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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Getting Android 4.3 OTA Update at Sprint

These days Samsung is busy updating its most popular smartphones to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. We’ve recently told you that the international Galaxy S4 got the Android 4.3 update. Samsung also updated the Galaxy S3 (the update was in the meantime suspended), along with the international versions Galaxy Note 2 and Note 2 LTE.

After both the AT&T and US Cellular 4.3 updates for Galaxy S4 were put on hold, now we hear that Sprint is pushing the Android 4.3 to its Samsung Galaxy Note 2 model. Fortunately, the Galaxy Note 2 is the only Samsung smartphone that didn’t suffer from the Android 4.3 update.

Android 4.3 is the first major software update released for the Galaxy Note 2 since it debuted on the market, as the phablet was launched with Android 4.1.2 on board and was stuck on that version to this day.

Besides the usual Android 4.3 updates like Daydream, lockscreen widgets, expandable and actionable notifications, and Quick Settings menu in the notification area with customizable toggles, the update rolled out for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 also brings Galaxy Gear support.

The software update that is currently rolled out by Sprint changes the build number to L900VPAMK4 and, among performance improvements and bug fixes, it will bring Samsung KNOX, S4/Note 3-like user interface, TRIM support, move-app-to-SD-card feature, tabbed interface for the Settings menu, HD Voice enhancemens, and other such goodies.

If you didn’t receive the system update notification yet, you should give it a try and check for it manually in Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check for updates. Alternatively you can grab the USB cable and connect your Sprint Note 2 to the PC, then launch KIES.

Just like it happened with the previous software releases, the Android 4.3 OTA update for Sprint Galaxy Note 2 is being rolled out in stages, thus you may have to wait a few more days until it hits your device.

Any Sprint Galaxy Note 2 owners out there? Did you guys receive the update?

  • Joe Gibbs

    Is it available via KIES yet?? nothing here in Southeast Missouri.

  • Cliff

    Nothing here in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Guest

    nothing in wisconsin

  • martin

    Nothing in mercedes texas

  • will

    nothing in South Carolina

  • ZealoT7

    Nothing in California.

  • Guest

    nothing in louisiana

  • Hayjay Vaun

    Nothing in North Carolina

  • Vimal Shah

    I Got it in India 🙂

  • Guest

    I have the Note 2 for Sprint and the S4 for Verizon and i haven’t received either update

  • Peter G

    got here in chicago today!

  • Mike

    Just got it on 12-11-13. So far so good. No bugs or glitches. However does come with some new bloat apps. I like the lock screen changes though.

  • Christie Banks Gilmore

    I received the update today in Oklahoma and I was thrilled to see that I can now move apps to my SD card but was disappointed to discover that when I tried to open the apps that were moved, they will not open, I get an error saying that the app has not been downloaded. So I guess I will have to move my most used apps back to the phone until this problem is fixed, what a disappointment. 🙁