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Rumor: US GSM Galaxy Nexus the First to Receive Jelly Bean

We all know that Android is preparing a new OS for its users, the already highly rumored Jelly Bean. Even though, until now, there are mostly only speculations about the Jelly Bean release date, or features, new info are being leaked daily. So, if you haven’t heard yet, the latest rumors are saying that the GSM version of the US Galaxy Nexus will be the first device to receive the Android 5.0 firmware. I don’t know whether or not to believe this, though I did find some interesting aspects regarding to this subject.

Anyway, at least now we can say that the Takju mystery has been unveiled. The unknown model of the Galaxy Nexus spotted running the Jelly Bean OS is now known as being the recent released US GSM Galaxy Nexus, which by the way, is out for sale through Google Play store for $399. This price tag is of course for the unlocked and contract free Nexus, which will be able to work on both AT&T and T-Mobile along with many other GSM providers worldwide.

According to our sources, the US GSM Galaxy Nexus is being used by the Android team for testing their future release, the Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. But, what can this mean? As we are in the rumors spirit we can hurry up and say that probably, the Nexus will be the first Android powered handset to receive the OTA Jelly Bean update. It’s probable to see this happen, as Google always preferred to give exclusively to its own branded devices. Remember that all these are rumors and there is nothing known for sure, don’t rely on the up-mentioned lines.

The Android Jelly Bean is rumored to feature more capabilities for the tablet section and support for notebooks. Furthermore, the software might include dual boot capabilities and faster browsing speeds thanks to the Google Chrome browser which will come pre-installed. The firmware is said to bring in-built file manager along with enhanced user adaptable power management options. There are many features speculated, but unfortunately nothing is official. Anyway, don’t worry as I bet that more info, probably confirmed ones will be made available in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.