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Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S3 Will Reportedly Bring Some of Galaxy S4’s New Features

While the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 is still awaited by the owners of the device, the company hasn’t mentioned anything about when it’s going to be released. Nevertheless, we have good news. No, we don’t now when the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean firmware upgrade is going to be pushed out, but we found out that it will include some surprises.

After the Samsung Galaxy S4 presentation, which fortunately didn’t take too long because it was rather odd and all kinds of thoughts were crossing my mind, none of them were good, we know everything about the new flagship. You must be familiar with the specs of the Galaxy S4 too, so I won’t go in too much details. The handset is supposed to bring a lot of cash for the South Korean company, but its release might be a good think for the users of the Galaxy S3, as well, and I don’t mean the individuals who will go for an upgrade.

There are over 40 million Galaxy S3 users all over the world, is some of them might be wondering if the new features included on the Galaxy S4 will be available for its predecessor. It’s a good question and if you are one of the Galaxy S3 owners you will be happy to hear that the answer is “yes” and they will be included in the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update.

Samsung VP of Product Planning Nick DiCarlo has been kind enough to make all things clear by saying that all the cool new features will be available for all the flagship smartphones, as long as the functions don’t depend on the hardware sported only by the Galaxy S4.

However, if you hope that you’ll be getting the Air View feature on the Samsung Galaxy S3, I’m very sorry to tell you that you’re not that lucky. Also, there chances are small for you to receive applications like the TV remote and the S Health because they require an Infra Red port and a pedometer in order for them to work.

We don’t know exactly what features of the Galaxy S4 will be available for the Galaxy S3, but we can guess that the camera functions will be included in the update as they look like they don’t need complex software to work.

Also, the owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 should be pretty excited as well because since the phablet is a high-end device, it will most likely receive the features via the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update.

That’s it for now, but as soon we’ll have additional information about the matter we’ll let you know. Samsung has been busy preparing the Galaxy S4 Unpacked event, but now that it’s over, it will probably focus on other matters like the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update.

So, are you waiting for the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update for your Galaxy S3, or you’ve already considering buying the S4?

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  • bogd

    I am waiting for 4.2.2 on S3 LTE!!!!

  • Christian Villavicencio

    I am waiting for the 4.2.2 update for my international version of the S3 =D

    I’m happy to know that almost all the new software features will be available on the S3 too

  • ross

    I already have 4.2.2 on my Verizon gs3

    • Junaid

      Is it official? ?!!

  • great!

    will it come on s3 mini ?????????

  • Owen Carter

    Will they consider the S3 mini a flagship device?

    • mlewis76


  • hundulo

    I wsny 4.2.2 on my note 2

  • joe

    I Want 4.2.2 on my S3 4G

  • mahmoud amer

    I am waiting
    Android 4.2.2!!!

  • Andy

    I´m waiting as well. I think, that it´s quite silly to buying S4… It has absolutely beautiful design, BUT 40 million people have this phone and hand on heart, I have saved my money nearly for three months … And thanks to US, Samsung surpassed Apple, so Samsung should take care of the customers. Because Apple provides this service (remember the Apple iPhone 4 and 4S).

  • jontecar

    I’m waiting for the update to galaxy s3!!

  • Rocky

    I could have purchased any of the galaxy phones but i bought the original at&t i717 version of the samsung galaxy note because I like the capacitive buttons instead of the ugly button on the front and its wider i am still waiting for the jelly bean 4.1 update which samsung has already released for the international version l dont understand its been a year samsung needs to get to work and release an update before they start worrying about other products we should have gotten the 4.2.2 update or give us the keylime pie 5.0 update first since we have waited paitently for a year keep it up and you will lose customers just like apple

    • mlewis76

      I don’t think the older phones should get newer updates. The updates should only last a year, yr n a half tops. I think if u want the good updates, u should have to buy the good phones. Just my opinion. I have the S3, but if I had the money I would get the s4. But I don’t. Sigh.

      • BossMan

        Well, if you don’t have the money for an S4, what makes you think you’ll have the money for penalty for upgrading before you’re contract is up? They got you coming and going. stay with the S3 and wait for updates.

  • CharlitaH

    Proofreading is a thing.

  • sands

    Waiting for jelly bean 4.2.2 badly on my note 2… hope it gets most of the features and interface as that of s4..:)

  • Alex

    I hate not knowing when :p. Waiting for the upgrade

  • @dewiwulaaan

    I’m waiting for the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update for my Galaxy S3!!!!

  • Hasnain Maec Abbas

    no more samplastic for me, now ill get a Sony xperia z

  • Razvan

    For the moment I’m waiting for the firmware upgrade…hopefully there will be some new features..maybe camera features…but in the future I won’t say no to a S4..:))

  • 4.2 on the s3, I will wait until the s5 to upgrade

  • Andrew latter

    Am I the only one thats is pretty pissed that samsung has been so quick to develop this s4? I mean the s3 hasn’t reached it’s full potential yet. I fear Samsung are going down the same path as apple, lack of creativity and the phones are just getting bigger and the speed they are released spells out only trouble. Maybe I’m being petty but I got a feeling s4 will be a bit of a flop, as for firmware updates whenever you get them will be fashionably late with poor response from samsung. Come on Samsung 4.2 for the s3 in less than a month and I will be happy.

    • daxecutioner

      Definitely agreed k expected to be announced at least in may and ship in June or July. People still see buying s3 and I don’t that will change when the s4 comes out. The update is minimal, so if your a s3 owner it’s not wise to update.

    • illiad

      erm the S4 is NOT bigger than the S3, unless you can actually SEE a 1 *mllimeter* size dif….

      Apple??? it has had only one basic model for years! and the phone variations are only 6 or 7..

      Samsung has 11 *pages* of versions in the gsmarena list… :/

  • samsung galaxy s3

    S4 feature get for s3 update??

  • DDomjosa

    Just got the s3, won’t upgrade in 3 or 4 years. By that time there will be better smartphones, then I will upgrade. Waiting for 4.2.2 on s3!

  • Waiting for update for s3

  • Frank


  • walty

    Like many S3LTE owners I know , am hoping the update cures a problem with music player. When playing music it pauses randomly, so frustrating (no its not because of voice commands or motion sensor). Hurry up with update!!

    • Terdy Kerdy

      it might have to do with the motion controls and covering the front screen to mute. just a thought.

  • zookey

    Waithing for s3

  • TekGadgt

    Waiting on the note III xD I want that flexible screen

  • shaheer

    I already have 4.2.2 on my nexus 4 😀

  • hobie

    Omg omg omg just release the dam update pls.

  • Yaakob Williams

    I just bought an s3. I feel like the s4 is pretty much an s3 with a larger screen and slightly better specs nothing to really right home about .I think that Samsung is kind of going the way of Apple and just cranking out phone after phone instead of perfecting the ones they already have. That being said I love my s3 and I can’t wait for a 4.2 update.

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 is by far one of the best ever made. It’s the crème de la crop if anyone is ever looking for a phone that can give them all the features and more.

  • CharleneL

    I am waiting for an update for my S3