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Use your Android smartphone as a Wireless Controller for Flash Games

WanderPlayer Application

Android phones can be easily configured to be used as wireless controllers for flash video games. This can be done with help from the WanderPlayer set of applications that you will have to install on your computer and on your Android smartphone. The same can be used on Android and iPhone devices, also the desktop application is supported by Mac OS C and Windows computers.

If you wish to learn how to successfully configure your Android phone and transform it into a wireless controller to be used with Flash Games, then please feel free to read all the instructions listed below:

  1. First thing that you need is to download the application on your computer. Go to WanderPlayer website and select the download link specific to your operating system.
  2. After the download for PC/ Mac is completed, you will be shown the download link for your Android device, click it. In case you’re using an iPhone then feel free to click its correct link.
  3. When both, Android and computer versions, have been successfully downloaded and installed you need to launch WanderPlayer app right on PC / Mac.
  4. Now launch the application on your Android smartphone.
  5. Enter your name and email address.
  6. Under the ‘More’ menu, click Consoles and choose your PC / Mac.
  7. In order to play a video flash game you will need to choose the ‘Play’ menu from the smartphone app and choose which game you wish to play from the list.
  8. The video game should start on your computer’s web browsers and now you can play it using your smartphone.

Now you can only choose from a small selection of video flash games that are compatible with the WanderPlayer app, but this is about to change as there are numerous other titles in progress that will be launched in the future. The Wander Player app and its technology are great for those of you that are nostalgic and wish to play video games similar to those that they used to play while they were younger.

If you have any extra questions then you should let us know by posting in our comments section.