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Update Samsung Galaxy S i9000 to CyanogenMod 9 ICS 4.0

The CyanogenMod team comes with great news for Samsung Galaxy S i9000 owners, releasing an official ICS Android 4.0 CyanogenMod 9 ROM. Please note this is not yet a stable ROM and it might have bugs, force closes and other stability issues. Also this is not an official Samsung ROM, but a custom one built by the CyanogenMod team. Nor we or the CyanogenMod team can be held responsible if this ROM damages your device, though it’s been tested already and has proven to be safe. Also this is only built for the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and should not be installed on any other device, because it will not work and may damage or brick it.

Please follow carefully the following steps to make sure you don’t do anything wrong and damage your device.

Back up your data

Your data might be corrupted or lost during the update, so if you don’t want to lose it, you should perform a backup. Here are the tools or features needed to backup and further restore all your smartphone’s data.

Preparing to update Galaxy S i9000

After you  finish doing the backups, please make sure you meet the following requirements. Otherwise you might have problems while updating the Galaxy S.

  • The device’s battery has to be more than 70% charged or it might shut down during the updating process.
  • Make sure to disable all security suites and antivirus software to make sure they do not interrupt the firmware updating process.
  • You need to have your device rooted, because the CyanogenMod 9 can only be installed on rooted smartphones. If it’s not rooted yet, then you need to find a rooting package for it and flash it.
  • Disable any Lagfix you might have activated.
  • Clear Dalvik cache from recovery mode. If you don’t know how to enter recovery mode, go to the updating guide lower on the page to learn how to do it.
If you do meet all the requirements you can now head to the updating process. Please make sure you didn’t skip anything and be very cautious when updating the Galaxy S i9000.
How to update Samsung Galaxy S i9000 to CyanogenMod 9 ( CM9 )
Before starting the update process you have to downloaded the needed files:
  • Download hardcore kernel with CWM recovery here.
  • Download Heimdall suite for Windows, Mac OS X or Ubuntu 32-bit and 64-bit.

After you download and extract the files you can turn off your phone and boot into download mode.

To enter download mode press the volume down + home button + power button keys simultaneously. You will now enter  the download mode.

Connect your Galaxy S to the computer via the USB cable and open Zadig.exe, which can be found in heimdall suite’s drivers folder. In zadig.exe go to Options > List all devices and select “Samsung USB Composite Device or Gadget Serial”. You will then see a Windows prompt and you will have to allow the installation.

Now extract the hardcore kernel into the Heimdall directory, then open the command prompt. In Windows this is done by pressting the windows key + r. Then you have to type “cmd” and hit “enter”. In the command line enter “heimdall flash –kernel zImage”.

A blue transfer bar now will now show up on the display and after it finishes the smartphone will automatically reboot. Now you have Clockwork Mod Recovery ( CWM ) on your Galaxy S and you can proceed to install the CyanogenMod 9.

Download CyanogenMod 9 for your Galaxy S here and Google Apps here. Then connect the device to your computer and copy the files on it’s internal or external SD card using the USB cable.

Disconnect the smartphone from your PC by pulling the USB cable and enter recovery mode. To enter recovery mode you have to press volume down + home button + power button simultaneously.

Now you are in CWM recovery and you have to go to “Install zip from SD card > choose zip from sd card”, then choose the zip you copied on the device and choose “yes.”

When the update finishes, your device will reboot back into CWM recovery. Now you have to choose “go back>reboot system now.” After the phone boots it can take up to 5 minutes until you see the home screen. If it takes longer, pull the battery and boot the phone again. If it still doesn’t work, try to update your phone again.

If everything went good and you are now running CyanogenMod 9 ICS then you can restore your backups. You will have to download again the applications used to do the backups.

Please note we are not guilty of any damage done to your device. You are doing this on your own risk.

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