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Viewsonic just announced a 22-inch mammoth tablet

Lately smartphone kept getting bigger and bigger, growing from a standard of 3.5-inch to 5 and even 5.3-inch. It was to be expected, as many prefer using a hybrid between a tablet and a smartphone, which is now called the “phablet”. But I don’t believe you expected makers to increase the tablet sizes too. We’ve had 7, 10 and 13-inch tablets, though the most popular ones have been between 7 and 10-inches wide. Though Viewsonic begs to differ and has just announced a whopping 22-inch tablet.

While people complain that big smartphone are hard to use with only one hand, we are pretty confident that Viewsonic’s tablet would be hard to use even if we had 4 hands. Unfortunately we couldn’t get our hands on it yet, but, by coincidence, I am looking at a 22-inch monitor right now and got my hands on it to see how it feels. And damn, was that weird.

Viewsonic tries to market their mammoth as a tablet monitor, though we don’t really get the point. It definitely needs a stand, because you can’t use it while holding it in hands. And you can’t probably hold it  for more than 10 minutes due to its weight. And considering it needs a stand, along with its size, you will have to use it from a bigger distance, which makes the touch-functionality quite useless.

While there will probably be some eager to get their hands on it, the market is probably very small for the mammoth and it might reach the grave soon after it gets outed.

Unfortunately we don’t have many information about it right now, aside from the fact that it has a 22-inch display and it runs Android. And considering that Android and all Android apps are designed for smaller displays, we don’t believe there will be many available for its size.

Would you buy such a huge tablet ? And if you would, we really have to ask you why.