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Update OnePlus 3T to Android 8.0 Oreo using LineageOS 15.0

OnePlus will eventually release the Android 8.0 Oreo firmware for its OnePlus 3T. When exactly will that happen is hard to say. That’s why maybe you are looking for an alternative. If you are, then I might have something interesting for you. Yes, I’m discussing about an update solution that can bring the Oreo software to your OnePlus 3T. So, if you want to learn how to complete this update operation, don’t hesitate and check all the guidelines from below.

Those of xda-developers are ‘responsible’ for this update opportunity as they managed to port the Android 8.0 Oreo and compile everything into the new build of Lineage OS. Thus, now you can install LineageOS 15.0 on the OnePlus 3T.

Lineage OS 15.0 is not yet fully stable. The devs are still working in addressing all the issues that were reported, though you will get a relatively smooth platform – the Android 8.0 Oreo can be used on a daily basis on the OnePlus 3T since you can only experience minor issues such as lags or hangs. Anyway, the xda-developers team will soon manage to bring a fully stable firmware and everything will run like a charm.

For now, the LineageOS 15.0 OS is light and clean. It’s quite similar with the stock / pure Android 8.0 Oreo so everything should run super-fast on your OnePlus 3T. Also, thanks to additional features and capabilities which aren’t pre-loaded on the official Android system, you can choose to tweak different built-in settings. The goal is to improve the general performance of your phone – after flashing this update your smartphone should run better and also faster.

Replacing the stock Android OS with the Lineage custom ROM is not an operation provided by your OEM. Bottom line you are going to unofficially update your OnePlus 3T. Even though that’s not a real problem, this aspect comes with a major downside: you are going to lose the warranty of your handset if you apply this tutorial. Note: the only way in which you can try to restore the warranty will be by restoring your OnePlus 3T back to its default state – you can do that by choosing to reinstall the stock Android firmware.

You can complete the flashing steps from below only if your OnePlus 3T is rooted. Root access is essential as that’s the only way in which you can unlock the Android OS that runs on your phone – an unlocked system is required as it can be customized and optimized by the Lineage OS 15.0 custom ROM software. Additionally, the Android 8.0 Ore system can be installed through a custom recovery image which means that you should first install TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 3T.

The custom recovery image can also be used for making a Nandroid backup. This is going to be a dedicated backup process that can keep you out of problems: the backup will save the Android system files so you can use the Nandroid backup package afterwards if you will want to go back to stock.

Along with the Nandroid backup operation you should also make a general backup operation – for saving your personal files and everything else that’s not there from day one. This shouldn’t be optional since during the update process a wipe will be completed – unfortunately, you cannot install the Lineage OS unless you first hard reset your OnePlus 3T and clear app data cache. Shortly, if you are not careful enough you can end up in losing important files and data.

A computer is needed for this process – the computer will be used only for downloading the required files. Your phone and its USB cord is also needed because a connection between these devices will have to be established. And for making this connection properly you first have to enable the USB Debugging option from your smartphone: for doing so, you need to gain Developer Options as there is where the USB Debugging field is found. Hint: you can become a developer on your OnePlus 3T easily by tapping repeatedly on Built Number (tap for 7 or 10 times, until you receive the ‘you are a developer’ prompt).

It’s recommended to charge your smartphone before starting the manual update operation. Well, you should plug in the charger if the power left on your handset is lower than 50%. If you choose to skip this process you must be aware that something might go wrong: your OnePlus 3T can get switched off in the middle of the Oreo flashing process situation during which various soft related problems can be caused within the Android core system.

How to Update OnePlus 3T to Android 8.0 Oreo using LineageOS 15.0

  1. On your computer, on desktop if you can, save the Lineage OS package that’s available for your OnePlus 3T. This file can be downloaded from this page.
  2. Google Apps must also be downloaded. This package isn’t include in the firmware package so it must be installed separately.
  3. The wipe must be first ensured on your smartphone. So, reboot recovery mode on your smartphone and from there select: “wipe data factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe davik cache”.
  4. When done, reboot your device in Android mode and connect it with your computer – via USB cable.
  5. Copy-paste the files downloaded before from your computer to your handset.
  6. The computer is no longer required so you can remove the USB cable.
  7. Recovery mode must be accessed again on your OnePlus 3T.
  8. From recovery you need to select “install zip from SD card” followed by “choose zip from SD card” – if you use TWRP recovery you just have to tap on Install.
  9. Pick up the Android 8.0 Oreo firmware file and resume the update process.
  10. Repeat the last step and install Google Apps on your device.
  11. In the end, reboot your OnePlus 3T.

Congratulations, you can now use the Android 8.0 Oreo OS on your own OnePlus 3T. Try the Lineage OS 15.0 custom ROM software and if you find something that’s not running as it should return here and share all the problems with us – you can get in touch with our team easily by using the comments field from down below.

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