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Update HTC One X To RevoCold ROM Unofficial CM9 Firmware

RevoCold custom ROM firmware for HTC One X

RevoCold ROM is another unofficial CM9 custom firmware that has been created by RevoCold, an XDA forum member. He worked on an official CM9 release but changed several features of it and made it work with HTC One X devices. Here you can find all the instructions you need to make sure that you successfully install RevoCold custom ROM on One X devices.

The CyanogenMod team still hasn’t managed to create an official CM9 build for HTC One X and, until then, you can choose to install unofficial ROMs from XDA members, as they constant sources for quality ROM firmware and the RevoCold ROM comes with Google applications integrated, custom RIL files, working CM9 camera app, custom Phone app, FaceUnlock and multiple other CM9 features and functions.

RevoCold custom ROM might have some bugs as it is still a beta firmware build, but it still has some new functions and it is destined for One X users that want to run a ROM based on CyanogenMod 9. Before starting to install RevoCold custom ROM on your device, you need to read the preparation guide below and learn how to properly configure your One X.

Please note that it is recommended for you to be an advanced user and that you know your way around smartphone subsystem files, recovery mode etc. Also, we cannot be held responsible in case your Android phone gets damaged or bricked while updating its ROM firmware. Make sure to read all the instructions listed in this article and that your device meets all the requirements before installing the new ROM.

Here are several tips and tricks on how to correctly configure your device for the ROM firmware update:

  • backup the videos, pictures, audio, applications and other important files by moving them on your phone’s internal sdcard. An alternative method would be to move them on your computer and then you can easily restore them on your One X using the USB connection cable.
  • RevoCold ROM firmware can be flashed only on HTC One X devices. Do not attempt to install it on any other smartphone.
  • Sync your Contacts with your Gmail account. If you don’t know how to do it, then you need to read this article HERE.
  • Text Messages and Call Logs can easily be saved and restored after the update is complete with these two apps for Android: SMS Backup&Restore | Call Logs Backup&Restore.
  • backup your APN and MMS Settings. These will come in ┬áhandy in case you won’t be able to browse the internet after the update is complete.
  • enable USB Debugging option.
  • make sure to fully charge your One X’ battery before starting to install RevoCold ROM.
  • the HTC One X has to be on an unlocked bootloader. If not, then use the info in this post HERE to learn how to unlock its bootloader.
  • install CWM Recovery on your HTC One X. If your device doesn’t have CWM installed then click HERE to learn how to do it. Alternatively you can use the same application you’ve used to unlock the bootloader, as it packs a second feature that permits users to flash CWM Recovery software.
  • download and install the correct HTC Sync drivers from here.

That’s all you had to do and now you can easily begin to install the new custom ROM on your device. Please make sure to read the entire ‘how-to’ guide and do not skip any of the steps listed below, because that might force you to repeat actions twice before managing to install the new firmware.

How to update HTC One X to RevoCold unofficial CM9 custom ROM firmware:

  1. Download the ROM’s firmware zip file from here. Save it on your PC.
  2. Move the firmware zip on your phone’s internal sdcard. Place it right on the sd card and do not create any new subfolders.
  3. Download the ‘boot.img’ file from here. This is the kernel you need to install in order to be able to run the ROM on ONE X smartphone.
  4. Download fastboot.zip file from here.
  5. Extract the contents of fastboot.zip and save it on your C drive. You should name it ‘Fastboot’ and in it you will have 4 files.
  6. Copy the boot.img file you’ve downloaded at step 3 into the ‘fastboot’ folder on the C partition. Now, the ‘Fastboot’ folder will have 5 files.
  7. Power off your HTC One X.
  8. Boot into ‘bootloader mode’ by pressing and holding ‘volume down’ and while doing that you need to press ‘Power’.
  9. Use the volume keys to navigate and select ‘fastboot mode’. Launch it.
  10. When you’re in fastboot mode you will need to connect your phone to your PC.
  11. Now, launch ‘command prompt’ on your PC as we need to flash the kernel. Enter the following commands:
    • cd c:\Fastboot
    • fastboot devices – this is needed to check if your device has been detected; multiple number and letters will be displayed and everything will go accordingly to plan if you’ve installed the One X drivers correctly.
    • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  12. After the kernel has been successfully flashed you will see a confirmation message and you can disconnect the One X from your computer.
  13. Get back your phone and select ‘HBOOT’ option.
  14. Select ‘RECOVERY’ and it will boot into CWM recovery.
  15. Now, use the volume keys and select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ and confirm the data wiping process.
  16. Select ‘install zip from sd card’ and then ‘choose zip from sd card’. Find the ROM firmware that was moved on your internal sd card at step 2.
  17. Confirm the installation of RevoCold ROM firmware and then wait until it completes.
  18. When the firmware custom ROM has been installes you will need to select ‘++GO Back++’ and then ‘reboot system now’.
  19. The One X will restart and perform its first boot. Wait at least ten minutes for it to complete.

NOTE: In case the first boot takes way too long to complete, then you will need to perform a hard reset. Here’s how to do that:

  • long press ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ buttons
  • while holding the volume buttons you need to press Power and don’t let go of all three buttons until the One X resets.
  • ‘fastboot’ menu will launch and then you need to perform a ‘factory reset’.
  • repeat all the steps in the ‘how-to’ guide as you might’ve skipped a step in your quest to install the RevoCold custom ROM on your One X phone.

I hope that you’ve eventually managed to install this unofficial CM9 ROM firmware. In case you have any other extra questions, then you should post them in comments.


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