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Update Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 with Leaked Pre-Final Android 4.1.2 Jelyl Bean XXELK4 Firmware

The Galaxy S3 model number I9300 has just received a brand new leak of the Android 4.1.2 XXELK4 firmware. Use this post to flash the file easily without risking any bricks. Use the comments section if you’re having troubles in completing the update. This is not an official Samsung release which is why is called ‘pre-final’ release.

This build of Android 4.1.2 for I9300 smartphone has the firmware version set to XXELK4. Most of its new features are taken from the Galaxy Note 2 and here’s a list with all its new features:

  • Multi-view which brings the multitasking functions to your phone and it works just like the one for Note 2.
  • Page Buddy and the Smart Rotation function.
  • Notification Panel that supports customization.
  • Paper Artist App, a brand new Gallery application.
  • Continue Input for Samsung Keyboard which is a tool similar to Swipe and to the Android 4.2 Keyboard.

There might me multiple other functions of Android 4.1.2 but you should discover all of them when testing the new XXELK4 Firmware. Here’s what you need to do before moving to the tutorial guide:

  • Use this tutorial only with the Samsung Galaxy S3 model number I9300. It won’t work with any other smartphones or Android devices, which is why you shouldn’t attempt to flash it on a different phone as it will brick them.
  • This update will enable the Binary Flash Counter of your device and it will void its warranty, but you can always use TriangleAway by Chainfire and restore the counter to 0.
  • Create a full NANDROID backup of the existing ROM so that you will have a solution in case the new update files aren’t working with your device. The ROM backup can created and restore using the CWM Recovery mode or ROM Manager or any other similar too.
  • Backup your most important data by moving it to your device’s internal or external SD card. These will be the only parts of your phone that won’t be deleted in the process.
  • Your PC should have the USB drivers installed. If it doesn’t then you should use the following links and download them: Samsung USB Drivers for I9300 Windows 32bit X86 download link | Samsung USB Driver for I9300 and Windows 64bit X64 download link.
  • Disable all the antivirus applications that you have currently running on your PC.
  • Sync your Gmail account with the Contacts app and avoid losing any phone number or contact details.
  • Create backups of your SMS, Call Logs, APN Internet Settings and create a list of installed apps using the following tools for Android: SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore | APN Settings Backup & Restore | AppBack for Android. Note that some of these will ask for root access.
  • Don’t blame us in case you brick the phone in the process. These files will be flashed at your own risk and that’s why you should make a full backup of the installed ROM.
  • Don’t skip any instructions that I’ve listed in the tutorial as that might result in a failed attempt and you will then be forced to repeat the entire process once again.

These were all the preparation steps you had to take and read. Now that you know all of the above, move to the tutorial and learn how to update the firmware of your smartphone. If you’re having problems completing the installation then you should leave a detailed comment at the end of this post.

How to update Samsung Galaxy S3 with the latest leaked Android 4.1.2 XXELK4 Firmware:

  1. Download the I9300 XXELK4 Firmware zip from HERE. Extract the zip file when the download is complete and save it to a folder on your desktop screen. It should be a .tar.md5, or .tar,only file.
  2. Get the ODIN 3 v3.04 file from HERE. This is the app you’ll use to flash the firmware update. Extract its contents into a single folder.
  3. Power OFF your Galaxy S3 completely.
  4. Boot it into Download Mode by pressing at the same time these buttons: volume down, home and power. When the Warning display appears you should release the buttons and then press Volume Up to confirm that you want your phone to boot into Download Mode.
  5. Open the ODIN folder and launch Odin executable file.
  6. Get the USB cable and use it to connect your I9300 device to your PC. Now ODIN should recognize your phone by displaying the ‘added!!’ sign. Move to the next step. NOTE: if that message does not appear then you should re-install the USB Drivers.
  7. Click the ‘PDA’ tab in ODIN and then browse your PC for the ‘I9300 XXELK4 firwmare tar md5’ file. Load the file into ODIN.
  8. Don’t change any default settings in ODIN window. The only thing that you need to make sure of, is that the Re-Partition option is not selected.
  9. Hit the START button in ODIN when you’re ready to update your phone. Wait until this process is complete and then your ODIN will automatically restart your device. It will also display a message called ‘PASS’.
  10. After the phone reboots you will be taken to its main Android 4.1.2 firmware home screen and now you have to enter your Google Account credentials.
  11. Take control over your phone and start testing all its new functions and features.

NOTE: If ODIN gets stuck or freezes then you will have to close ODIN, disconnect the phone from PC, then power off the SGS3 by removing its battery. Re-insert the battery after 5 seconds and then repeat the entire tutorial once again starting with step 4. You should be able to flash all update files successfully this second time. If you’re still having problems, then leave a detailed comment at the end of this post.

Now, if ODIN says PASS, but the SGS3 is unable to reboot and get past the boot notification logo, then you have to apply the steps listed below:

  • Power off your phone and close ODIN.
  • Unplug the SGS3 from computer and then remove the phone’s battery. Re-insert it after 5 seconds.
  • Boot it into Custom Recovery mode  by pressing at the same time the following buttons: Volume up, Home and Power.
  • When the screen powers on, release the buttons.
  • Select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ option and then confirm its actions. This will delete all the contents that are currently stored on your phone, except for those that are stored on the Internal and / or external sd card.
  • After the factory reset step is complete you will need to select ‘reboot system now’.
  • Wait for the phone to boot into normal mode and that should be all.

These were all the steps that you had to take and now you should start testing this new leaked Android 4.1.2 XXELK4 Jelly Bean Firmware. Tell us in comments if you find any problems with it.

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