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How to Update Sony Xperia S to Official ICS 6.1.A.0.452 Firmware

Good times are being announced for the Sony Xperia S users, as Sony is preparing to release an official ICS update, version number 6.1.A.0.452, for their beloved devices. The firmware hasn’t been yet made available, but fortunately for you, we managed to leak it. So, if you just can’t wait for the official release, you can now start to update your Xperia S with the latest ICS 6.1.A.0.452 software, as I will present you the manual method in which you can learn how to apply the same. The tutorial will be easy to perform, so read the steps and give it a try.

Sony is moving fast and more important is keeping its promises when it comes to OS updates, a “strange” fact nowadays as we all know how Samsung is delaying its recently announced firmware. With this update available you will not have to install custom ROMs and beta software in order to get an improved OS and also you will be able to re-gain the lost warranty in case your phone is rooted or featured by a custom ROM. You still have to be careful as this is the manual method, so if you don’t do things right you can damage or brick your phone.

So, to conclude, by installing the official ICS 6.1.A.0.452 update on your Sony Xperia S the warranty will not be void; more, it can be restored if you previously lost it. Then, if you have a rooted handset, by applying this firmware the root access will be revoked. This means that the factory restrictions will be re-installed and the system re-locked. You will be able to gain root access again but by following a step by step guide that suits the new ROM. That’s all you need to know about the warranty and the root aspects.

As we are to apply the update manually, you need to first backup the data. In this way you can save personal info and other stuffs (like SMS, contacts, call logs market apps and more) from your phone in an easy way; also restoring the same will be an easy to manage task. In order to do a safe and full backup I recommend you to read our guides where you have it all explained and detailed. Remember that this is just a recommendation, so you don’t have to perform it if you don’t want to.

Furthermore, there are some preparation things that need to be completed before the proper steps. This is not an option as the backup was, therefore don’t skip this section. A Windows running computer and the Xperia S USB cord should be near you. Then, do the following:

  • Apply this tutorial only if you own a Sony Xperia S model number LT26i.
  • For being able to properly connect the device with the computer, on the S enable the USB debugging option.
  • Then, on the PC and on the smartphone disable all the security tools, like Firewall or antivirus.
  • The handset should be fully charged, or make sure that there is at least 60% of battery power left in the system.
  • Full admin rights should be there in your computer so as to ensure that the data can be transferred to / from your device.

That was all about the pre requisites and about the main aspects regarding to the Official ICS 6.1.A.0.452 firmware. You know all that it’s important so your Xperia S is now in safe hands. Let’s head to the tutorial in order to apply the update.

How to Update Sony Xperia S to Official ICS 6.1.A.0.452 Firmware

  1. Download the update file from here.
  2. Download the flash tool (we will use it for applying the upgrade) from here.
  3. Save these files on your computer.
  4. Put the .ftf file (after you extract it) on “C:/Drive > flashtool > firmwares>” and delete any other file from the path.
  5. Then, go and open the flash tool.
  6. Connect the smartphone with the computer by using the USB cord.
  7. On the window that opens select “File option” followed by “flash mode”.
  8. Click “OK”.
  9. Then enable the Wipe related options.
  10. Select “OK” again.
  11. Follow the prompts for flashing the ROM.
  12. Wait until the process ends.
  13. Disconnect the device by removing the USB cable.
  14. Reboot your device.
  15. That’s it.

Well, as you could see, thanks to the flash tool we were able to easily install the Official ICS 6.1.A.0.452 Firmware on your Sony Xperia S handset. Your device is now running the latest ICS update provided by Sony, though it hasn’t been yet officially released on the market. If you don’t like this manual method you can wait for the final launch and OTA receive the firmware. We will tell you when this will take place so stay close and check our daily posts. Also do tell us if you had problems while trying to install the software and we will come with suitable solutions.

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