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Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy S2 Rolling out at Vodafone UK

Last September Samsung promised that the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software update will roll out on many of its terminals, and now, half a year after the official announcement the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2 is officially rolling out at Vodafone UK.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the most popular Android-powered smartphones out there, and it is a smart move from the South Korea-based company to roll out the latest firmware updates for its old flagship smartphone.

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S2 brings major user interface improvements, after the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update only revised the Gingerbread UI here and there.

Besides the Android-specific improvements, like the buttery smooth Project Butter interface, the highly-appreciated Google Now, the improved notifications area, and many other goodies like this, the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update also allows the Samsung Galaxy S2 users to taste some of the TouchWiz features that debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S3, like Smart Stay, Direct Call, Pop-up-play, or Lockscreen shortcuts.

Just like it happened with most of the Samsung terminals the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2 rolled out gradually. The first units that received the new software update in January 2013 were the international Galaxy S2 (GT I9100) models, followed by the South Korean variants a few of days later.

The Canadian variant of the Samsung Galaxy S2 also received the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update, sometime in February. Now the users based in UK are reporting that the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update has started to roll out at Vodafone UK, which is a good news for them all.

Reports are indicating that the Android 4.1.2 update for Samsung Galaxy S2 is available through KIES, but you might as well check whether the firmware update is also available OTA, In order to do so you must head to Settings > About Phone > Software updates and tap the Check for updates button.

If by chance the software update is also available OTA, we’d recommend you to perform it while connected to a WiFi Hotspot, as it’s quite big. Also make sure that you have at enough storage space available and that the battery level of your Samsung Galaxy S2 is above 30 – 40%.

After you update your Samsung Galaxy S2 to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean you should expect less bugs and some visible improvements in battery life, besides the other software improvements brought by the new software.

Just in case you forgot we remind you that the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, dual-core 1.2 GHz Exynos CPU with Mali-400MP GPU and 1 GB of RAM, 8 megapixel camera on the back with full HD video recording, all these powered by a 1650 mAh battery.

If you are reading this from UK and you are with Vodafone, please let us know if you managed to update your Samsung Galaxy S2 to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean in the comments section bellow. Have you received the Android 4.1.2 update on other carriers, as well? The comments section is all yours.

  • harshit nanda

    when wil s2 jb update come in India???

  • when wil the update of s2 jelly bean come in india

  • clarkie

    just got my update over the air galaxy s2 on o2 in the uk

  • Rajan

    Still waiting for it in india

  • Pete

    Yes, have just got my Jelly Bean update on Vodafone in the UK. Seems a good improvment and very smooth OTA transfer.

  • sanas

    waiting since long months for it in india

  • Stuartr

    Just received the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update on my S2 today (On Vodafone UK)

    Update seemed to go smoothly – now just need to disable the irritating voice announcement every time I move to a different window……..

    • jackdog

      Same here. Spent an hour trying to disable it. Phone calls to Vodafone and Samsung produced no solution. Went into local Vodafone store and assistant there fixed it within a few minutes. I said: “what did you do?” She said: “I don’t know, just messed about with some of the settings…”

      I think the answer was to change the Text to Speech option from Google to Samsung. Now it’s reverted back to Google TTS but the voice at homescreen changes has not returned! Odd.

  • barriep9

    I have just recieved the 4.1.2 update and the phone has a lot more features but just one prob I am unable to use my sky email can anybody help?

  • Plums

    I bought a used s2 and is now on Vodafone, can I expect an update?

  • Araib Khan

    When will other users of S2 receive the update? :/
    I am from U.K and i am on pay as you go but still don’t receive a update :/

  • I’ve had a preparing sd card checking for errors notification running for the last two hours after update.. Can anyone help?

