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WIND Mobile Google Nexus 4 Release Date is February 4th

As you know, the Google Nexus 4 will be made available in Spain, France, UK and Australia today via Google Play and in Germany, US and Canada in one, or two weeks through the same Google Play store, so if you are looking forward in getting the handset, now it should be the perfect opportunity for you.

But, if you rather prefer a carrier branded LG Google Nexus 4, then you should know that WIND Mobile just announced the official release date for the mentioned smartphone. The device will be offered starting from next week, the exact statement being the following one: “available in stores from Monday February 4th”.

So, there you have it guys, now you can decide whether to choose a SIM free Android pure Nexus 4 phone, or to go for the contract one. Unfortunately WIND Mobile hasn’t mentioned the price tag yet, so we can’t say nothing sure related to this aspect, at least not for now. But the carrier’s offer should be considerable more attractive than the one tagged on Google Play, or else most of the customers will choose to get the unlocked Nexus 4, as who will want to sign a new two year commitment and also pay a lot of money for the phone?

On Canada, the LG Nexus 4 will also be released on Bell, Fido, and Videotron. The exact dates aren’t known for sure, though February has been announced by all the retails.

Anyway, we do hope that this time there will be enough devices available on Google Play for satisfying all the interested users who might want to buy the Google Nexus 4, because we all know how things went in the past. That’s all for now, but stay close for further news and share your thoughts with us by using the comments area from below.

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  • Robert McKay

    First of all, Wind doesn’t do contracts – it’s month to month, so you can expect that the phone will retail at the regular Google Play price. Wind also rarely brands their phones, and the Nexus 4 wasn’t even branded by T-Mobile in the states.

    This is some pretty shifty reporting if I do say so myself.

    • nomisimple

      Wind does have WindTab which is basically a contract to buy the phone via payments.

      • Robert McKay

        Contracts lock you in, you can leave WindTab whenever you’d like. II do see your point, but a little more accuracy in the article would’been nice.

    • Jay Roberts

      I was thinking the same thing. One simple search would have would have saved this article from looking stupid.

    • Jen LF

      Hey Robert – not sure the last time you looked at WIND, but they do contracts indeed. They are called WindTab. I myself am like you, on month to month – but make no mistake, just because they have avoided using the word ‘contract’ – it looks and definately smells like one…so….

      • mike

        YES but unlike other contracts like with bell or Rogers or telus. You pay NO cancellation fee. you only pay off your phone. Thats not what many would consider a strict contract. ur just signing you either pay off the phone if you leave or stay with wind and let them pay it off from a percentage of your monthly plan costs

  • Danielle

    Heh, they’re charging $500 for a phone you can get for $350…. why would anyone want to lock themselves into a contract AND pay more for a phone…. someone at windmobile is smoking crack.