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Update LG Optimus Black P970 to Official Android 4.0 ICS ROM

The official Android 4.0 ICS flavor is finally available for the LG Optimus Black P970 users, so if you haven’t received the OTA update yet (or if the firmware hasn’t been yet released on your market) I will show you how to manually install the software on your device. Don’t worry the tutorial will be easy to understand and to apply as we are dealing with the stock ICS 4.0 OS for the Optimus Black and not with a complex custom ROM firmware. That’s why the installation process will be more like a “one-click” operation, completing the same taking only a couple of minutes from your time.

The Ice Cream Sandwich platform had just been launched by LG for the Optimus Black P970 handsets and according to the mentioned company, the software can be OTA applied in Europe (France, Italy, Baltics, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Portugal and Poland); anyway if the firmware is still nowhere to find, then you can anytime manually flash it by following and performing the present step by step guide. This is being possible thanks to those of xda-developers who had developed this operation.

As this is the official Android 4.0 OS, by updating the LG Optimus Black to the same you will not void the warranty. The warranty gets void only when you are installing custom ROMs firmware, so you have nothing to worry about. Also, you don’t need to have a rooted phone for being able to complete this procedure. The root access is being required only for flashing beta ROMs, not stock ones. Furthermore, if your Optimus Black is rooted, after applying the ICS software the root access will be revoked and for re-gaining the root access you will have to perform an operation suitable with the new OS.

In order to conclude, if you decide to complete this tutorial you will install the stock ICS ROM on the LG Optimus Black. So, if your handset is currently running a custom ROM (the warranty is currently void) you will replace the firmware with the official Android 4.0 system and you will restore the lost warranty. Don’t forget that all the ICS features and looks will be installed on your device.

Even though we are dealing with the official Android 4.0 ICS software that can be OTA applied too, it is recommended to backup the LG Optimus Black P970 data before going any further. It is unlikely to lose your personal info by performing this tutorial, but you can never be too sure when it comes to your contacts, messages, call logs, market apps and so on. So, take your time and do a full backup. If you don’t know how, you can anytime use our backup and restore guides by searching through our how to section for the same.

Also, a Windows running computer, your smartphone and its USB cord will be required. You will have to download the update file on the computer first, and then apply it to your handset. On your phone go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging” and make sure that the USB debugging option is enabled. On both computer and Optimus Black deactivate all the security tools (antivirus and Firewall included) as these programs are interfering with the update operation. In order to avoid the unpleasant situations it is a good idea to charge the battery of your device before heading to the steps from below. If your phone gets turned off in the middle of the installation procedure, you will risk in bricking it. The same will happen if you will complete this step by step guide for a different or similar smartphone with the LG Optimus Black model number P970; the official ICS Android 4.0 ROM will work only for the mentioned device.

How to Update LG Optimus Black P970 to Official Android 4.0 ICS ROM Firmware

  1. As already mentioned, you need to download a file on your computer.
  2. So, go here and get the KDZ file.
  3. Then, connect the handset with the computer by using its USB cord.
  4. Now, from the computer run the KDZ executable file.
  5. Up next, set “Type” and “Phone Mode” to select the .kdz file in your PC.
  6. The update should now begin, so just wait and don’t make any other changes.
  7. The process should take a couple of minutes.
  8. In the end, remove the USB cord and reboot the phone.
  9. The first boot might take a little bit longer than usual, but don’t panic there is nothing wrong with your Optimus Black.
  10. In order to check whether the ICS update has been installed or not, go to “Settings -> About Phone”.

That was all you need to do. So, as I have mentioned in the introduction, the tutorial was easy to complete as there were only few steps to take care of. Do tell us how things worked for you or if you had problems while trying to install the official Android 4.0 ICS software on the LG Optimus Black P970. Stay close as more step by step guides suitable with your Optimus Black will soon follow and maybe you will even be able to update the same to latest Jelly Bean 4.1 OS.

  • dpattz

    just wondering how is it i open the .kdz file it will not open

  • murty

    hey i just got .kdz file.. can u tell me to open it as an executable file???

  • Sujay

    Same problem for me… can’t able to open the file… plz help me out….

  • murty

    if possible please share a video with us….

  • Dpattz

    have been spending about 2 goin on 3 hours on this “one click” solution but you fail to add how to open a .kdz file would appreciate some help..

  • nico

    Does anyone know if this works with the optimus black in canada?

    • Bobboob

      Yep, I have tried. I’m in Quebec and this update has pass perfectly. I’m with koodo provider.

  • sujay


    follow these instructions and it will really work…

    I have updated my mobile successfully

    • Bobboob

      That the instruction that I fallow. That works flawless for me thank a lot.

  • Julio

    does this works in latinamerica?

  • jay Pukestah

    is this the official ics update or the rom?

  • GMAC

    Everytime I launch this the updater .kdz starts for a minute then says unpacking kdz then stops saying MOD UpTestEX MFC application has stopped working. Any assistance would be appreciated. My phone is saying S/W upgrade so I am concerned.

