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WhatsApp 2.11.186 Update Comes With Privacy Settings, Camera Shortcut, Pay For Friend

WhatsApp has been updated to version 2.11.186 and it comes with a lot of bug fixes plus a few extra features. As you probably know, the app is still trying to keep things simple, so there isn’t anything surprising in this update, but it does make the user experience better.

If you didn’t receive the update or didn’t get to read the update notes yet, then we’ll try to summarize it for you. Basically the version 2.11.186 brings new privacy settings, the ability to pay for a friend, it improves the homescreen widget, it fixes some bugs and brings Hindi support.

The new privacy settings allow you to setup who sees when you’ve been last online, your profile photo and status. A new camera widget is now available so you can share photos faster on WhatsApp.

The Pay for a friend feature allows you to pay the annual WhatsApp fee for someone in your contacts list. The chat now features large video thumbnails and you can save or share the profile photo or group icon.

Some other minor changes in WhatsApp version 2.11.186 ionclude an increase in the message history a user can send, a fix for emoji on Sony smartphones, a fix for voice recordings on Sony smartphones and the Galaxy Note 3, along with Hindi (for Android 4.1+).

If you didn’t receive your update to 2.11.186 yet, then you can head over and download it manually here.