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Update the Galaxy Note by Installing the Gingerbread XXLC1 2.3.6 Firmware

I’m bringing good news for the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 users as a new OS update for their devices has just been leaked. Recently, we have brought you a tutorial in which you could learn how to update the Note with the XXLA6 Gingerbread Android 2.3.6 firmware; then, another and also more appealing, system upgrade was released and we presented you the easiest way in which the ICS Android 4.0.3 XXLP1 software could be installed on your N7000. These guides along with the already mentioned OS versions are still available for downloading, so check our previous posts (by clicking on the links from above) in order to get them properly.

Now, during the present step by step guide you can learn all about this new update. Unfortunately is not an ICS one, but the improvements added are interesting enough, so take a look. This is the latest version of Gingerbread, with its 2.3.6 version. The upgrade goes under the XXLC1 number being the improved variant of the previous XXLA6. The installation procedure is similar with the other ones we applied for the same Galaxy Note, so you have nothing to worry about; you are in good hands. Just make sure you read all the lines, for avoiding the unpleasant situations, and you should be back on track in the shortest time possible.

Take note that the release of this OS improvement has nothing to do with Samsung; it isn’t coming straight from the up-mentioned company, being just another unofficial variant of the Gingerbread software. Unfortunately, there are no words regarding when the official ICS will be made available for the Note users; as you can tell, the only way in which you can power up the phone system is by getting these beta ROMs.

Applying this update will not make you void the Samsung warranty, though the root access will be revoked. This means you must root the Note again after installing the XXLC1 2.3.6 Firmware. Remember that you can’t follow the old root guide, as you can damage the system which is running on the device. You must complete a root procedure which is designed to work under this new XXLC1 operating system.

That being said, let’s see which are the enchantments and features added. You have them listed in the image from below, check it out:

As usual, before I begin detailing the proper steps, there are some things that have to be done. First, you need to have access to a Windows / Linux / MAC computer. Then, of course you must use the Galaxy Note along with its USB cord. After that, the next tasks must be performed:

  • First of all, the data stored on the Note might be erased. So, if you have something important saved on the phone, than you should probably consider in backing up its data, contacts, messages, calendar info, apps and so on. As a recommendation, you can use the tools described on our step by step guide: download SMS backup and restore apps for Android.
  • Check the battery status. For making through the whole procedure, there should be more than 60% (70% recommended) power left; if not charge the N7000.
  • Uninstall, or disable the security programs from the PC and from the phone because these tools are usual interrupting the operation.
  • Enable the USB debugging in your smartphone. For completing this, just go to “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”. You can enable the USB debugging only when the phone is disconnected from the computer.

Finally, you can proceed to the next section of this tutorial. Make sure you do all as explained in the steps and don’t begin before completing the above mentioned.

How to update Galaxy Note N7000 with Gingerbread XXLC1 2.3.6 Firmware

  1. In the first step, you must download the files you will need during the process. So get the Gingerbread XXLC1 2.3.6 Firmware Package from here and place it to your computer.
  2. Extract the files.
  3. Now, you must open the Odin program. Double click it.
  4. Turn off the Galaxy Note.
  5. Reboot it by entering in Download Mode. When the phone is switched off you need to press the Volume Down key and the menu button. While you’re holding these buttons pressed you need to press Power and then it should launch the Download mode.
  6. Then, connect the phone with the PC by using the USB cord.
  7. After a minute, or two, you should see that the “ID : COM” section (from Odin) will turn yellow, meaning that all the drivers have been installed.
  8. Now, select (from the same Odin) the PDA option in order to select the “N7000XXLC1_N7000OXALC1_N7000XXLB2_HOME.tar.md5” file.
  9. Then, click on “Start”.
  10. After a few minutes the phone will reboot on its own. That means that the procedure is ended.
  11. Remove the handset from the computer.
  12. Turn it off.
  13. Reboot it by entering in recovery mode. This can be achieved by holding down simultaneously the “Volume Down” key and the “Ok” button while powering up the device.
  14. In the recovery mode menu select “Wipe data/factory reset” followed by “Wipe Cache partition”. In this section the cache files will get deleted.
  15. Then select “reboot system now”. In this section the cache files will get deleted.
  16. That’s it.

Hopefully now you have successfully updated the Galaxy Note N7000 by installing the Gingerbread XXLC1 2.3.6 Firmware into its system. If somehow, something went wrong, or if you can’t complete one of the steps, share the issues with us and we will do all that we can in order to help you through.

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