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While the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is getting closer, rumors about Qi wireless charging surface

Samsung is preparing to release the new Galaxy S4 pretty soon and it’s probably going to be the most popular phone of 2013, so there are a lot of rumors about it. Most of them talk about an announcement at MWC 2013, next month, while the release date should be soon thereafter.

While the Galaxy S3 had to come with wireless charging and it didn’t, it seems like the new Galaxy S4 will really feature Qi, a standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. This seems to be a trend lately, with many smartphones featuring it. The bad side is that you will have to buy a back plate and the charger, because the device won’t pack them out of the box.

If you don’t know what Qi is, we have to tell you that you can charge your device without plugging in the charger. You just have to place it on the wireless charger and the magic happens. Unfortunately it only works on a maximum distance of 4cm, so the device will have to be placed directly on the charger.

According to DDaily, Samsung wanted to use a resonant magnetic charger, which can work from up to 2 meters away, but they finally chosen the Qi standard, because it wasn’t feasible. We will probably see a lot of wireless chargers this year, as even cars start to feature them as optional.

Hopefully Samsung will not charge very much for the back plate and the charger, considering the device itself will have a pretty high price, but you can expect it to be somewhere in the $70 range.

The release date is getting closer and we will then find out everything about the Samsung Galaxy S4, which might come with some really cool new features.

Are you planning to get the Galaxy S4 once it gets released ? And what do you think about wireless charging ?