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Update Galaxy Y S5360 to Android 4.2.2 JB OS with Jellynoid Custom ROM

The Galaxy Y is stuck on Gingerbread OS since Samsung decided to cut off the official updates for the mentioned device due to hardware limitations. But as you might know you can anytime apply the latest features, apps and capabilities on your smartphone and this by flashing a custom ROM firmware. Well, by doing the same now you will be able to update the Galaxy Y to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS; the software is dubbed as Jellynoid and brings important stuffs for your Android powered phone.

We all know that Galaxy Y S5360 is an outdated handset with mig range specs and features. Anyway there are still many users who are using this handset and because of that we have decided to bring this step by step guide. In order to power up the performances of your Galaxy Y you should complete the guidelines from below for learning how to update to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean firmware. The Jellynoid ROM will also tweak your handset as the battery life will be upgraded, the speeds improved and the Android experience changed.

On Jellynoid you will be able to receive new looks, themes and background images. The best is that Jellynoid brings a custom version of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS that has been customized for the Samsung Galaxy Y. That’s why, even though your handset is not a high-end one, the present JB 4.2.2 OS will smoothly run on your device. The firmware is stable and comes without bugs or things that aren’t working. Of course Jellynoid is a free aftermarket distribution of Android 4.2.2 platform so you will not update your Galaxy Y with an official Android OTA system. The present ROM has been developed by those of xda-developers so we have them to thanks for the present tutorial.

Good; unfortunately since you are flashing a custom ROM and not an official software, there are a few things to take care before going any further. The first to begin with is root access. You see, this guide can be applied only if you have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 – else you will not be able to install the Android 4.2.2 JB ROM. So, gain root access first and then return to the present step by step guide.

Then, continue the preparation things by installing a custom recovery image – recommended is CWM or TWRP recovery. The stock recovery can’t be used when trying to install custom ROMs, so instead flash a custom one. As soon as these tasks are being applied you will be able to update your Galaxy Y with Jellynoid custom ROM.

Of course the warranty will get void, but since the phone is quite old, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Anyway, if something isn’t working as expected, or if you don’t like the new software, use Odin and downgrade to stock Android Gingerbread OS. Then, the root access will be revoked and the factory restrictions reinstalled along with the official variant of Android system.

Don’t forget to backup your data because on the update operation everything that is saved on the internal storage memory will be wiped out. So, if possible save the contacts, messages, call logs, calendar info, market apps and personal info and accounts. Use CWM recovery for making a Nandroid backup and use this guide for saving the EFS folder. For the backup process you can safely use suitable backup and restore apps from Google Play.

On the other hand, now it should be the time for the following tasks:

  • Make sure that you can use a computer on which you should deactivate the security protection – deactivate the antivirus, antimalware and Firewall protection.
  • You will have to connect your smartphone with the computer, so your Galaxy Y and its USB cable must be near you.
  • Take your phone and from path “settings -> applications -> development” enable the USB debugging option – else your phone can’t be connected properly with the PC.
  • Finally, take a look on the battery status: if there is less than 60% power left, take your time and plug in the charger; else you can skip this step – if your handset gets turned off in the middle of the update operation you will risk in damaging the internal system of your Samsung Galaxy Y.

Perfect, you are now one step closer to the proper tutorial. Do remember though that this step by step guide is suitable only with the Samsung Galaxy Y model number S5360. The Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean based Jellynoid custom ROM has been developed only for the mentioned handset so the steps from below are compatible only with the same. Use this tutorial on a similar or different Android powered smartphone / tablet will probably brick your beloved device.

How to Update Galaxy Y S5360 to Android 4.2.2 JB OS with Jellynoid Custom ROM firmware

  1. From here download the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Jellynoid custom ROM file.
  2. Save the update on your computer.
  3. Place the package on desktop; don’t unzip.
  4. Connect your Galaxy Y with the computer – use the USB cable for making the connection.
  5. Now, from the computer take the downloaded file and place it (copy-paste or drag and drop) on your phone’s SD card.
  6. Remove the USB cable as you don’t need the computer now.
  7. Turn off your handset.
  8. Reboot in recovery mode.
  9. Wipe the system by using the recovery mode menu. The wipe can be applied by choosing “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.
  10. Furthermore, return to main menu and then choose “wipe dalvick cache”.
  11. Again, return to main menu; now select “install zip from SD card” followed by “choose zip from SD card.
  12. Up next, pick the update file and start the flashing process.
  13. When it is done, reboot your phone.
  14. The first boot will take longer than usual, but there is nothing wrong with your device.
  15. But if a boot loop is what you get, you will have to reboot in recovery once more; this time select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”; return and reboot.

If you don’t like the new Jellynoid custom ROM, then if you have made a Nandroid backup, now you will be able to easily restore the older Android OS. For doing so, you will have to reboot in recovery and from there you will have to select “backup / restore” – follow the prompts and you are done.