  • David70

    My wife and I both have s2 I900 sim free on giff gaff, my wifes phone updated to 4.1.2 OTA but mine is on 4.0.4, I have even connected using kies but no joy, seems a bit random

  • t braithwaite

    Not enjoying this update cannot access my gallery, keeps seeing I need to delete apps, data etc… Also keeps saying cannot access a read and write file/gallery! Fed up

  • Littlebotz

    Had my update sent to me this afternoon by Vodafone. Took about 20mins to install. Some really nice touches. Very smooth. Music hub etc gone and replaced with much better alternatives. Also new keyboard. Only downside is having to re customise my pages!

    • Micjam

      Completely agree and deleting unwanted games etc

  • Jack

    My battery life has decreased significantly?

    Anyone else have this problem? or is it only temporary and just needs a full recharge?

    • Marquis251

      Yeshh.. Same here my phone dies soo drastically now…

    • sarahpopple

      YES!! I charged it to 100% and went to bed at 11pm, turned wifi and data network off as i do every night- it was dead by 5am when my son woke me up! My phone is the alarm for work too… this is not good!

    • Yeah I’ve found that within 3 hrs of taking off full charge I’m sitting at 66% not even used phone

  • Adam

    im on o2 and havent recieved a single update since i got the phone over 12 months ago i still run at 4.0.3 and can not seem to upgrade either OTA or kies 🙁

  • Richard Potts

    On I9100 in UK and using o2 sim. No update yet. But I remember being one of the later people to get ICS update.

  • Jay

    Nothing yet.. I’m on talkmobile simonly (uses Voda signal).

  • kaplaz

    After updating do a factory reset it should stop most problems remember to save your contacts first. I’m on vodafone uk and updated it on kies. Working great. Shame no multi window though. Good luck.

  • Steve D

    Vodafone update ran 11/03/13 am. Took about 20 mins and plenty of battery. Lost a couple of apps; only a minor irritation, as is having to recustomise. Still learning, nice UI, smoother, battery life not noticeably different.

  • U.S. Galaxy SII owner

    Here’s a tip for all of you lucky enough to get the update: remove your sd card before you update. Might help avoid some potential problems.

  • Still waiting for update in New Zealand. Any news when it will be released?

  • ashleywah

    wen will the U.S get it does anyone know?

  • just got mine through Samsung kies I am on Vodafone UK

  • spunkyflipflop

    Updated 13th of March. Done through phone settings.

  • elaine

    I just got my update with Vodafone UK yesterday. Everything went fine with it. All my apps were still there but in a different page. Keyboard is different and the options to report spamm and block unwanted senders is easier. I think it now feels snd looks very much like the S3. So far my battery life has not changed but its still only been a few hours

  • nothing for 3 network in uk just yet. any idea when?

  • Lee McDonagh

    Nothing from 3 yet. A workmate just got his jb update from Vodafone yesterday.

  • Amit

    plz tell me when wil s2 jb update come in India???

  • Grant

    Ran my update and now my S2 will not turn on and i ran it from Setting anyone help?

  • sarahpopple

    Battery has decreased significantly, what used to work for 24 hours without charge, now dies in 6 hours, had to recustomise apps, lost a fair few too, It now wont recognise my 32gb sd card, and i am really not liking it – any advice on how to go back to the old settings? i would prefer it…

  • Derek Booth

    Got my update last night, very smooth and battery life ok. 96% before bed and by 9.00 next morning still at 86%. Very happy with this update

  • TN

    Just updated with Vodafone UK. Worked fine but its a ball ache having to set up your home screens again

  • Yes half battery life since the upsate

  • ali111

    waiting for O2 to roll out an update…cmon

  • PDD

    Got an S2 on Vodafone in the UK. Had a recent update to 4.1.2 with the following problems: Battery life is halved; compass and rotational position don’t work; the symbol keyboard layout has changed which is irritating as the 3rd set of symbols used to be all emoticons but now it’s full of useless shapes and arrows; all of my existing settings and preferences were deleted so I had to set everything up again.

    Can I revert back to the previous version? This is not a good update.

    • PDD

      UPDATE: The compass and rotation sensor was being prevented from working by the case which has a magnetic closer. Odd that this worked BEFORE the update but not after, this update has clearly upset something.

