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Android Jelly Bean Update for Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX Rolled Out By Verizon

Last week, we heard that the Android Jelly been soak test was in development for two of Motorola’s smartphones, the Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX. We told you that it won’t be long until the software update will be released in phases. We were right because US carrier Verizon has formally started to roll out the upgrade to more users.

The software update has 338 MB and it will provide you with all the features of Android Jelly Bean that you have waited for quite a while. There are plenty of functions that come along with the update, but the most important ones are the enhanced notification system, Google Now, and Google Chrome.

So, it’s time to get rid of the old and boring BLUR software and get the new Google application. You’ll see that after you install the Android Jelly Bean update, you’re going to feel that you are using a different phone. It’s good that the phone maker is pushing back its own Motorola software as it requires considerable disk space and RAM. In fact, I’m not surprised at all since Motorola has been acquired by Google. This new Jelly Bean update will allow the users of the Motorola RAZR and RAZR MAXX to experience the true Android OS, making it very close to the vanilla version.

As of today, you should wait for the update notification to pop up, but this depends on how lucky you are to be among the first who will get it. Also, you can manually look for the update yourself from time to time, just to be sure. I know that most users of the RAZR and RAZR MAXX already know how to do it, but in case there is still someone who doesn’t, you should head to Settings, tap About Phone, and then System Updates.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the other mobile networks will start releasing the Android Jelly Bean update for their versions of the devices, but we expect it will be soon.

But for those of you already got it, this means that you are going to keep the phones for a little longer, or you consider that its time for an upgrade? Especially with several new flagships being released this time of the year.


  • slvrmoontiger

    I received this update on 2 Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX phones my own and a client’s phone that i support. In both cases the update removed several icons from the home screens even though the app is still installed and usable on the phone. It also removed the printing option.

    Called Motorola about this and they have no reason for removing the printing option and they said it shouldn’t remove app shortcuts from the home screen. They also informed me that the next update will be to KeyLime Pie but they don’t have a date when that will be released. So I suppose this phone is OS upgradable still.

    • Stephen Kucharski

      If the Droid 4 gets key lime pie I will be shocked – pleasantly shocked but shocked none the less. People are having problems with this update. I had problems when i went to ICS from GB as well. It’s best to install the software and do a factory data reset to get a clean install. I know this is a pain, but it will eliminate 99% of the problems people are having. Should we have to do this? No, of course not. But it’s the way it is. If people are having problems please try this.

      Also PDA Net still works as a Wifi hotspot. You need to have the newest version of PDA Net installed. Please make sure you have the newest version. It uses FoxFi, but not in the same way older versions of PDA net did. You shouldn’t even see an app for FoxFi on your phone anymore. It doesn’t use a seperate app. It’s built in and after the update I’ve had no problems still using it as a wifi hotspot. Maybe it has something to do with me doing a factory data reset after the install. All I know is I’ve had 0 bugs and zero problems with either the OS or PdaNet after updating and performing a factory data reset.

  • Alicia

    I received my JB today and it totally removed my ‘sticky note’ widget from my home screen and widget selection. I did have some important notes that I’m pretty upset about being deleted. What I hate about it is the text messaging colors and layout. I wish there was an easy way to change it around without having to download a special app. Eh, I’ll keep it for now.

    • Nathan Borup

      I would put important information stored in an actual document or file. I would never trust a widget to store that kind of stuff, especially to keep it over an update

  • 3IY

    Have had the update for two days now and couldn’t be more disappointed. The only feature that I used daily is now gone. Weather. The browser is now much worse than it was. No more swiping to fine bookmarks etc. Chrome is not the default browser. The much promoted new camera functions are not there. Can’t pick a ring tone from my music files anymore. Real Player can no longer play in shuffle mode,. After month after month of ICS screwing my phone up and now this makes me miss Gingerbread even more. What idiots soak tested this garbage? The update took one hour and forty two minutes to download on 4G. Something just isn’t right.

    • Nathan Borup

      sounds like someone needs to give you a tutorial on how to use your phone…

    • Taylor

      Holy smokes, there’s so much wrong with this it hurts. Really? Weather? Get a new weather app…there’s tons of them. If you don’t like the browser get an even better one like Dolphin. I haven’t tried it yet but I don’t doubt for a second there is still a way to pick a ring tone from your music files. Real Player is your music app? Someone still uses Real Player?!