  • murty
    • A happy guy

      Thanks a lot! I’m.writting this from my new iCS LG optimus black, and it works fine!

  • Bobboob

    Hi, I have install ICS on my LG Optimus Black in Canada with Koodo provider. Everything works fine. The phone is a little bit faster, it do not closed anymore if i’m listening music and someone send me an SMS. By now I do not have seen a bug. The only thing I saw is it when I click to check if there is any update for ICS they told me than my phone is not registred yet. Hope that help person in Canada that want to do the update

    • Bobboob

      FInally I found a bug, i’m not able anymore to connect into 3G network, someone have an idea about that ?

      • Bobboob

        Found the answer, you need to create a new APN with your provider to get back data network into your cell phone.

        • kamate555

          hey, how do I get a new APN? Do I go see Koodo and ask them for one? What about if they ask about this ICS…. is it not kind of illegal to download it? im just scared they’re going to be like WTF is this lol

  • How about the author tries his shitta tutorial himself, “kdz executable file”.

    • search about LGExtract, you can extract the .fls and .bin files with that program

  • ami

    Hi, if i update it, i will get hebrew menu?

  • I have update my LG P970 to ICS. Everything is doing well except for my dropdown menu. I can’t pull it down. Did someone experienced this too? I need help to fix this right away. Thanks!

    • yeah, I have experienced that too. it seems that the drop down menu is not available. Only that made me to downgrade it back to its official ICS, 2.2

  • vimmy

    i have tried but it is showing security error

  • Duarte

    This process works on SIM Locked mobile phone?

  • Manny Avatar

    Hi Lalit

    Good guide but before I start I just want to ask a couple of questions after reading the comments below.

    1/ Will my service provider 3G APN settings need to be backed up? If so how?

    2/ This article is from a couple of months back, is there a new ICS version?


    3/ My service provider did not roll out the update automatically (I am still on 2.something). If I update to ICS will I receive updates automatically for 4.0?

  • Spanner

    Does it matter if the phone is rooted? or running on a custom ROM?

  • Raj

    Will it matter if my service provider hasn’t got the update for the Lg P970. Will my phone still be able to call and stuff

  • Elmesias

    I have a small sugestion after flashing/installing any ROM do a factory reset this will clear any residue of previous room and fix many problems.

  • I have an LG Optimus Black supplied through my network povider and have had two replacements within six months. As I use this for my business, it has definitely cost me money because of the total failure of this peice of junk. I have had to go back to my 3 year old phone as it’s more trustworthy.

  • Jamie Cannell

    Shite absolute shite run the file my arse don’t do a thing on my pc

  • dzumba

    can u make .kdz file to open i whait 20 minutes and i try to open them and nothing.

  • sandeep sachu

    Upgraded to Andriond ICS 4.0.4. in INDIA. So far working fine . a bit fast now. and almost everything works fine.

    • pvz

      sure ???

  • Well, I’ve had it for a few months now, and it is greater than gingerbread, but, it has quitea lot of bugs, like autofocus using flash not working, and also, if I set a ringtone, the next morning, will be a totally random one, WHAT THE HECK?, right? Overall the eom is good, but this incredible bugs justcame in after I did a factory reset, but if anybody can tell me how to fix this issues, please tell me, I will answer questions if you ask me, because I have the update on my Lg optimus black

  • siremilomir

    Can I use this version on any P970? The current version I use is stock v20c.

  • Milomir Topi?

    Can I use this version on any P970? The current version I use is stock v20c.

  • ZK

    how to open kdz file-?-

  • Avi

    can this update is available to Israel? there is Hebrew language?

    • Yosi


      • Yosi


        • Yosi


          • Yosi


          • Yosi


  • cesalec

    One click solution doesnt work… at all

  • upskyd

    how open KDZ file ?

  • Jeffrey Requiez

    I perfectly upgrade my p970 but still have prob. My camera is force closing sometimes it capture black picture sometimes good! I try to lower the quality of picture but still force closing my video works fine but have rain on player



  • Liviu

    Just use LGMobile Support Tool. In 10 minutes your phone is updated and the program does everything.

    No kdz download, no noting.

    Just copy LGMobile Support Tool, plugin your phone and follow the instructions.

    Goos luck!!!

    • saai krishna reddy

      post the link of lg support tools

  • Alfred Rivera

    Hello there:
    This is my first time on this forum.
    I have followed all the steps on the tutorial and my P970 gests stuck at 6% of the upgrade and tells me “cannot continue do to an error. However, it does not tell me what the error is.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Fred.

  • glmr

    the link for KDZ file is not available anymore?….can someone give me other links for the file??

  • Louis

    after downloading the kdz file do i need the internet to do the update?or its an offline thing?

  • Abdul Qader Touma

    the KDZ file link is not correct anymore!

  • Gingerbread

    Why is it anime KOI Dragon quest???