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Update Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 To Resurrection Remix ICS Android 4.0.4 ROM

Resurrection Remix ICS for Samsung Galaxy S2

Resurrection Remix ICS is a custom ROM installment that you can now apply on your Galaxy S2 phone. Read the entire post and if your SGS2 device is rooted and CWM Recovery is installed, then you are free to install the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM.

The Resurrection Remix ICS for Samsung Galaxy S2 has been created by westcrip, an XDA Senior Membera and all credit should go to him as I’ve only tried to create an easy to follow guide on how to update your device to a new custom ROM installation.

This new custom ROM brings its own features and it contains multiple specific tools to improve the performances of your device since it is based on AOKP, CM9 and other Remix ROM versions. Before we can start to update your device with Resurrection Remix custom ROM you will have to read the preparation guide and learn how to backup the important files and what tools you need in order to save your applications, APN Settings, SMS text messages and all other files

Please note that you can flash this custom ROM firmware only if your SGS2 is rooted and it has the CWM Recovery installed on it. If yours isn’t then you can click the device link listed under this article’s picture and you will surely find a rooting guide easy to apply. Also, remember that the instructions listed in this article are for advanced Android users. Now that you know all this, I think that you are ready to move to the preparation guide and learn how to configure your device so that you will manage to update your Android device with Resurrection Remix ICS ROM:

  • Update the ROM only if your device is a Galaxy S2 I9100 smartphone which was previously rooted and CWM Recovery is installed on it. Don’t download this custom ROM if your device isn’t a I9100 model number.
  • Wipe data/ factory reset will be required before installing the new ROM, which is why you should backup all your important files to your device’s internal or external sd card. Alternatively, you can move the files on your PC and transfer them back on your SGS2 after the ROM is successfully flashed.
  • Installed applications can be saved using AppBak Android app.
  • Call Logs info and all SMS history can easily be backed up using these applications: SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore.
  • Contacts and Phone Numbers can be synced with the Gmail account, and if you don’t know to do it, then you should use the instructions listed in this article here.
  • APN Settings is were all internet settings are usually saved and it is recommended for your to backup those values. This will allow you to restore the original values of the Internet settings, just in case you cannot browse the world wide web after the ROM update.
  • Enable the USB Debugging mode and after this make sure that your device is fully charged and, by doing that, you will ensure that your device won’t power OFF during the Resurrection Remix ICS installation.
  • If you’re currently running another custom ROM, then you should create a full backup of your entire system. This will help you in case you don’t like the new ROM and so you will be able to restore the one you have now. A full backup can be done with ROM Manager, CWM Recovery, CWM Manager icon or with ROM Toolbox Lite or, if you prefer, you should browse Google Play Store and I’m sure that you’ll find an application.

That’s all you had to know and now you’re free to move to the tutorial. Keep in mind that you’re applying the new firmware update at your own risk and we won’t be held responsible if something goes wrong and you damage the phone. Also, make sure that you’re on a I9100 device which is rooted and CWM Recovery is installed. In case you cannot complete the update process then you should use the comments field and we will help you.

How to update Galaxy S2 with Resurrection Remix ICS 4.0.4 custom ROM firmware:

  1. Download the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM zip file from here. Save it on your PC desktop without extracting its contents.
  2. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable or AirDroid app for remote connection. Now move the ROM zip file on its internal or external sd card.
  3. Disconnect the phone and power it OFF completely.
  4. Now, boot into CWM Recovery.
  5. Select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’. Confirm.
  6. Select ‘wipe cache’. Confirm.
  7. Next, select ‘install zip from sdcard’ and on the next recovery screen select ‘choose zip from sdcard’ or ‘choose zip from internal sdcard’; it depends on the location where you’ve copied the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM zip file.
  8. Find the ROM zip file and confirm that you want to install it. Now wait until the update process is complete.
  9. When the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM has installed successfully you will have to go back to the main recovery menu. Select ‘reboot system now’ and wait until the first boot process completes. The first boot task will take at least ten minutes to complete, which is why is best to wait for it to load all the necessary files.
  10. After first boot, your Galaxy S2 will show the Google account setup. Enter your contact details and that’s it, now you’re free to test the new custom ROM.

NOTE: In case the Resurrection Remix ICS’ first boot process cannot complete, then it means that the update wasn’t successful and you will have to repeat the entire process. If you cannot complete the update then I strongly recommend you to use the comments filed to ask for our help. Also, make sure to read the entire tutorial guide, as well as the preparation guide.

If your device has been rooted and CWM Recovery is installed on it, then you shouldn’t have any troubles in updating the ROM firmware. For other helping guides for SGS2 smartphone, you should click the links listed under the picture (the one that’s posted at the beginning of this article).  Also, you can find root guides for Galaxy S2 by clicking the ROOT tab above this post and select Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 from the smartphone list.

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