So, that was all; the step by step guide has been successfully completed therefore, now you know how to update your Samsung Galaxy Y to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS. The Jellynoid custom ROM is running on your phone so test the software and share your impressions with us and with other users who might want to test the same.

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    • Gabby

      Please reply

      • Christopher Bisram

        does it work?

        • Hari Jb

          what to do if it doesnt works even after 1.30 hrs

          • Christopher Bisram

            i got it to work

            i followed the instructions, this is the only custom rom i didn’t encounter problems with installing it, i still have it on my phone

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            i have solution

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          • aman

            What to do the mobile is showing samasung galaxy y after rooting 1 nd a half hour over and its not responding

          • Christopher Bisram

            yea it works, looks pretty nice compare the default look. The 1st time you boot up it’s only a couple minute i never actually timed it, i normally just reboot the phone if i see its taking too long and it launches right and works.

            just follow the instructions

          • Bilal

            how many time it takes?

          • Plast0000

            I think that you should reflash

  • jayson

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  • yash

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    • Diamond Zahan

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  • Christopher Bisram

    it works but it stills says android os 2.3.6, it only makes visual changes thats about it, some apps stop work, some take forever to finish install (the installation is still on going) and some app features. These app worked on the stock rom

  • Christopher Bisram

    Also the wallpaper changes back to the default one after the phone has been turn off and back on wtf is up with that… -_-

  • furlan

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  • ?????? ?????

    i dawnlode jelly bean root file i join cable to my galexy y can i directly copy zip file in my mobile sd card

  • sathu

    will it take more the 30 mins?

  • sathu

    I’ve got it. Took about 1.30 hrs and several restarts. It’s pretty cool but its shows os version 2.3.3 on about phone

  • sajmetiss

    after instalation I do not have AZERTY keyboard anymoore, how could I switch to XEF CSC ?

  • saajan shah

    hi,after the last step when i boot my mobile,it is displaying Samsung GALAXY Y
    young GT-S5360 since half an hour .what can i do? plz reply soon
    After the installation completes, i go to “+++++Go Back+++++” and reboot the
    phone by selecting “reboot system now.since half an hour it displays
    samsung galaxy screen.please reply soon.
    is this due to “wipe dalvic catche” or what?plz,….

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      • Bilal

        you might have install clock work mode ….

    • zambeel

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      in recovery mode their is no thjs type of selection

      • Aakashdhar

        u might have to install clockwork mode

    • Mr.Krabs

      i dont have “wipe dalvick cache”, but its working
      RECOVERY MODE > “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” AGAIN , reboot and reboot and reboot. . .

    • waseem mughal

      Help me Im trying Sooo Much

    • JAMES


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    hi i already make the procedure..samsung logo appears..i dont know if it is working or not..what should i do??

  • jai

    Do not belive non work able

    • Franster

      Read the instructions… 15. reboot into recovery, wipe, restart – I had to do it twice!

  • Jo

    bbm can be installed in this rom?

  • Franster

    Cool, I had to wipe and reboot twice as the device went into a loop but otherwise fine. All my original settings and link2sd partitions are still there! I’ll wait to see if BusyBox comes back if not I’ll reload. So I might get another year or two out of my phone – that works out to at least 4 years for £40. Thanks!

  • Guest

    i install but how to reinstall my previous version of my samsung y…..!!Plsss help mee…..

  • honey

    i install but how to reinstall my previous version of my samsung y…..!!Plsss help mee….. plsssss

    • Christopher Bisram

      its very easy to install back the stock rom, you just need odin (to flash the phone) and the phone’s stock rom and other stock files.

      • sagar

        what is odin

        • Christopher Bisram

          a program that is use to install the system files on to samsung phones

        • Christopher Bisram

          its a program that loads firmwarehe Odin tool has an ability to install custom ROMs, Stock OTA and firmware files to customize your Samsung Android Smartphone which is not available on Android based devices officially.
          Just google search how to flash samsung galaxy y s5360 to stock rom or bricked samsung galaxy y s5360 you will find tutorials to help you.4

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        • Vincent Jerome Cereno

          The best solution is to custom flash it using odin. Then download the
          galaxy y 2.3.6 odin. However, it will be returned to downgraded again to
          gingerbread. Contact me on facebook to know further.

          • Adam

            Ok so 5ish mins gone by… still on logo, should i reboot again?

  • hossein

    i install it but it wasnt good

  • Vincent Jerome Cereno

    The best solution is to custom flash it using odin. Then download the galaxy y 2.3.6 odin. However, it will be returned to downgraded again to gingerbread. Contact me on facebook to know further. vincentjeromecereno@yahoo.com

  • Aimielle

    When I rebooted my phone, the display SAMSUNG GALAXY Y YOUNG GT-S5360 been displaying for like an hour. Please help me! Reply as soon as possible.

