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Wipe Cache and Data on Galaxy S2 with SuperWipe

You probably know already that most custom ROMs require you to wipe the device’s data before flashing them and now we’ve come to a much easier solution, thanks to SuperWipe. Usually you had to do a factory reset / wipe data, delete cache and dalvik cache. It’s not very hard to do, but it takes some time and SuperWipe makes it much easier and faster, by clearing them all for you.

SuperWipe only works for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 i777 and clear all the data for you, but this isn’t all it does. Its features also include:

  • Aligns the disks and data
  • Converts all partitions to ext4
  • Memory tweaks
  • Partition tweaks including spx-ext

SuperWipe has been developed by an XDA Developers member and you can view his thread here.

Please note that SuperWipe will not work on any other device, except the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 i777 and it’s really recommended not to try it because it might harm your device. Also you should know that it will format neither your internal or external SD, so it’s safe to use.

Before using SuperWipe you might want to backup your data and we have some apps for that:

Download SuperWipe for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 i777 here.