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Use AirDroid to control your Android Phone from your PC

AirDroid App For Android

AirDroid is a great application that offers Android users a possibility to control and manage smartphones right from their desktop computers with just a few clicks and a passkey.

This app comes very handy when you can’t find the USB cable or you simply don’t have the phone near you and you wish to move, copy, import/ export files between phone and computer. AirDroid packs a very user friendly interface and it works over the air using a web browser. It can be used to read, send, delete and forward SMS text messages. Applications can be installed, uninstalled and you can backup all the apps you have currently stored on your device. Contacts can be easily managed and you can search, group and create new contacts, also it has support for deleting and opening call logs. You can use it to preview, delete, import, export and set photos as wallpapers.

AirDroid can be used to create desktop slide shows of all the photos stored on your device or the ones saved in just a single folder. Features an intelligent clipboard tool that you can use to share text between your PC and smartphone. Also, you can customize ringtones or even choose to play Music and create alarm ringtones or notifications. However, despite all these great features, AirDroid is free to install and use and, it can be installed right from Google Play Store. It packs a Device Status utility that shows real-time ROM status along with info about battery, SD card, RAM and CPU monitors, a task manager and an applications manager that allows you to uninstall or share apps from your phone. There are some other small tools included, but you can discover those by using the app from your PC.

Here’s how to install and how to use the AirDroid application to manage files between your computer and Android smartphone:

  1. Download AirDroid app from Google Play Store.
  2. When the installation is complete you need to launch AirDroid app.
  3. Click / tap on the button that says ‘Start’ and a server will be opened.
  4. Now go to your PC desktop and launch your favorite web browser.
  5. In its address bar enter the URL that is listed by AirDroid on your smartphone’s screen.
  6. Enter the passkey shown by the app and then click Login. Please note that you can set your own password, as  AirDroid will create a new one every time you launch it on the smartphone.
  7. That’s it, now you have successfully logged on your Android smartphone.

If you have trouble using AirDroid or you can’t seem to work your way around it then feel free to post all your questions in our comments section.