    • Got my update for Samsung Galaxy S2 via Vodafone UK two days ago. Total nightmare. My battery constantly discharges, phone runs hot and it has nuked my SD card. Backwards step.

  • Jules

    Yep, just got mine, did not realise there was going to be an update like this. Now my wallpaper looks rubbish because I can’t make it use the whole picture like I could before? Gonna be a pain putting it back to the way I had it ¬_¬

  • ive now got 9% battery so its screwed me for the day! im with vodaphone and from the uk and its updated fine not sure if i like it yet as darent play with it due to the 9% battery lol x

  • Micjam

    After hearing we wasn’t going to get the update I was quite surprised when my phone automatically downloaded it 🙂

  • Daz0566

    My gs2 is on vodafone and I’am in UK nothing why ???????

  • oska

    got today for Samsung S2 from T-mobile but still states version 4.0.4

  • Tonarb

    Got it 12/03/2013 OTA.I am with Vodafone.

  • Adam Tudor-Lane

    I have an IMM76D.XWLPT unbranded unlocked UK SGS2 and still have no update. Im still on 4.0.4.

  • vee

    The update has just been put on my mobile I want to cry its awful. It looks smooth but its just not right x

  • I got the update today. Took 20mins to install & now I can’t use my phone! It keeps telling me that TouchWiz Home has unfortunately stopped! It has rendered my phone completely useless! Along with that I have to reset all my screens! If I’d have known it was gonna be a pain I wouldn’t have done the update!

  • g

    Wish I hadn’t updated it has wiped my email accounts and won’t let me set them up, it also stopped my shortcuts and wiped them off and when I put them back on phone won’t allow me to put them back on as shortcuts. Been to Vodafone and even their tech guys could not get it work and said it is a problem with the update. Also someone I know is now having trouble with his email, where you could set it for a week or up up to a month now you get the option of various amounts of emails and when you delete the emails if keeps bringing up all your old ones not good, in all this update was a mistake and causes more problems and bugs.

    • Chas

      Ditto. Wife’s phone got updated and now has unuseable keyboard, buggy email app and screwed up calendar. Also wiped her customised screens. Thanks a lot. What a load of crap.

  • JimmC

    Just got update over 300MB (make sure you are on wifi to download) will keep informed of progress

  • trev

    must be staggered rollout. no sign of it with me yet. yep on uk vodafone.

    • daz0566

      Trev I spoke to Vodafone UK on twitter yesterday and they said it was rolling out IMEI’s over a coarse of a couple of wks to stop congestion.So looks like we have more waiting. Just keep checking on kies.

      • trev

        cheers for the update. Appreciated.

  • kiman671

    when in venezuela

  • Adam

    My S2 P is on Orange/EE. Checked with Kies this morning and saw new firmware available. Thought at last so went ahead after doing a full reset. Downloaded and updated fine. Still shows as 4.04!! WTF 🙁

  • Tara Strachan

    Updated Vodafone SII OTA on Wifi last night. Lost swype and not sure about the new keyboard layout in samsung version but will give it some time.

  • annod

    Downloaded today, no battery probs at moment. Did lost my yahoo mail, but have downloaded the app from play and set up again. Bit of a pain having to re-do all my screens but hey ho….

  • ratherchard

    My S2 on Vodafone updated on 10/03/13. I only had 19% battery so had to plug in charger half way through. Worked ok but deleted all my contacts apart from Whatsapp contacts and deleted my Yahoo email account and wouldn’t let me set it up again, had to download the Yahoo app. Funny thing is my wifes S2 hasn’t updated yet, even tho we got them on the same day, on the same contract!! After all the problems people are having, she’s not sure she wants it!

