Valentine’s Day Deal: Samsung Galaxy Gear is Just $149 at Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear has been one of the most anticipated smartwatches on the market, but its price and features disappointed many. Fortunately today the smartwatch is available at Best Buy for just $149 and it has improved a lot with the recent software updates.

The colors included in the deal are rose gold, oatmeal beige, lime green and wild orange, while the mocha gray and jet black versions are prices at $249.

It seems like the deal is only going to be available today, so you should act fast if you’re looking for a new smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Gear, unlike other smartwatches, is only compatible with some select Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3 and Mega. In order to connect it to a smartphone, you must install the Gear Manager app from Samsung’s App Store.

The Galaxy Gear allows you to receive notifications directly on it, make hands-free calls, use S Voice, automatically lock or unlock your device or find your smartphone by activating sounds or vibrations on it.

During out tests, we haven’t been very impressed by the Galaxy Gear and Pebble Steel might be a better choice, featuring a 7 day battery life, along with better compatibility. But the Galaxy Gear is $100 cheaper today, so you’re looking for a cheaper alternative for the Pebble, then you should go for it.