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US Sony Xperia L Pre-orders Available; Release Date set for May 23

The mid-range Sony Xperia L has been leaked and also announced for a while now, so what we found out today didn’t surprise us at all. The device is available for pre-orders through the official Sony Store in US while the official Xperia L release date is set for May 23. Therefore, if you are planning in buying this new Jelly Bean based smartphone check the following lines as we have some important info for you.

First, we must talk about the Xperia L specs and features, which are mid-range, so you will get decent performances. The phone is coming with a dual core processor, clocked at 1 GHz along with an Adreno 305 graphics chip, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, microSD card slot, an 8 MP camera on the back and a 1750mAh battery. Of course Android OS is running above all, with Jelly Bean firmware pre-installed.

The best about this device is the design. The smartphone is looking quite good (illuminated bar and sleek body) and those interesting in getting a new phone that is able to impress the audience will find in the Xperia L the best candidate. But if you rather choose performance instead, then on the same price you can get a better phone.

In order to detail this aspect you should know that Sony if offering the Xperia L on the price tag of $349.99 which means that we have a similar device, in pricing matters, with the Google Nexus 4, which of course comes with better specs and performances. So, what will you choose the good-looking Xperia L, or the high end LG Nexus 4?

Anyway, the L is already available for pre orders in US, so you can place your order anytime now by signing in on Sony’s official web store. Also, the handset will be officially launched on May 23, which is next week on Thursday by the way.

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