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Update Galaxy Y S5360 with Jelly Bean powered USSR V8 stable Custom ROM

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is not a powerful handset with high end specs, you can still power up its capabilities and this by learning how to update its system with a custom ROM firmware. Now, because it is a low range smartphone there won’t be any ICS or Jelly Bean official updates released by Samsung for the Galaxy Y, but you can still receive the latest Android flavor as a new software has been developed and launched for your device. I’m talking about the ICS styled and Jelly Bean powered USSR V8 firmware, which can be installed on your Galaxy Y by completing this step by step guide.

If you choose to flash the stable USSR V8 update on your Galaxy Y you will actually install ICS and Jelly Bean features, themes and capabilities not to mention that many other tools and apps will be added to your phone. Of course you will not get the default Android system, but at least you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the latest Android features available. This is the stable version of the software so everything is working perfectly and there are no bugs or issues reported by those who had already tested this ROM.

Next I will show you how to prepare your smartphone for the installation procedure that will shortly follow, so if you want to learn more about the USSR V8 platform I recommend you to go here, as this is our source page. In case you don’t like this OS, then you can anytime learn how to downgrade or update your Galaxy Y to the stock ROM by checking our “install Gingerbread2.3.6 on S5360” tutorial.

  • This is not an official update available for your Samsung Galaxy Y, so by applying this guide, the warranty will get void.
  • If you will need to, you can restore the warranty by downgrading to the stock ROM (read above and see how to do this).
  • This is a complex and risky operation and you should backup the data before starting to update the Galaxy Y to Jelly Bean custom firmware.
  • Then, you must root the handset as the software must access some internal files. Again, be aware as the warranty will get void.
  • After rooting, on your phone you must install the CWM recovery image. This tool will be used on the flashing operation (where you will have to wipe the data first so don’t forget to apply a backup for saving your personal info) so without this tool we can’t go any further.
  • Those were the complex pre requisites. Now you must take care of the general ones: make sure that you can have access to a Windows running computer; charge the battery of your handset; enable the USB debugging option by checking the last option from here: “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”; deactivate the antivirus and Firewall protection and all the other security tools that are being installed on your Samsung Galaxy Y and on the computer.
  • Flash the USSR V8 stable firmware only if you own the Galaxy Y model number S5360; the Jelly Bean and ICS powered software will work only for the mentioned smartphone. More, if you try to install the same on a similar handset you will risk in bricking your device.

How to Update Galaxy Y S5360 with Jelly Bean powered USSR V8 stable Custom ROM Firmware

  1. Use your computer for downloading the update file.
  2. The download link is here.
  3. Now, take that file and copy-paste it on your phone.
  4. Place the file on the SD card.
  5. Then, unplug the USB cord and turn off the Galaxy Y.
  6. Reboot in recovery mode.
  7. From recovery select to complete a wipe: “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.
  8. From the main menu (return by choosing “+++go back+++”) select “install zip from SD card” and “choose zip from SD card”.
  9. You can now install the update.
  10. When the process is over just select “+++go back+++” followed by “reboot system now” and you are done.
  11. Be aware that the fist boot will take longer than usual, so don’t panic.

That was all, so what do you think, is this ROM what you were looking for, or you rather prefer the stock one? If you don’t like the USSR V8 stable software then you can anytime restore the official Gingerbread OS by using the CWM recovery tool again (if you have previously made a Nandroid backup) or you can use our tutorial (you have the proper link above) for completing the same operation. In the end don’t forget to share your experience with us or with those who are being interested in flashing this ROM on their Galaxy Y devices.

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    • tausif rashad husaini

      call me on 09301404696 and give me ur mail id i will provide you the information and the full process along with the files location to go back to company default os

      • shoaib manzoor

        kindly give me also the files to restore default glaxy y version. my phone is struck at start up my email id telenor4121891@yahoo.com

  • sree


    PLS GIVE THE SOLUTION FOR THIS. MY MAIL ID – vedatrans@gmail.com

  • sree

    how to install samsung official firmware after installing this 4.1 ps reply me urgenty to my mail id – vedatrans@gmail.com

  • stef

    how long will it take?

  • s5360user

    @b32fa838ff40fb9411060f672aaa831b:disqus – dude he gave you the link in the post – http://www.android.gs/update-samsung-galaxy-y-s5360-using-android-2-3-6-ddlc2-gingerbread-firmware/
    Please people, if you are going to flash your phone’s ROM at least READ THE POST properly before you start, it is no wonder so many people have so many problems with ROM flashing….

  • GG

    i did the above steps and when i rebooted my phone its just stuck on the welcome screen, what can i do to get my phone back to the way it was even if it means going bck to stock ROM please get at me at andygwaza@hotmail.co.uk

  • prem

    how to uninstall this update guide me soon…

  • himanshu chandra

    use odin its work

  • Naresh

    Is it work on Galaxy Y duos? ???

  • Anne

    How long does it take to reboot? I’ve tried it and my phone’s taking a bit long to reboot..it’s been20 mins since I rebooted and still stuck on the welcome screen…pls reply..

    • Excoldshot

      hey, is ur phone have been changed to the new rom? if so, how much is the time to reboot? i wanna know. Thx!

      • Anne

        After 30 minutes of waiting..it did not reboot so I had to use ODIN to get my phone back to its original stock ROM.

  • anilbisht

    after successful installation of custom rom jb …..my phone turns off 10-15 times a day…..wat to do ?????/

    is after installing this rom phone is already rooted????

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    well will it work on my s6102 model?

  • Greedy Stranger

    It worked with me, at first it took me very long waiting at the galaxy young screen, so i tried clearing into factory settings after installing this update, and tried to reboot again, waited like less than 5 minutes and voila it booted well and worked.

  • sabby

    stuck on welcome screen

    • raffy

      flash your phone with Odin,

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