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Update Samsung Conquer 4G D600 with Official FC 17 Firmware (Root solution included)

The Samsung Conquer 4G D600 is a low range, budget friendly smartphone that comes with decent performances for its users. But, thanks to Sprint and Samsung, which has just released the official FC 17 OS update for the same device, you can now improve the capabilities of your phone. This firmware is coming more to resolve some issues from the Conquer 4G old system, numerous bug fixes being included in the software. So, during the following we will be checking on how to apply the same on your handset, all being explained in this step by step guide.

Furthermore, after showing how to install the official FC 17 OS update I will detail a solution for rooting your Conquer 4G that runs on the new firmware; in this way you will be able to take full advantage of your phone’s performances. Also, gaining root access is required if you will want to flash a custom ROM into the system, or for other basic operations, so it’s really not an option for you. Read all the lines from this tutorial and do all as explained, or else you can brick your phone.

Being an official update released for your device, applying the same will not make you void the Samsung warranty. Furthermore, if you have a rooted Conquer 4G D600, the root access will be revoked and you will have to gain it back but only by following a guide that is designed to work for the new software (like this one from here). It’s true that once you root the phone again the warranty will be void, but at least you are safe during the update procedure. Remember that the warranty can be restored as soon as you re-lock the bootloader.

As already stated the FC 17 firmware is provided by Sprint and will bring enhancements for the old OS. It will remove all the bloat ware such as Maps, Spectrum, Water, waveform live wallpapers along with the magic app and it will resolve the security related issues and also fix most of the bugs which are there currently. Furthermore, this in an OTA (Over The Air) update, but in case you didn’t receive it, this method will teach you how to manually update the Samsung Conquer 4G D600 with official FC 17 firmware.

As usual, before you get to work, there are some preparations tasks you must consider. I have listed all the things that must be completed so that you can safely make through the update and rooting operations, so check them out:

  • Backup the data stored on your phone. There are many ways in which you can do that but here are our recommendations.
  • Download SMS backup and restore.
  • Download Call log backup and restore.
  • Sync contacts with Gmail account.
  • Use the PC or the phone’s SD card for the pictures, or videos files.
  • Backup the current ROM by using the clockworkmod recovery tool.
  • Then, charge the phone’s battery, or check if there is at least 70 % power.
  • Enable USB debugging in your smartphone: “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.
  • Deactivate the security tools from the computer and from your Samsung Conquer 4G.

That being said you can now begin the proper step by step guide. As I have already mentioned, this guide will be divided in two parts: the one that will teach you how to update your phone and the other one that will show you how to root the same. The root operation is optional.

How to update Samsung Conquer 4G D600 with Official FC 17 Firmware

  1. Download the update package from here.
  2. Download Odin.
  3. Save the file on the computer.
  4. Connect the handset with the PC.
  5. On the computer open Odin.
  6. Reboot the handset by entering in download mode (hold down the Volume Up, Volume Down and Menu buttons while powering up).
  7. Once you do this the ID : COM section from Odin should turn yellow.
  8. In Odin you must to check the following options and load the files downloaded before: “OPS” for the SPH-D600_FC17_CWM.ops file and “One package” for the SPH-D600_FC17_CWM.tar.md5 file.
  9. Now, just click on “Start”.
  10. During the process the home screen should appear. When it does disconnect the phone from the PC and reboot it by entering in recovery mode.
  11. The recovery mode menu can be reached by holding the Volume Up button and the Menu Key while powering the handset on.
  12. In recovery mode choose to perform a full wipe and then choose “reboot system now”.

How to Root the Samsung Conquer 4G D600 that runs the Official FC 17 Firmware

  1. Connect the phone to the computer.
  2. From the files you downloaded in the up mentioned guide select the “Superuser-3.0.7-efghi-signed.zip” and the “su-bin-” ones and copy paste them to the handset’s SD card.
  3. Disconnect the smartphone from the PC.
  4. Reboot it by entering in recovery mode (follow the instructions from above).
  5. From the recovery mode menu select “install zip from sd card” and “choose zip from sd card” and select the two files copied before (see step 2).
  6. When you will be back on the recovery menu select “go back” and “reboot system now”.

That was all. You should now have the official FC 17 Firmware installed on your Samsung Conquer 4G D600, which should also be rooted. As you could see the operations wasn’t hard to complete, though there are many steps to take care of. If somehow there were problems, or issues share it with us and we will do all that we can in order to resolve them. Also, stay close for further how to guides.