      • JD61

        What he is saying is that Google play music does not allow you to take your MP3 files and convert them over to ring tones that Jelly Beans ring tone list recognizes.

    • sredford

      I soak tested. It obviously was not a test to see if it worked well because I bitched my ass off to them over it, yet they roll it on out like it is as perfect as the driven snow! It also blocked my FoxFi hotspot from operating. Verizon wants yet ANOTHER $30.00 a month for me to use THEIR hotspot app.

      • Stephen Kucharski

        It only disabled FoxFi. You need to update to the newest version of PDANet which does not use FoxFi anymore – it sort of does, but not as a separate app like it used too. I am not having a problem. This has been reported in comment boards over and over again about PDA Net being disabled. This is simply not true. You DO need the newest version though. Make sure you have the newest version. If it’s not working after that, I’m not sure what to tell you. Again; I am NOT having any problem with it after the update.

    • JD61

      Go the the Play Store and and download “Winamp”, play the song in question and you can set the file as a ring tone just like you could in Moto music player

    • Sashifly

      I have the exact same problems! what did you do to fix them/did you find a solution??

  • john

    I’ve had no problems. Phone is faster and has better features. Yes, it may remove things from your home screen, but that is the app developers fault, not Motorola. Don’t see how you could complain here. The notifications are awesome.

  • yash

    in india motorola is not giving any updates for motorola razr & razr maxx is there any method so that i can update my phone to JB from ICS plz help and let me know ………….

  • Krista Moll

    Anyone having issues getting it to download. My phone says it is being download if I go in and ask if there is an update yet my status bar doesn’t show anything happening!

  • Gabe

    Received a surprise with the update trying to start automatically. I was happy but then sad lol, the update notification popped up but said download is suspended will resume shortly. It hasn’t and I have tried re-starting, over 4gLTE and WiFi no luck… any suggestions?

    • Nathan Borup

      download it manually from droid-life and manually update your phone through the recovery

  • Yash

    Can Anyone here help me i live in india i want to upgrade my phone from ics to jelly bean. Can i download this official update and upgrade? Help plzzz

  • What about Droid Bionic users?
    (I mean I have ditched mine for the Nexus4, but it is now my daughter’s and she could use some Jelly Bean love … )

  • Melissa

    My phone updated this morning. Am I the only one not seeing any obvious changes? My phone has been prone to being glitchy, and I’m hoping this will fix that.. but other than that, nothing new to report.

  • Baker

    All ive wanted to do is playing the music I have on my phone, this is no longer available or I just can find the app that I have been searching for 4 hours now.

    • Nathan Borup

      use play music. It will play the music stored on your phone, and it is the stock app. It also connects to google music so you can store up to 20,000 songs online and stream them anywhere

      • HypnoticHue

        Play Music sounds crap. It’s tinny and cheap sounding, not rich and lush like the app was. In addition, I had spent hours creating custom playlists that are, of course, gone. I appreciated the ease of use, including alphabetical scroll to the right, which is also not featured in the same way on Play. With thousands of tracks on my phone, that was a big deal. Does anyone know of a good replacement?

        • Nathan Borup

          the only reason why it sounds like crap for you is that you don’t have the equalizer set, and good audio codecs installed on your phone

  • I updated last night and now I’m missing tons of phone numbers from my contacts. I had to re enter my fiance’s contact info – WTF?!

  • Saebin

    Does anyone know if this new update fixed ANYTHING to do with the Droid RAZR MAXX’s bluetooth feature? I was able to connect my older Droid (1st Gen) to my car’s bluetooth with no problem and loved it. Since I’ve upgraded to th Droid RAZR MAXX, I have all kinds of problems. First off, when I’m actually able to get it connected, it will work for MAYBE a call or two but then the phone freezes up and the screen goes blank. I have to do that hard reboot thing (hold power button and the volumn down button) in order to get it to work again. I’m really about to switch to a Samsung phone because of this. I’ve had a Verizon rep. confirm this as well and he was thinking that it was a problem with my bluetooth in the car. His theory was then crushed once I showed him how well the other Droid worked. PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy, does anyone know about the fixes in the update or maybe even a fix for my problem in general?

    • Taylor

      Just because your other droid worked with the bluetooth doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t still the bluetooth. How many bluetooth receivers do you have? Have you tried other bluetooth devices?