  • GD

    got s2 update managed to sort out incoming mail but stuffed with outgoing mail, messed up home page lost some data, spent last 24 hours wasting time trying to reset outgoing mail why do they mess with updates if they can’t get it sorted


  • GD

    anyone any ideas how i can retrieve my incoming emails

  • GD

    sorry sort my outgoing emails

  • martyn

    Hi with Vodafone and I have been updated to jellybean mid march

  • mikeyd

    I updated mine through ota yesteday nt much difference in battery life tho

  • dizzyd

    No update for me…I’ve got a brand new unlocked S2 (GT-I9100) with a vodafone contract sim card and no sign of any update. Checked on Kies and it says i have the “latest firmware” also checked through my settings for the OTA update and it says “no update available”

    • jade

      me too

  • Glen Haupt

    Got the Vodafone UK update today, Galaxy s2 i9100, appears ok, only dislike so far is with text messaging, when a word is not stored, there is no ‘add word’ option anymore?

  • jade

    here in the philippines any updates when it comes in having the software.upgraded?

  • Avatar.

    I will have to wait 🙁

  • trev

    what bemuses me is so many are having differing experiences wth the jelly bean update when its the same phone on the same network? what could the issus be?….not enough memory…not following update instructions…who knows?…There is no way vodafone would release this if they had any of the issues some are experiencing…what would be the benefit of alienating customers and losing income?

  • Martin Prosser

    Hi my friend came to work the other night and ask if I’ve received the update for 4.1.2 jelly bean he had his via OTA I’ve tried check for it even through kies but still not available strange as we are both on Vodafone UK.

  • Worse… Mine is charging overnight and still not full!!!!!! Wtf????

  • Rob

    My mate has it but still not available on mine

  • denismenace

    Updated OTA with vodafone. Battery life is now abysmal, worse than a iPhone. HELP!!

  • Bill

    I think this is a total disaster for Vodafone/Samsung. Screwed my phone with rubbish software and killed the battery – phone runs very hot and lasts about 2 hours. One key question is WHY did they release this? I can see no benefit at all over previous version. I am a business user so dont need trial versions of kids games and would prefer my phone to keep working. Back to Blackberry or Apple if this does not get fixed.

  • properjob

    I really like the new interface and downloaded it OTA (on my wifi at home) – installed without issues. But as other users have said it chews up battery a lot quicker now. I have a Momax 2600mAh battery so without that it’d be dire.

  • Guilder

    Want to cry. Love my phone. Got it just as I wanted. Now all screwed up with rubbish apps and cant access my email. Wish I had known how to refuse the update they kept insisting I install max of 3 hours later

  • MTB

    In UK on voda via carphone warehouse still no update

  • Collinshane

    Don’t hurry to update. Updated OTA in Ireland, and wish I hadn’t. I now need to carry either a spare phone or a spare battery, as the battery life is halved. Also takes FOREVER to type on this Samsung keyboard. I never really appreciated how great swype was until Samsung stole one of the best features from my phone. .. Not impressed. There may be advantages to the update too, but I can’t afford to check for long, as my battery won’t last long mo……

  • Dina

    Upgraded to jellybean and wish I hadnt bothered it has ruined my phone – I cant set a whole picture on the lock screen as I used to do, there is no automatic updating of e mails like there was before – I could go on but there isnt enough space to write all the comments

  • Chezmag

    I received the upgrade today on my S2, which is on 3. I have to say if this is progress I am not happy. Adding words to the dictionary is a pain, and moving keys round on the 3×4 keyboard is so annoying. Additionally when using predictive text, it seems that you cant turn off, next word prediction anymore, I hate it, bring back Ice Cream Sandwich

  • horice

    I’ve just recieved the update but am really unhappy at losing my scrolling wallpaper. And I’m annoyed at having to sttempt to grt my apps back in to the order I was happy with. Any help on the wallpaper front would be appreciated.

  • Farhan Maqbool

    Battery life decreased badly
    Dictionary stopped adding words
    Not adding names which I commonly type.

  • trev

    im still waiting for opportunity to update. On vodafone in UK and still no update available for me

  • Mathew

    I bought the nexus 4 a while back (I was one of the lucky few) and gave the gs2 to my dad. Now a couple months later I was using it and found the jelly bean update. This phone on ICS is just the best and now it has jelly bean….. Honestly the best phone I have ever owned. Now i’m feeling to swap my nexus 4 back for the gs2 on jelly bean. The colours on the screen are rich and the camera is way better.

