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Verizon sales men push 4G Android devices over the iPhone 4S

If you’re on the market to buy a new smartphone then you probably noticed that some sales reps suggest you Android smartphones over the iPhone. There are ┬ámany posts on forums and social media websites where people say that sales representatives, especially from Verizon, recommended them an Android smartphone. Some were actually looking to buy an iPhone and the reps tried to talk them out of it.

We contacted Verizon numerous times to see if it’s true and realized it actually is. When asking which smartphone is better, they always pushed out an Android device, being it Motorola, Samsung or LG and they usually recommend smartphones with 4G support.

When asking which device is better, none of the reps indicated Apple’s iPhone 4S. And nearly all of them suggested that a 4G device can reach much higher internet speeds, though none of them said that the iPhone is not a good device.

It’s weird that none of the representatives recommended the iPhone, considering the high market share it has, so Verizon is probably pushing them to convince the customers to get an Android device, because the subsidies are lower. And we’ve seen that lately carriers complain about the subsidies.

“Went in to buy an iPhone 4s… but walked out with a Razr,” a forum member posted.

And this is how another post on Verizon’s forum sounds like: “Ok so my contract ended with t-mobile and for my birthday I wanted to sign a contract with Verizon and get the iphone. I shopped around for a bit and everytime I went into a verizon store ( I tried about 3-4 different stores), each sales rep tried to sell me an android phone and told me the iphone is inferior for this reason or that… EVERY SALESMAN!! Do they not get commission on the iphone sales or what?!”

On the other side, AT&T reps seems to be more convinced that the iPhone 4S is the best smartphone and most of them tried to talk us into getting it instead of its competitors. And we know that AT&T has always been dedicated to Apple’s products, being the exclusive iPhone carrier for a few years.