    • Utkarsh Dwivedi

      dont worry just open ur computer and go google and download odin 3.07 and install it then search for stock rom for galaxy y and download it then switch off ur phone then open odin mode bye pressing home button volume down and power button simultaneously and press up button and install ur stock rom through computer……..any doubt contact my fb id utkarsh dwivedi

  • Sagar Kumar

    Fake Site & Jelly Been Root

  • Sagar Kumar

    Mobile Network available

  • Datrick Saver

    if i install this, could i install jellybean apps?

    • Christopher Bisram

      no this is basically a visual upgrade, your still running android gingerbread

  • zambeel

    how can i do

    “wipe dalvick cache”.
    in recovery mode their is no thjs type of selection
    tell me fast

    • Bilal

      you might have install clock work mode…..

  • Dave uy

    BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE!!!! , make sure to download Odin on ur pc, download the stock rom of ur phone, put CWM.zip on ur sdcard and flash CWM first, and you are free to tinker with it, if anything goes wrong, u can easily flash ur stock rom with odin. I experienced that samsung logo stuck forever, so go to CWM and wipe data, wipe cache and wipe dalvik, simple

  • qusai

    You can download the program talking Tom and subway

  • waseem mughal

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  • Christian

    Use the odin (Search in Google) download it…. and your Samsung Galaxy Y turn off click the Volume Down + Home Button + Power/Lock Button and after the screen has said warning click Volume Up and connect to Computer and place the jelly bean you’ve download it…

  • Diamond Zahan

    my phone is taking a lot of time to reboot
    it’s almost couple of hours

  • Farrukh

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  • raj

    Hi, Guys i have the same problem..it is displaying Samsung GALAXY Y young GT-S5360 since half an hour. what i did is .reboot mobile and went to RECOVERY MODE > “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” and reboot the mobile and its started working….

    • Richo

      This worked for me also

  • Mark Thomas

    Thank you Android geeks,it worked great for me and is very well explained.My old GT-s5360 is reborn..

  • Cahaya Surya

    hey ya…
    my english is bad
    you can understand my discuss if you translate one by one word’s
    if your phone have a problem
    i know how to repair the system.
    my phone 19 x boot lop and good again. (just experiment)
    first step you must have odin version 1.8x on PC, usb cable, samsung gy gts 5360, and the ginger bread system file (pda.md5 , modem_s5360.md5 , csc_5360.md5 and compatible file ext1,2,3,4,xs5360.pit)

    step two you must (get out / replace) the battery of gts 5360 from the phone (this step very important / impotent because this step very decisive

    step three plug in the phone with usb cable to the pc (just phone noting with battery)

    step four press volume down+power+middle

    step five open the odin ver 1.8x on pc with the plug in phone (screen show you to continue or cancel) NOTHING show you on download mode okey!!Remember it!!

    step six after odin v 1.8x opened on 15 second or 1/4 minute
    press on your phone volume up ( the continue choice )

    step seven now you show the download mode,
    please wait 30 second or 1 minute untill your phone show just one yellow channel on first box maybe you show the ext2 or ext3 or ext 4 or ext 5, but just one yellow channel

    step eight placing file
    xxx.pit on PIT

    PDA.md5 on PDA

    Modem.md5 on PHONE

    csc.md5 on CSC
    in this step your phone show you the word (…Download….) mode
    your Odin ver 1.8x on your pc ,show you One Yellow channel the name EXT X
    after all of table fix,
    >>Please Checklist or V the ( @Auto Reboot, @F Reset Time and @Phone EFS Clear ) remember it just three checklist
    >>Please Don’t checklist of ( Xre-partitionX , Xflash lockX, Xphone bootloader updateX )

    the final step klick The Start on Odin ver 1.8x

    if you success you show the number 1:42 , 1:43 on Odin Box 1 with Green colour, if you not yet success please try again and try again.
    searching your file needed on your search engine browser helper
    thank you before and sorry if my english bad.
    just step by step.


  • Satish Shehzad

    i installed os and it is working well. But it can’t find mobile network. Suggest me to get the solution.

  • my phone is not connecting to mobile operator. and it there is no imei number.. please help me

  • kovarthanan p

    When I rebooted my phone, the display SAMSUNG GALAXY Y YOUNG GT-S5360 been displaying for like an hour. Please help me! Reply as soon as possible.

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  • Caio Lins

    Hey guys, do you think its ok if I try this method with my GT-S5360B ?

  • Connor

    For anyone struggling with this, when I did it, the phone just displayed Samsung Galaxy Y and then I reset it using the recovery mode and reset the cache and it loaded just fine. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Jan Jose Victor Buizon

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  • chetan

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    i install but it get too much time to rebooting

    2 to 4 hour i am waithing but not reaction in this see in my phone

    samsung galaxy young GT-S5360

    help me please