure you save all your personal data, from text messages, email to images, Market apps, or internet settings. You can then safely proceed to the next section of this guide, the preparation operations:

  • Root the Tab 2.
  • Install a custom recovery image on your device.
  • Remember to backup the data.
  • Enable the USB debugging option in your tablet. You need to do this for ensuring that you can connect it with the computer (you need to have access to a Windows running computer). Just go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging” and check the last option.
  • Check the battery status; if lower than 60% take the charger and wait until the battery is fully charged.

We have reached to the last part of the present step by step guide. This means that we are almost done, though the most important things are now beginning. Just follow the steps, do as explained and there shouldn’t be any kinds of issues.

How to Update Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 with AOKP ICS 4.0.3 Custom ROM Firmware

  1. Download the AOKP ROM file from here.
  2. Download Google apps from here, as the tools are not included in the update.
  3. Place the files on your computer.
  4. For applying the update we will use the CWM recovery tool.
  5. So, connect the tablet with the computer by using the USB cord.
  6. Copy both file downloaded before from the PC on your tablet’s internal storage memory.
  7. Disconnect the device from the PC (remove the USB cable).
  8. Turn it off.
  9. Reboot and enter in recovery mode.
  10. For recovery mode: press the Volume down rocker key and the power button at the same time.
  11. From the recovery menu select “install zip from sd card” and “choose zip from sd card” and pick the “aokp-gt3113-b35-gs.zip” and the “gs-gapps-v3.zip” files.
  12. Click “yes”.
  13. Wait until the process ends.
  14. Select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.
  15. If something isn’t working as it should go back in recovery mode and do a wipe: “wipe cache partition” and “wipe data factory reset”.

That was all; your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 is now updated with the latest AOKP ICS 4.0.3 Custom ROM Firmware. Go and test it and see how it works and if there are bugs or things that are not satisfying. Feel free to share your opinions with us and also stay close for more updates and Android related tips and step by step guides.

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