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Android 4.4 Rolling Out for Unlocked and Developer Edition HTC One in the US

There’s no trick, there’s no custom ROM involved; the official Android 4.4 KitKat OTA update is rolling out for the HTC One in the United States. The sad news is that not all variants are updated to Android 4.4, just the unlocked and the Developer Edition models.

The announcement that Android 4.4 KitKat is rolling for the Unlocked and Developer Edition HTC One was made by HTC USA on Twitter, saying “HTC One Unlocked and Developer Edition owners – your Kit Kat roll out starts today! Let us know your favorite new additions.”

Even though HTC didn’t mention it, the update will most likely be rolled out in sages, so not all HTC One owners will be able to update their smartphone to Android 4.4 today. If you didn’t receive the system update notification yet there’s no reason to panic as it just means you will have to wait a few more days. You can check for the update manually too, by heading to Settings > About Phone > System Update > Check for Updates.

The Android 4.4 update for HTC One is another pleasant surprise, after the folks at Motorola managed to push 4.4 to Verizon Moto X units before the Nexus 4 and Google Play Edition smartphones received the software update.

HTC failed to reveal when the Android 4.4 update will be rolled out by the US carriers that sell the HTC One and didn’t mention anything about the any changes performed to the Sense interface.

Are there any Unlocked HTC One or HTC One Developer Edition reading this article? Have you guys received the Android 4.4 update? Have you noticed any significant changes? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Thomas Bigger

    Does unlocked mean devices that have their bootloader unlocked? Or is it unlocked for any carrier?

    • Ricardo Lomeli

      Unlocked Bootloader only.

  • Ricardo Lomeli

    A question I have is that: is there any difference between the 4.4 I received in my HTC One DEV and the 4.4.2 rolling this week for the rest?
    Asking since I have experiencing a problem with 4.4 update. That is the BACK button that sometimes stops working.
    Does any one knows about this?