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Verizon HTC One: Unlock Bootloader, Root, Gain S-Off and Install CWM / TWRP Recovery

As you know when dealing with Verizon is extremely hard to tweak your smartphone or tablet. The carrier has some strong factory restrictions implemented and sometime is even impossible to root, install a custom recovery or unlock the bootloader of Verizon branded Android based devices. The same can be applied when talking about the HTC One as until now there are few root methods available that really works- mostly you can only manage to brick your handset. But now, thanks to those of xda-developers you can safely learn how to unlock the bootloader, root, gain s-off and install CWM or TWRP recovery on your Verizon HTC One.

So, let’s start with the beginning. As mentioned above, during the present step by step guide you can learn how to unlock the bootloader, then gain S-Off, root and replace the stock recovery with a custom one on your Verizon HTC One. So, this is an all-in-one tutorial. Of course you can choose to apply only one or two operations, but why to do so when you can do it all together? Don’t worry as this step by step guide is safe; the steps from below have been tested and are working without problems. Again, do remember to thanks those of xda-developers for this guide as they are “responsible” for the same.

As you know, unlocking the bootloader is the first thing to do when trying to tweak your Verizon HTC One. But what is this program and how can it be unlocked? The HTC One bootloader can be compared with the bootloader that is running on your computer or notebook. When you first boot your computer a small program will run in the background; well that’s what we are talking about. The program will load the OS and some other in-built programs from the ROM memory into the RAM one which means that without the bootloader your handset can’t perform. Now, when you first buy a Verizon smartphone it will be delivered with a locked bootloader. And so what, you may wonder. Well, if your Verizon HTC One has a locked bootloder then you will not be able to gain root aces. Therefore, unlocking the bootloader is not an option for you.

Then of course we have the S-Off term (learn more about the S-Off / On aspect by checking this dedicated step by step guide – click here); similar with the bootloader, Verizon is delivering the HTC One with S turned ON. That’s something like a factory restrictions that is keeping you away from root. That’s why, on your way you should also learn how to gain S-Off. Don’t worry as I will show you how to do that during the lines from below – in the end you will have a Verizon HTC one with S-Off, unlocked bootloader and rooted system that is installed with CWM or TWRP recovery.

Good, now let’s talk about root. This operation isn’t official and basically will unchain the system of your Verizon HTC One. All the factory restrictions and default settings will be removed and you will gain access over the internal system and over the Android OS. That’s why, on rooted devices you can install custom ROMs, flash a custom recovery image, apply a custom kernel or overclock the CPU. As you can see, rooting your Verizon HTC One is another important operation that must be performed if you want to improve the performances, bump the speeds or upgrade the battery life of your phone.

Finally, after completing all the mentioned operations you will be able to install a custom recovery image for replacing the stock one. You need to do that because with the stock recovery you can’t make a Nandroid backup, you can’t customize and optimize the performances and looks of your phone, you can’t wipe the system and more important you can’t apply a custom ROM firmware. Now, by using this guide you will learn how to install CWM or TWRP recovery on your Verizon HTC One.

CWM recovery is the most popular and used custom recovery image by the Android users, the tool being available for almost all the devices out there (it doesn’t matter if we talk about high-end, mid-range or budget friendly smartphones or tablets). TWRP recovery is quite similar with CWM recovery as it is the touch version of the same; so choose the tool that you prefer the most for your Verizon HTC One.

As you can already tell, since all these are unofficial operations, by completing the same, the warranty of your Verizon HTC One will get void. Don’t panic though as you can restore the same. When you root the binary flash counter will be increased, so for restoring the warranty you will have to reset the same. How to do that? Quite easy actually: downgrade to stock Android OS, or update with an official version of the Android firmware. Then the bootloader will be relocked, the root access revoked, the S turned ON and all the other factory restrictions reinstalled.

Now, it is important to backup the One data, or at least the data which is saved on the internal storage memory of your smartphone. Since you are applying unofficial procedures, your data might get corrupted or even erased during the operations from below. So, use suitable backup and restore tools and save all that’s important to you – of course don’t forget about contacts list, text messages, call logs, internet settings, market apps or calendar info.

On the other hand, for this guide you will have to ensure that a windows based computer can be used. Also, your Verizon HTC One should be near you as you will have to connect the same with the computer. This operation is unofficial, so for avoiding the unpleasant situations deactivate the protection (antivirus, antimalware or Firewall) that is running on your PC. Completing this tutorial will take a while so charge your handset before going any further – if your phone gets turned off in the middle of the installation procedure then you will risk in bricking your device. Enable the USB debugging option from your gadget by going to “settings -> applications -> development”.

Do note that this step by step guide is compatible only with the Verizon model of the HTC One. So don’t use the next steps for unlocking the bootloader, rooting, gaining s-off or installing CWM or TWRP recovery on a different or similar Android based handset as probably you will end up in bricking your beloved phone / tablet.

How to unlock bootloader, root and gain S-Off on Verizon HTC One

  1. Download the HTC One drivers from here and install the same on your computer.
  2. On your phone go to “settings -> security -> screen lock -> select “none”.
  3. Also, go to “settings -> power / battery” and uncheck the option dubbed as “fastboot”.
  4. Download the Rumrunner tool from here and place the same on desktop.
  5. Unzip the Rumrunner package on your computer.
  6. From the folder that will be obtained run the “soju.exe” executable file with admin rights (right click on the file and select “run as administrator”).
  7. Take your handset and its USB cable.
  8. By using both connect your Verizon HTC One with the computer.
  9. On the cmd window from your computer select “yes”.
  10. Press enter key.
  11. Now the program will do its thing.
  12. In the end, your HTC One will be rooted, with S-Off and with an unlocked bootloader.

For installing CWM or TWRP recovery on your Verizon HTC One you should use our dedicated step by step guide from here – the process mentioned there is working perfectly on your HTC One (don’t use the root method from the mentioned guide as the present tutorial is better and newer).

So, that was all for today; now your Verizon HTC One should be ready for custom ROM and kernels which means that you can look forward in installing custom features, apps and capabilities for customizing the looks and for optimizing the performances. Do share your impressions and experience with us by using the comments area from below.

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