  • Alama

    My s2 can not start up

  • Frank

    O2 (UK) has as yet not released (contracted) JB yet. I had battery probs <6h on standby. amazoned a 2000 mAh and still no improvement. Sent to O2.GSII is waiting at home now – presume fixed, maybe O2 has updated to JB ? They updated to ICS last time phone in the "shop".

  • Ozbcoz

    and when will t-mobile uk get it ? i have phone bought from Tesco with plan from t-mobile – so not locked -why cant i get direct samsung update?

  • stef galaxy s 2

    STILL waiting in greece too…only vodafone available…but don’t want it….

  • john

    I got an email about jelly bean 4.1.2 but i donot see it to download. Does anyone now about this update.

  • Bj

    Australian here, updated to 4.1.2 tonight. It bricked my phone.

  • cesen

    im in new zealand and my ph hasnt picked up the update via kies or OTA. but my uncle has.. what should i do??

  • marien danzig

    Downloaded 4.1.2 OTA on my unlocked S2 thru Vodafone (436MB); all-in-all, a great update, and i don’t appear to be suffering any of the problems (battery life, running hot, etc), but i have 4 major gripes:

    1. no more “Add Word” button while writing texts;

    2. no longer able to turn off predictive text from keypad by holding a button down (you now have to go into settings to do it – so, changed from holding 1 button for 2-3 secs to pushing 4 buttons)

    3. the new predictive dictionary and its behaviour is atrocious (seriously, who puts the individual letters attached to a key at the END of a list of options when that key is pressed?);

    4. no longer able to add a full picture as the lock screen wallpaper, or resize the one selected.

  • David

    Have received 4.1.2 from Orange (EE). All OK apart from battery life seems a bit less. main nuisance is that I use BT Internet for email and I am being inundated with historical emails – well over 1000 which I’m having to delete. Any idea why?

  • mart434u

    T mobile ota last night installed this morning phone Broke error message…unfortunately the Process android process media has stopped comes up all the time battery flat after 5 hours.joke how can the send out this crap gallery won’t open . where do I go from here?

  • Jeza

    Cannot understand why so many are desperate to get JB, I have found it absolute crap. Took my galaxy SII to Carphone Warehouse to see about a new battery as the handset died several times fully charged and wasn’t charging right. The assistant there said update the firmware (I am not a phone techie and hadn’t ever done this since getting the phone 1 1/2 year ago – didn’t see the point, it worked fine up to now). After going through three automatic OS updates I’ve ended up with this rubbish. Loads of apps and’features’ I’ve absolutely no interest in and now have to remove, lost social hub completely and therefore the ability to access all my personal and work emails in one screen, and google calendar which I absolutely rely on is replaced by ‘S Planner’ which seems synced with google calendar, but is automatically showing everyone’s birthday on my contact list and I can’t seem to switch this feature off which is a pain in the arse. Installed a google calendar app and it does the same thing. Not happy at all.

  • Jack DK

    After update to 4.1.2

    I WANT MY OLD KEYBOARD AND DICTIONARY BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going nuts over how it works. How can I change it back to how it worked before ??

  • Peter

    Samsung South Africa refused to launch Jelly Bean for their clients even though some of their phones are only 6 months old claiming they want to sell more S3s & S4s.

    In South Africa standard cell phone contracts are 2 years long. So Samsung’s S2 clients will have to sit with antiquated problematic hardware until they can renew their contracts and get S3s or S4s.

    This greed causes the S2 clients a lot of frustration as the S2 is extremely buggy with Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Some sources say Samsung SA is still testing Jelly Bean for their market but if it works perfectly across the globe why wouldn’t it work there? It’s called stalling.
    So if they are testing my guess is that they will stall enough for two years until the S2 clients renew their contracts anyway and get new phones.
    Another indication of 3rd world mentality that is pulling the country down to its knees.