      My Droid Maxx works fine with bluetooth. I’ve used it with a Jambox, a Monster HD (another music player), my laptop, and a car bluetooth adapter (bluetooth receiver that plugs into an aux port on my car), as well as a bluetooth in a rental car I used that was built into the car. Never an issue with any. My *only* qualm is that it won’t auto-connect to the car bluetooth when in range and the car is on, but I think that’s a limitation on bluetooth, not the phone.

  • mangydog

    Backed up all accounts and settings installed the update then wiped to phone for good measure. Logged in with my Gmail account and all my apps and settings automatically downloaded and most apps updated. I don’t use Gmail for contacts. I keep everything in my corporate Exchange account and use Touchdown as my email client. Phone is smoother faster and the colors and icons are cleaner. Its been long time coming but well worth the wait. I love my Droid Razor Maxx!

  • ds4604

    Just updated my droid razr maxx two days ago. For the most part, the update is very solid and has a number of performance improvements. The phone seems faster and more stable. HOWEVER… one of my favorite apps, Foxfi (recently became PDAnet), which I’ve used to create a mobile hot-spot for my tablet and other devices NO LONGER WORKS without the $30/mo Verizon subscription. Apparently, Verizon blocks this app from working unless you have the hot-spot subscription. Until the jelly bean upgrade, this was not the case and I was able to use the hot-spot without having to spend $30 per month. Anyone know how to get around this block?

    • sredford

      drop verizon and go to another carrier. That FoxFi capability was the ONLY reason I was with verizon over the ohters. I just lost half the value of my smart phone with that “upgrade” and also I get apps popping up on my homescreen daily, my phone goes into HDMI mode so I have to use it horizontally instead of upright…until those few times it decides to rotate and not sit in HDMI mode. Verizon…do you hear me?? i’m GONE!

      • Really?

        What apps are popping up? I haven’t seen ANY. As for FoxFi, wasn’t that already sort of a violation of the TOS agreement with Verizon? You were supposed to be paying to use your phone as a hotspot with the unlimited data plan anyway. You just got away with it until now.

        • In search of justice

          Verizon lost a major court decision over forcing people to pay for WiFi hotspots such as Foxi. If you are on metered data plan it is illegal for Verizon to block Foxfi. They have blocked my Pdanet Foxi …

    • Stephen Kucharski

      This is making rounds on a lot of comment boards. It only disabled FoxFi. You need to update to the newest version of PDANet which does not use FoxFi anymore – it sort of does, but not as a separate app like it used too. I am not having a problem. This has been reported in comment boards over and over again about PDA Net being disabled. This is simply not true. You DO need the newest version though. Make sure you have the newest version. If it’s not working after that, I’m not sure what to tell you. Again; I am NOT having any problem with it after the update.

      • ds4604

        Actually, what I said was true. I have the most current update tp PDAnet and when I launch it now, it displays a message that specifically states my carrier (verizon) has disabled wifi mode in jelly bean unless I subscribe to the mobile hotspot service. I did mis-speak about the price. It is $20 not $30 per month. Bottom line, I now have to pay to use something that was free up until jelly bean.

        • Stephen Kucharski

          You were correct. I was initially wrong. But as of about 2 weeks ago it does work again. You may have to download it from your PC and install it that way. I don’t know if PDA Net really auto updates since it’s a frowned upon piece of software. I’m typing this on my laptop through my Droid 4’s wifi right now. Kudo’s to JuneFabrics software for such a quick update. 🙂

      • Can you confirm Stephen that you are using wifi off the new version of PDA NET. Yes pdanet works when tethered USB even after the new OS download but the WIFI piece of pda net will only work if one purchases the hotspot service from verizon

        • Stephen Kucharski

          PDA Net’s wifi has since been updated and works fine now. I was initially incorrect. How I managed to screw that up I don’t know… Sorry about the misinformation. But it DOES now work again – Thank God.

        • ds4604

          DJ, I had the same experience you did where PDAnet wifi hotspot stopped working after the update to Jelly Bean UNLESS I signed up for the verizon hotspot service. However, after updating both PDAnet and FoxFi, I once again can use the hotspot feature without subscribing to the verizon hotspot service. Hooray!

