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Update Samsung Galaxy Nexus To EaglesBlood Android 4.0.4 ICS Full AOSP Custom ROM Firmware

Galaxy Nexus EaglesBlood ICS ROM Update

EaglesBlood ROM is another custom firmware installation that you can flash on your Galaxy Nexus device, and all the info on how to do it is listed in this article. It is Full AOSP based and it will update your device to a new Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich IMM761 firmware version. It should be installed only on rooted Galaxy Nexus smartphones.

This custom ROM for Gnex devices has been created by doniqcc from xda developers and now you can learn how to install his work right on your phone. It can be installed on rooted devices only and it will add SU and SuperUSers, busybox. It is deodexed and it uses an unsecured kernel and it is based on a full Androi Open Source Project, so you might say that the developer didn’t have too much help at his disposal when he started to work on creating and releasing his own view of the Android ICS operating system.

The EaglesBlood ICS custom ROM comes with numerous optimizations and enhancements that will improve the overall performances of your phone so that you will enjoy a better battery autonomy along with several other tweaks that will make your Android experience easier. It packs a four way lockscreen, auto-brightness patch, Launcher2, Developer Options menu now holds the ‘performance settings’, 180 degrees hardware rotation support, Neon improvements, Power Shutter to camera, Sim Tool Kit has been added, a brand new file manager, Google Wallet, Tools and multiple other small functions and features.

Also, this custom ROM comes with Google applications in its files so you won’t be forced to flash them after the ROM installation. There are multiple other functions that cannot be listed here, for the simple reason that these are too many and it would hours for me to post all of them here. All this info you’ve read until now can be classified as general info and now you can move on to the next part of this post and learn how to properly configure your device so that the installation of the EaglesBlood ICS ROM will go smoothly without much trouble.

Here’s what you need to know in order to properly prepare your Samsung Galaxy Nexus for the upcoming custom ROM installation:

  • Your Samsung Galaxy Nexus device should be rooted and CWM Recovery has to be installed. If yours ins’t rooted, then open our Gnex root web page and you’ll find several guides to help you root your device.
  • For the EaglesBlood Android 4.0.4 Full AOSP ICS ROM to install correctly you will need to wipe the data and perform a factory reset of your phone, and that’s why I’m recommending you to create backups of your audio, video, photo, text, pdf, bookmarks, ebooks files. These should be moved on your phone’s internal / external sd card as these two parts won’t be touched by the ROM installation.
  • Important files can also be transferred on your computer and after the update is complete you restore them back to your Gnex device.
  • Installed applications, text messages and SMS call logs can easily be backed up using several Android tools. Here are the download links for these specific actions: AppBak for saving and restoring Android apps | SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore. Simply click the download link of the application that you wish to use, and after that follow the instructions listed in those guides. When done, return to this post.
  • If you wish to save your Contacts numbers then you should sync them with your Gmail account. Here’s a guide that you can use to learn how to do it.
  • APN and MMS Settings should also be saved. This will help you restore the values if you won’t be able to browse the internet after the ROM update is complete.
  • USB Debugging should be enabled and you should also charge the phone’s battery until it goes over 70% so that it won’t discharge in the middle of the update flashing process.
  • Using CWM Recovery or ROM Manager you should create a full backup of your current ROM. This will prove to be helpful in case the you don’t like the new firmware.

These were all the guidelines you had to read before moving to the next part of this article and learn how to install EaglesBlood custom ICS ROM on your Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Please note that neither we nor the ROM’s developer will be held responsible if anything goes wrong and the phone gets bricked during the process.

Since you’re changing the ROM with another one there might be some errors or bugs that we couldn’t find and which is why I’m asking you to leave a comment and tells us if you stumbled upon any glitches. Now that you know all this, I think that you’re ready to start installing the new custom ROM.

How to update Samsung Galaxy Nexus to EaglesBlood Android 4.0.4 ICS custom ROM firmware:

  1. Download the EaglesBlood custom ROM zip package from here.
  2. Save the file on your computer and then transfer it on your device’s internal / external sd card. Alternatively, you can download the ROM zip file directly on your Gnex device; just make sure that it is stored on your phone before moving to the next step.
  3. Power off the device and disconnect it from your PC.
  4. Boot into recovery mode.
  5. When in recovery mode you first need to wipe dalvik cache and after that wipe cache partition. Confirm these two actions and after that move to the next step.
  6. Now, select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ and confirm the wipe process.
  7. Select ‘install zip from sdcard’ and after this you will be taken to a new recovery menu.
  8. Select ‘choose zip from sdcard’ and find the EaglesBlood ICS ROM zip. Confirm that you wish to install and wait for it to complete.
  9. After the ROM has been successfully installed you will need to return to the main recovery menu and select ‘reboot system now’.
  10. Wait for your Gnex to complete the first boot under the new custom ROM. Please note that the first boot process might take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete, which means that should patiently wait until the boot animation goes away.
  11. Enter your Google Account details and that would be all, now your device is running a new custom ROM installation.

NOTE: In case the first boot process takes way too long to complete, or if your phone gets into a boot loop, it means that you need to repeat the entire tutorial above, because surely you forgot to apply one of the steps. Make sure to apply step 6, as that is one of the most important actions you have to take before installing the ROM.

I hope that you found this guide helpful and that you’ve managed to install EaglesBlood ICS 4.0.4 Android custom ROM on your Galaxy Nexus. For any tips and tricks or for any other extra questions that are Android related you should use the comments section and we will try to help you complete the ROM installation.

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