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Update Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 with Leaked Android 4.1.1 VRBLJ1 ROM ( Disabled Binary Flash Counter )

The Verizon version of SGS3 phone can be updated with a new leaked Android 4.1 ROM and you can use this tutorial to learn how to successfully do it.

This leaked version of VRBLJ1 Android 4.1.1 firmware is stock and it can be installed using ODIN application. The best part of this update is the this firmware along with this guide will manage to install on your phone without triggering the Binary Flash Counter, the in-built Samsung security tool. This utility tells Samsung how many times you’ve changed the original Stock Firmware with any new custom ROMs or rooted firmware.

An XDA Member, mrRobinson, is the one that made this package. This is a Stock ROM that is pre-rooted and it is based on the latest Android 4.1.1 I535VRBLJ1 stock firmware and it won’t enable the binary flash counter. If you want to correctly flash this guide, read the pre-requisites info below:

  • Do not attempt to flash the files listed in this post on any other Android smartphones. It will work only with the Verizon variant of Samsung Galaxy S3 model number I535.
  • Create a full NANDROID backup of the currently installed ROM. This will be very useful in case you don’t like the new ROM or in case something goes wrong and you cannot use the phone after installing it.
  • You can backup applications, SMS, Call Logs and APN Internet Settings using the following tools for Android: SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore | APN Settings Backup & Restore | AppBack for Android. Some of these apps will ask for root access.
  • Sync your Gmail with the Contacts and you won’t lose any phone numbers or contact details that you have currently saved on your device.
  • Your PC should have all Samsung USB Drivers installed on it: Windows 32bit X86 USB Drivers | Windows 64bit X64 USB Drivers.
  • In the tutorial guide you will find two versions of the ROM: the Full Wipe variant and a Non-Wipe one. The FULL WIPE ROM will install the new ROM and wipe all the contents stored on your device and, it is the one that you should use. The NON WIPE one will not delete the contents stored in your device but it might not install correctly.
  • Enable USB Debugging option from the Developer Options.
  • Charge the phone’s battery so that it won’t power off during the installation of the new VRBLJ1 Android 4.1.1 leaked and pre-rooted ROM.
  • Don’t blame us in case something goes wrong in the process and your phone stops responding after the installation. Use all the instructions that I’ve listed in this post and make sure that you don’t skip any of them.

This is a guide that should complete in under 10 minutes if you’re an advanced user. In case you’re a novice then it would be better if you’d research a little further similar guides to be sure that you will not end up bricking your device. Now that you know all of the above, move to the ‘how-to’ guide.

How to install leaked and pre-rooted Android 4.1.1 VRBLJ1 Stock Firmware for Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3:

  1. Download the ROM version you wish to use: FULL WIPE variant of VRBLJ1 Android 4.1.1 or the NON_Wipe VRBLJ1 Android 4.1.1 version.
  2. Extract the contents from the ROM zip and you should get a ‘.tar’ file. Leave it on your desktop screen.
  3. Next, download ODIN 3 v3.04 from HERE. Extract the contents of ODIN zip and save them on your PC desktop. You can put these file in the ROM folder and you will get a total of 5 files.
  4. Power OFF your device and then boot it into Download Mode. Do it by pressing ‘Volume Down’, ‘Home’ and the ‘Power’ buttons. When the ‘Warning!!’ alert appears on your phone screen you can release the buttons and then press ‘Volume up’ to confirm the Download Mode boot.
  5. Go to the Odin folder and launch the ODIN executable file. Now you can connect your smartphone to your PC and ODIN should say ‘ADDED!!’. If this message does not appear then you should re-install the USB Drivers for your smartphone by using the links listed in the pre-requisites guide. If the phone is recognized move to the next step.
  6. Click the ‘PDA’ button in ODIN window and then browse your PC for the ‘VRBLJ1 .tar.md5’ file. Don’t change any other Odin settings. Make sure that Re-Partition is not enabled and that the Auto Reboot and F Reset Time options are enabled.
  7. Press the START button for the ROM to begin its installation.
  8. When the update is complete you should see a ‘PASS’ alert in ODIN and the device will restart. Unplug the phone from computer when the boot logo animation appears.
  9. Your phone should boot normally and you will be taken to its welcoming screen. Take control over your phone’s functions by entering your Google Account details.

NOTE: In case ODIN freezes then the update will not be completed. You will have to close ODIN, remove the phone battery and then re-insert it back in its place. Repeat the entire tutorial starting with step 4 and make sure that you flash the FULL WIPE version of the ROM. Eventually you should be able to flash the update.

This Android 4.1.1 VRBLJ1 ROM is pre-rooted which means that you won’t have to re-root the device after installing the files listed above.

NOTE2: In case ODIN says ‘PASS’ and the phone restarts but it cannot go past the boot animation then you will have to apply the steps listed below. These steps will wipe all data from your device. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Power OFF your smartphone. Remove its battery and then re-insert it back after 5 seconds.
  • Boot your Verizon Galaxy S3 into recovery mode: Volume up, Home and Power are the buttons that you need to press at the same time.
  • When you’re in recovery mode select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ and confirm this step.
  • Now choose ‘reboot system now’ option and then wait until all files are loaded.
  • Take control over your smartphone by entering your Google Account details.

I hope that you’ve managed to update your Verizon Galaxy S3 with the Android 4.1.1 VRBLJ1 firmware. Remember that this update is not seen by the binary flash counter and it also comes with root access.

I think that these are all the instructions that you had to read. If you’re still having problems then you should ask for more help in our comments field.