  • For the record, I am fucking pissed at Motorola right now. The first thing I noticed was the sticky notes widget was missing. Did some digging, and guess what? It’s gone! Just like that, not dropping support and leaving it there, no “We will be removing this widget” warning, just gone. That takes deletion, which takes intention to get it out of the OS in the first place. Regardless of the decisions that led to this, what if I had some pretty important stuff on there that I was going to get around to sometime and back it up? (I did. Passwords. Impossible to remember ones.)

    Sticky notes isn’t something that’s there for me to be productive with. I have a 3rd computer with me as my phone all the time for a reason, I’m a bit lazy. It’s a quick and dirty way to take down information so that I don’t have to kill myself every time I would’ve forgotten it. That means it gets pushed back to the recesses of my mind. The attic, if you will. How would you feel if your roommate suddenly comes through and takes your notepads out with the trash, with the attitude of “oh, you already copied the notes down somewhere, right?” This is bullshit.

    I will see what kind of contact information leaves, and if it’s not sufficient, I will self-reply with supplementary information. I need an answer, some form of suggestion on how to reclaim lost information.

    • LR

      I completely agree. I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to find a way to get the info back but I’m going to feel the backlash from this update for the next month at least. I miss my Sticky Notes!

      • cat

        Same here too! Lost VALUABLE info when Sticky Notes were deleted WITHOUT warning! Is there any way to uninstall this version to get them back? Verizon and Motorola have been no help at all.

        • Does anyone think it would be worth it to try professional data recovery, and send the appropriate party the bill?

          • Juice370

            Agree, this is total Bull Spit. Motorola Support said “you should have read the terms and conditions”. No, how about Motorola should have blatantly told me that it was a shift from ICS to JB so I could have researched first. It’s amazing how a) companies couldn’t give a flying feck about customers’ data – in the age of BIG data – and b) why customers just accept this cr*p time and time again. I see complaints all over the place from Apple, Google to Microsoft post update.

            Luckily, I only lost a bit of data in the Sticky Notes, but key data at that. So my recommendation to anyone is do not trust any 3rd party with your information. Keep it local in addition to hosting it on any airborne substance be it a cloud, rainbow or with Jebus.

            I have a NAS, with real time back ups to another NAS on a remote location. Still hacked off about the Sticky Notes nonsense though. Never again Motorola AKA Google!

  • archie

    I update 2 days ago And now I can’t turn on my wife if

    • bren

      i also have this problem with my wifi…is there a solution for this?

      • bill

        God I hope not… I sometimes like my Wife to be turned off… lol

        • VERY DISAPOINTED with the new jellybean update. I ve had all sorts of problems since I switched to jellybean. My signal is worse, my battery life drains faster than it use to, and for some reason my rhapsody barley works now. Pauses constantly and for some reason it says my library is empty. I have to log out and sign back in constantly just so I can listen to my music that I pay 9.99 a month. Also YouTube doesn’t work worth a crap now. I hope they come out with some bug fixes for this bullcrap jellybean. I do like a dew things about it tho. Kinda like having a whole new phone.

        • Juice370

          Nice one bill!

  • sredford

    The update was good for Verizon, BAD for the customer. For Verizon (and others) it puts apps on my home screen daily. It BLOCKS my FoxFi and requires me to PAY Verizon ANOTHER $30.00/ month if I want hotspot to work. It randomly goes into HDMI mode and turns my screen sideways and will not go back until some random moment it chooses to. It lost some apps I had. So, I suppose for verizon, it was a big hit. For the customer?? you just got a little less for your $1200/year phone bill.

    • Stephen Kucharski

      Update to the newest version of PDA net. I am not having a problem after the update. It should be version 4.x. Make sure you have that. You shouldn’t even need FoxFi installed anymore at all to use PDA Net…

  • rickbb

    Installed this last night, now my razr maxx is a brick. All I get is the star burst start up screen, 24 hours now.

  • Karen Ketchum

    My Driod razr updated this morning. It really messed everything up. Couldn’t do anything so I had to reset to factory setting.I have spend hours re downloading all my apps… UGH…… Now I can’t find the gallery with my music/photo/facebook photos! Can someone help me please

    • Susan

      I hope you found your lost stuff. My understanding is that the photo/video/music files should be backed up before doing a factory reset. I did a factory reset a few days ago to start fresh with JB. I just add apps back as I need them since it only takes a minute or two. Good Luck! If you haven’t tried it yet, you might try hooking your phone up to your computer vis USB and search the file folders there for your missing files. Can’t remember if there is a DCIM file there for Camera stuff but I think that’s what it is. All my music is in Google Play. Moving forward that is a great way to back it all up and have access to it without using up the memory on your phone. Like I said, I hope you figure it out!

