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Update LG Optimus Me P350 Using MIUI Custom ROM Firmware

MIUI Custom ROM Firmware for LG Optimus Me P350

LG Optimus Me P350 can be upgraded to the latest MIUI Custom ROM firmware and experience a brand new UI interface that should make your device run better and more smoothly. However, before moving to the tutorial guide you need to know that this update isn’t an official one, but an official release created by 3rd party developers and it is a release candidate.

Despite the fact that it is RC version of the MIUI custom ROM firmware and it might pack some small bugs, you should give it a try but only if you’re an advanced user and you know that you’re doing. This new firmware might be one of the best releases for the PE350 device of LG Electronics. It isn’t an official release, but an unofficial release candidate version which you can install only if you carefully read all the steps listed in this article along with the pre-requisites guide.

Note that the guide listed here should be applied only if you’re an advanced user and you know what a root, ROM update, custom firmware or similar terms are describing and what these are implying. Make sure that you follow all the steps and in case something goes wrong, then can’t be responsible for that as your updating your ROM firmware at your own risk. Also, before you start the apply all these changes you should know that the MIUI custom rom firmware update shouldn’t be installed on Network locked smartphones, as that might brick it and you won’t be able to use it, not until an unlock tutorial guide for LG Optimus Me P350 gets released.

Here’s what you need to know about the MIUI Custom ROM Firmware and also you will learn how to successfully configure your device and computer for the updating process:

  • backup all the data you have currently stored on your LG Optimus ME P350 device, so that it won’t get lost during the updating process.
  • if you wish to save the SMS texts, call log and contacts then you can use the Google Sync or any software to back them up.
  • make sure to save the internet APN and MMS settings so that you will be able to browse the internet when the update gets completed. You can find these settings by going through Applications, then Settings, open Wireless and Network, select Mobile Networks and save all the info listed under Access Point Names.
  • the battery charge level of your device has to be higher than 80% so that it won’t discharge during the MIUI custom ROM installation.
  • disable / remove all the antivirus  and antimalware applications from your phone along with all firewall software.
  • go to Settings, then Applications, open Development and enable the option that says ‘USB debugging’.
  • the device should be rooted, because otherwise the update won’t work.

Now that you know all this info,  I think that you’re ready to apply all the instructions listed in the tutorial guide.

How to update to MIUI Custom ROM Firmware your LG Optimus Me P350 smartphone:

  1. Download MIUI custom ROM firmware pack.
  2. Download Google Apps software and save it on your PC.
  3. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB Cable. Make sure to put in mass storage mode.
  4. Place both zip files, the ones you’ve downloaded at step 1 and 2, on your phone’s SD Card. Disconnect the phone from your PC and then turn it OFF, as you will need to boot it in recovery mode.
  5. For recovery mode press the Volume down and Call button and after that press the Power button. It should power on and boot into recovery mode.
  6. When in recovery mode screen you need to choose ‘Clear storage’ and ‘wipe cache data’. After that you need to choose ‘install zip from SD card’ and then select ‘choose zip from SD card’. Find the MIUI custom ROM zip package and select it.
  7. After that select the Google Apps zip pack to install all software comprised within.
  8. Now your smartphone should begin the updating process to MIUI Android custom ROM firmware. After this operation is completed, your phone will either reboot or return to recovery mode menu. If the recovery mode screen appears then you will have to select ‘Go Back’ and then choose the option that says ‘reboot system now’.

After all these steps have been completed, your LG Optimus Me P350 device will boot in MIUI custom ROM firmware and you will be free to customize, install and launch any application you wish. Please note that now your Android Market icon has been upgraded to Google Play Store, which is the new rebranded online store where from now on you will go to download and install Google Android apps.

Now you can start restoring all the data you backed up. Make sure to restore the APN and MMS settings in case the Internet isn’t working. Please note that if something isn’t working or your device seems unable to boot the new MIUI custom ROM, it means that not all changes have been added and, you will need to repeat all the steps in the tutorial guide, because something went wrong and the firmware update wasn’t completed. If you encounter any trouble during the MIUI custom ROM firmware update then you should tells us in the comments and we will help you complete the installation successfully.