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Update Samsung Galaxy S3 to Unofficial AOKP custom ICS ROM

Yesterday, we’ve posted a tutorial guide on how to update Galaxy S3 to an Official CM9 Nightly build, and now some guy at XDA managed to create an unofficial AOKP ROM port for SGS3 that you can learn how to apply it by reading this post. Faryaab is the name of this particular XDA recognized developer and he is the one who created this working AOKP based ROM for SGS3.

This unofficial AOKP ICS ROM has been ported from the AOKP ROM port of romanbb. For the moment, there are some bugs and several features aren’t working: the LED won’t lit up when charging the phone, the camera flash might cause some crashes from time to time and the FM Radio is not supported. However, instead of the default FM Radio app you can try to use another one from Google Play Store.

Galaxy S3 can be updated to Android 4.0.3 with this unofficial AOKP ICS ROM which will set an unsecured boot.img, it installs Superuser and Busybox, apps are deodexed, CM Launcher, CM brightness, improved navbar, disabled boot animation and multiple other small functions and features have been added. Before we can start to update your phone, you should read the preparation guide and learn how to correctly configure the device for the firmware update process. Here’s what you need to know:

  • a wipe data and factory reset action will be required before installing the new AOKP based ROM and this means that you will have to move all your important files to your phone’s internal or external sdcard. These two will be left unchanged and you won’t lose your important videos, audio etc.
  • the SGS3 should be rooted and the CWM Recovery has to be installed on it. If your phone isn’t rooted and CWM Recovery is missing then you need to use this guide here and learn how to apply these changes.
  • Backup all your SMS, Call Logs and APN Settings info with these specific Android applications: SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore | APN Backup & Restore.
  • Sync your phone Contacts with the Gmail account assigned to your phone.
  • The Samsung GS3 battery should be fully charged and USB debugging mode enabled.
  • Use CWM Recovery, ROM Manager or CWM Manager or ROM Toolbox Lite to create a full backup of your current phone ROM firmware. This will help you restore the current working ROM back on your smartphone.

That’s all you had to know and now you should move to the tutorial guide and learn how to install AOKP unofficial ICS custom ROM on your Galaxy S3 device. Please note that this update should be applied by advanced Android users and you shouldn’t blame us nor the developer, in case your phone gets bricked during the update. Now you can move to the next part of this article and flash AOKP ROM on your SGS3 smartphone.

How to update Samsung Galaxy S3 to Unofficial AOKP custom ROM:

  1. Download the ROM zip package for unofficial AOKP.
  2. Download Gapps zip file. This has to be installed after the ROM is flashed successfully and it will add Gmail, Google Play Store and all other Google default apps. Download the latest build for Cyanogenmod 9 as that will work with AOKP, too.
  3. Connect your phone to your PC and move both these files on its internal sd card.
  4. Power off the SGS3 and disconnect it from your PC.
  5. Boot into CWM Recovery. Watch the video here and learn how to do it.
  6. Now, select ‘wipe data / factory reset’ and confirm this process.
  7. Next, select ‘install zip from sdcard’ and from the new recovery screen select ‘choose zip from sdcard’. Remember where you’ve copied the ROM zip file at step 3.
  8. Confirm the custom ROM installation and wait for this to complete, and after that flash the Gapps zip just like you did with the ROM.
  9. After the Unofficial AOKP ICS custom ROM and the Gapps file were installed you will need to go back to the main recovery screen.
  10. Select ‘reboot system now’ and wait for your device to complete its first boot with this new ROM firmware.

In case the first boot process takes way too long to complete, then you should remove the phone battery and re-insert it back in its original space. Boot again into recovery mode and try to re-apply the steps I’ve listed above. Do not skip step 6 if you’re coming from a different ROM. Use the comments section if you cannot apply this new F1 unofficial AOKP based ROM.

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