  • skier

    Now When I Use Swype I Have To Space Between Words…Also, Speed Dial IS Gone…Called Verizon It Is Gone..Now I Hav To Use My Home Screen To Compile My ContActs In. And, For Whatever Reason MyPhone Is CapitalizingThe First Letter Of Every Word I Type…And, No, I’m NotStupid, JustChecked The SettingsAnd AutoSpace Is Turned On.

    • Susan

      Try SwiftKey. Works great, adds the space after each word.

      • Or Kii Keyboard. Works great, with swiping, voice to text, etc. Free on Google Play.

  • Me

    “You’re going to feel that you are using a different phone.” How? The interfaceis nearly exactly the same. Typing is the same, menus are the same, lock screen is the same. They changed the camera icon but nothing else about it. They changed a couple of names of things in smart actions and added Google Now. They also changed the clock. Other than that, nearly the same. I was really counting on this to turn around my disappointment with the Droid RAZR Maxx. Mostly not… It does run a bit smoother and is a little less glitchy. Battery life is still abysmal. 21.5 hrs of talk time, they say. How is it then, that in 1:56 hours of talking, my battery dropped from 70% to 30% without me doing anything else? That’s after I did a factory reset to clean up my phone after the software update. I feel like these phones are like presidents. They promise a whole bunch of stuff that never really happens or works out the way you hoped.

  • MikeyZ

    I updated my phone. And I see lots of things that used to work that don’t any longer.

    This must be the “make the software worse so people start thinking about upgrading their phone at the end of their two-year contract” update.

  • tim

    Is There A Sleep mode For Razor maxx

    • Bruce

      Just discovered that sleep mode is no longer available in jelly bean (confirmed by Motorola rep; gone from my razr maxx and my wife’s razr). We liked sleep mode for quick off/on times (like hibernate mode on a PC).to use during flight takeoff and landing and in a theater or classroom.

      • Ek

        The app smart action has some sleep mode features.

  • mo

    Update not that great… Google now kinda nice. My phone seems slower. Apps like pandora dont work right. Battery life much worse on razr. Takes a shit ass battery and makes it ultra shit ass… Phone gets extremely hot. Stupid, very dissappointing

  • Mike K.

    The update deleted all the entries on my calendar and a lot of people and phone entries. I want the old stuff back!

    • yeah…all my calendar entries are also gone and I don’t have them backed up anywhere 🙁

  • I just tried to do a manual update on my Razr Maxx and it prompted me to update! Yay! I’m so happy I can finally use Google Now and everything else I’ve been missing forever. Verizon is my carrier.

  • Smith1348

    One thing that makes me and my husband upset is that we can no longer print things from our phones. We loved this feature and where thinking of getting rid of internet since we could print from phone. Now my husband is thinking of going with a different carrier.

  • Kelley

    Google? I never wanted stupid Google chrome or voice search. If I wanted a freaking siri, I would have got the danged iPhone. I am furious. My once awesome phone [droid razr] is little more than a paperweight. It is POSSESSED. If Motorola wanted me to jump to Samsung or Apple, then they should have just said so and saved me the heartburn!

  • sigr

    I don’t like the phone features like the big red hang up bar and the small icons for speaker.My speed dial doesn’t work any more . No option to put phone to sleep when I want to.They want my phone to work like a tablet. Let me know how to get comfortable with my phone again.

  • I am truly disappointed with the jellybean update, is there anyway to uninstall it?

  • lance

    I up dated my phone and now it sucks,i list all the ring tones i had, now i can’t get any emails, garbage

  • Piece of &*^% first the ringer no longer worked, after much trouble shooting did a factory reset. Now bluetooth no longer stays connected to my Garman … it worked fine before. Looking at forums seems like many are having bluetooth problems. I have to wonder what next?

  • Juice370

    This was my favorite response from a Motorola Representative regarding complaints about Sticky Notes being shafted. “While we do not endorse the use of these applications, there are some users who find these apps useful.”

    Sorry say what now?