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How to Update HTC One X with AOKP ICS ROM

HTC One X, one of the most interesting smartphones released this year, can now be updated with the AOKP custom ROM firmware. As usual, during an step by step guide, I will explain you how to flash the same on your phone; also by checking the following lines you will be able to learn everything about this software, such as the features included in the system and of course the improvements which will power up the performances of your Android powered handset. You have it all here, so take a look.

As you will see, installing the AOKP ICS ROM on your HTC One X is not difficult, but there are some things you must know for being able to safely complete this operation. This means that in case you try to apply the update by yourselves and you somehow manage to damage the phone’s system, then nobody will help you out. Furthermore, as for any custom ROMs, once you start flashing the AOKP firmware, the warranty will get void. So, be careful and don’t do something stupid, just follow the steps from this tutorial and everything should be fine.

I know that the HTC One X is an impressive smartphone with powerful specs, but you can still make some improvements; and the AOKP ROM is perfect for doing the same. Not only it brings the latest Ice Cream Sandwich experience to you, but it also feature a software with no interface or SENSE included, meaning that you will be enjoying the basic and default Android 4.0 platform. There are also some extra features included, the AOKP firmware being known for considerably improving the speeds.

Anyway, this version of the ROM is still in beta, so there are a few bugs too. From what we know there are minor issues with the Camera, Wifi hotspot and Hardware video decoder. Also, there are some resolved problems from previous variants which include Bluetooth, Bluetooth tethering, WiFi, Hardware acceleration (2D/3D), Audio, Mic recording, Mobile network and so on. The firmware is not coming with Google apps, so you will have to install them afterwards (I have explained how during the steps from the guide below).

For being able to update the HTC One X with the AOKP ICS custom ROM firmware, you must first take care of some things. You cannot apply the update unless you do these operations, so be sure that you are paying attention to the next list:

  • Backup the data from your phone. The process will wipe all of your info; in order to keep your data or apps in safe hands you must backup the same.
  • Save contacts by syncing with Google.
  • Save messages by downloading backup and restore apps for Android.
  • Save Call log by downloading backup and restore tools.
  • Backup APN settings.
  • Save videos or image files by using a computer.
  • Unlock the One X bootloader.
  • Install a custom recovery image, ClockWorkMod (CWM) recovery, on your phone.
  • Download the HTC Sync software from here and install then install the drivers.
  • Charge the battery as your device might get turned off during the update. If the battery is letting you down and the phone turns down you can brick the One X, so be careful.
  • Deactivate the Firewall tools located on your smartphone or on your PC.
  • Enable the USB debugging option from your handset.

After completing the up mentioned list of preparation tasks, you can go and install the AOKP ICS ROM on your HTC One X. Head to the steps for the download link and for the full method. Make sure you apply this tutorial only on a One X device; else you can brick your smartphone.

How to Update HTC One X with AOKP ICS ROM

  1. Download the firmware from here and place the file on your computer.
  2. Download the Google Apps package from here (as stated the tools are not included in the software).
  3. Connect the phone with the computer.
  4. Copy the files downloaded before on its SD card but without extracting them.
  5. On your PC extract the boot.img file.
  6. Download fastboot from here and extract the same.
  7. Copy the boot.img files to the fastboot folder.
  8. Remove the handset from the PC.
  9. Turn off the phone, reboot and enter in fastboot mode (from bootloader – hold the Volume Down button while powering on – select fastboot).
  10. Reconnect the device with the computer.
  11. On the PC open command prompt (Start -> run -> cmd).
  12. In cmd type the following commands: cd c:\Fastboot, fastboot devices and fastboot flash boot boot.img.
  13. When the process is over the “ok” message should be displayed in cmd.
  14. Disconnect the One X from the computer.
  15. Reboot and again enter in bootloader; select “HBOOT” and then “recovery” in order to boot in recovery mode.
  16. From the recovery mode menu select “install zip from sdcard” and pick the ROM file from the SD card.
  17. Agree with the installation prompt.
  18. Wait until the process is over.
  19. Then do the same for installing Google apps (“install zip from sdcard”).
  20. When done, select “go back” and “reboot system now”.

So, that was all. There are many steps to complete, but the procedure is not difficult. The best part is that in the end, your HTC One X smartphone will be update with the latest AOKP ICS custom ROM firmware. Don’t forget to check the devs official web page for further updates, or our daily posts as we will announce you as soon as something new comes out. Share your thoughts with us, or the possible issues related to this step by step guide, and I will try to help you through.

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