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WiFi Tether your Rooted Android based smartphone / tablet for free in a minute

If you are an US user of an Android based smartphone or tablet then you probably know that WiFi tethering isn’t available for free for your device. Most carriers (here we must mention the most popular ones like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint) are extra charging for enabling the WiFi tether feature, though you are already paying for Internet services on the same retail. So, if this is annoying and upsetting for you too, then you should know that there is a small trick that can be used for enabling WiFi tethering on any rooted Android smartphone and tablet for free. We will be checking on how to do the same, so for further info check and apply the guidelines from below.

As usual, these kinds of tips and tricks are being provided by those of xda-developers so we have to thanks them for the present step by step guide. In a few words here is what you will have to do (the full guide is below): on your rooted Android handset you will enable WiFi tethering for free by using a complex app; so, after downloading and installing the tool on your device you will have to set some settings in order to achieve tether; that’s all therefore this guide can be completed in a minute without any other problems or issues it’s as simple as it looks like.

But for being able to do so you need to have a rooted phone. Don’t worry as gaining root access is easy though you do have to use a suitable tutorial or else you might end up in bricking your smartphone / tablet (use our universal root guide; or use a one-click root solution for Samsung devices, Motorola smartphones / tablets or for Sony handsets). Also, since the root operation isn’t official, you will void the warranty of your handset. So, be careful in what you do and try not to mess things up as you don’t want to damage your beloved Android phone.

Final tip: you can restore the warranty by downgrading your Android device to stock Android OS, or by updating to an official release of the Android system (it can be ICS, or Jelly Bean it doesn’t matter as long as it’s an official software – you will have to manually flash the update as on rooted systems the OTA ROMs can be received or applied).

Remember to backup the data before starting to gain root access as in most situations your data gets corrupted or even wiped out. So, for avoiding the unpleasant situations start the operation with a backup procedure. Use suitable backup and restore tools from Google Play store and save your contacts, text messages, call logs, market apps, EFS folder, calendar info and personal data and accounts.

After gaining root access you will be able to do operations like: replacing the stock recovery with a custom recovery image (CWM, TWRP recovery or any other recovery tool), updating with a custom ROM firmware, overclocking your Android device but also enabling WiFi tethering feature.

Tethering is the use of a mobile device with Internet access, in order to serve as an Internet gateway for others handsets or devices. The acces point will then be available through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB. By using WiFi tethering on your Android device you will be able to transfer data and applications between handsets (smartphones, tablets, computer, notebook and so on) and you will be able to enjoy easier and faster the benefits of the Internet. As mentiond, in US the data transfers over tethered mobile phones may violate the terms of use imposed by the mobile carriers, so it’s your job to enable it for free. Don’t worry as the process isn’t risky at all; all you need to do is to follow the right steps and use the right tool (which is provided by those of xda-developers).

Do remember that this tutorial will work only for rooted Android handsets, so first of all gain root access. Then return here and resume the steps from below for enabling WiFi tether on your Android smartphone / tablet for free.

How to WiFi Tether your Rooted Android based smartphone / tablet in a minute

  1. Download the app from here (the tool is dubbed as TreVe Mod).
  2. Install the app on your device using a file manager app (it doesn’t matter what app you are using).
  3. Check “unknown sources” on your handset if prompted to.
  4. Then, launch the app on your phone / tablet.
  5. Tap on “Menu” and select “settings”.
  6. Choose “change device-profile” in order to start setting up WiFi tethering.
  7. From the menu list that opens select “Generic ICS/JB (wlan0)”.
  8. Then from the new menu that will be displayed select “change setup-method”.
  9. Next, tap on “Netd-Ndc (master)”.
  10. A new menu will be opened on your device; from there this time select “Send Netd Max Client cmd”.
  11. “WiFi-driver reload” or “WiFi-driver reload 2? should now be checked (not both as if you will get errors with the first option then you will have to switch to the second one).
  12. Swipe your finger on the screen until you can check the “MSS clamping” and “Routing fix” options (check both boxes).
  13. You can turn on tethering on your Android smartphone / tablet by taping on the WiFi icon.
  14. Press “Menu -> Show log”. If everything is working without errors you are done.
  15. Good job now you can use WiFi tethering for free on your US Android powered device.
  16. If you are on T-Mobile and you are experience issues, try to use the following settings: APN: epc.tmobile.com and MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc.

Congratulations you are done. Now you know how to easily enable WiFi tethering on your Android device. This is a universal step by step guide so it should work for almost any Android powered smartphone and tablet. Don’t worry as you can’t damage or brick your handset while applying the steps from above. That was all for today, but stay close for further tutorials and Android related tips and tricks.