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Update Motorola Droid Razr with Eclipse Custom ROM Firmware

A new custom ROM has been leaked for your Motorola Droid Razr handset. Thanks to the Eclipse team we are now able to flash the same on a Razr device, so for the full procedure check our step by step guide. We will be checking in how to prepare your phone for updating its OS and also from where to download the files required; then I will teach you how to install the Eclipse firmware on your phone by following the easiest and safest method possible. Don’t try to apply the update by yourselves as you can brick your device.

Being a custom ROM, getting the same will make you lose the Razr warranty. Don’t worry as it’s improbable to damage the system while you are following a tutorial, like this one. Anyway, if you will want to restore the warranty you will have to downgrade to the official version of the Android software and re-lock the bootloader. Of course you can also wait until the next official update released by Motorola, but there are no words or clues about this. So, if you want to get more power for your Droid Razr, this new ROM will be just what you need.

The Eclipse custom ROM is being based and developed on the Gingerbread version of Android, meaning that by applying the same on your Razr you will not receive the ICS firmware. The ROM is a Gingerbread improvement that comes with several bug fixes and new features, which of course cannot be found in the default version of the software. An appealing interface is also included and for making a better opinion you have the below screenshots.

Eclipse screenshot

Eclipse screenshot

I have also listed some of the Eclipse features so you can decide whether to install the ROM or not. Remember that there are more capabilities added these are just the most relevant ones. Also, if you are not satisfied by them, or if you want a more powerful firmware, possible the Ice Cream Sandwich, you can also learn how to update the Droid Razr with Black Widow custom ROM firmware, which is developed on the Android 4.0 platform. Choose the update that suits your expectation the most.

Eclipse Features

Eclipse Features

Flashing the Eclipse ROM on your Razr will not make you void any of your data, but if you want to be sure that nothing unexpected is going to happen, you can make a backup first. You can search our tips for backing up the messages, call logs, contacts and even current firmware. Furthermore, don’t forget that once you start this procedure the warranty will be lost.

It’s time to see the pre requisites; it’s important to complete them as if different you might not be able to update your device. Or, worst you can brick your handset. So, make sure you read the following list of tasks and also complete the same.

  • You must have rooted Droid Razr, or else you can’t update the OS.
  • A custom recovery image should also be installed. By using the same you can backup the current ROM, so it’s quite important to complete this operation. Use our guide for installing ClockWorkmod recovery on your Android powered device.
  • Then, you must have a charged battery, or the power should be at least 60%.
  • Uninstall the security tools from your phone or computer.
  • On your handset go and check the USB debugging option from here: “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.

You can now concentrate on updating your Droid Razr. During the following line I have explained the proper tutorial, so just start reading the steps.

How to Update Motorola Droid Razr with Eclipse Custom ROM Firmware

  1. The first thing to take care of is the file required. You can download the ROM from here; save it to your computer.
  2. Connect your phone with the PC by plugging the USB cable.
  3. Copy the file downloaded in step 1 from the computer to the phone’s SD card.
  4. Disconnect the device (remove the USB cord).
  5. Turn off the handset.
  6. Reboot and enter in recovery mode. Press and hold the Volume Up or Down buttons while powering the device on and from the bootmode menu select recovery.
  7. In recovery mode you must choose to perform a wipe. So, select “wipe data/factory reset” then “wipe cache partition” and finally “Wipe Dalvik Cache”.
  8. You can now start the updating process. For that choose from the same recovery menu “install zip from sd card” and “choose zip from sd card”; pick the file placed by your on the phone’s SD card.
  9. Wait until it’s done and don’t press anything.
  10. In the end, select “go back” and “reboot system now”.
  11. Done.

That’s all; the Droid Razr should now be running the Eclipse custom ROM firmware. Give it a try and see how it works and if you are satisfied by the capabilities added. Also, check if there are bugs in the system. If you want to install a more powerful ROM you can check our previous guides and see how to flash the Black Widow ROM on your smartphone. If somehow you had problems during the up-presented guide, share the issues with us and we will help you out. Stay close for further updates as we are coming with news and tutorial daily.

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