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Google/Motorola X Phone will be a “real breakthrough, a game changer”

In August 2011, Google acquired Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, but the Mountain View-based company said that it won’t treat the American phone maker any different than other companies that develop smartphones running on Android.

Since most of us though that Google’s main reason behind Motorola acquisition was to get its hands on the company’s patent portfolio, no one was expecting the search engine giant to team-up with Motorola and release a real iPhone killer. But the rumor mill has started to talk about the X Phone, a super-smartphone co-developed by Google and Motorola, and it seems that the creators of the RAZR line-up are receiving a different treatment after all.

The guys at SmartHouse are writing, quoting sources close to Tlestra, that Hugh Bradlow, Chief Technology Officer for the Australian telecommunications company said that the Motorola X Phone will be a “real breakthrough, a game changer that will put pressure on Samsung and Apple.”

It seems that the Googorola smartphone that is expected to hit the market in June will provide a software experience that is currently not available on any other smartphone on the market.

The X Phone is rumored to come with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie out of the box, which indeed is a “software never seen before in a smartphone.”

The source isn’t providing any other details about the Motorola X Phone, like design or technical specs, but we’re confident that the details about the Google super-smartphone will start to leak as we are getting closer to Google I/O event scheduled for May.

Now just take a look at the smartphones released over the past year and think what a smartphone should need to become a “real breakthrough” and become “a game changer.” It must be something as amazing as the iPhone was in 2007, because, let’s face it the first Apple smartphone was like no other on the market. But maybe Google will not keep its promise and treat Motorola differently, after all.

In an attempt to keep its partners close Google repeatedly said that it will continue to team-up with other companies for its Nexus terminals. So far, Google kept its promise. Jest look at the current Nexus line-up. The Nexus 7 is made by ASUS, Nexus 4 is co-developed with LG, while the Nexus 10 has the touch of Samsung. But maybe Google lied to us and its partners, and maybe its relationship with Motorola will change.

Even though a Moto Nexus device is still nowhere to be found, maybe Motorola will become the only company that will develop the Google Nexus smartphones from now on, which will probably come at prices so low that Apple and other Android OEMs will fear that their position on the segment is indeed threatened.

Besides being developed in partnership with the big names of the Android landscape, one of the main selling points of the Nexus devices was the price. A partnership with Motorola will allow Google to sell its Nexus devices at even lower prices, and all other smartphone and tablet makers will lose big chunks of their market share pie.

The Nexus 7 had the same price point as the Amazon Kindle Fire, a table that has quickly became the best-selling Android tablet. Google dealt with it, but other Android tablet makers, were affected, too.

On the other hand the Nexus 4 was a high-end smartphone sold at the price of a mid-range smartphone. Of course, the sells of the other Android smartphone makers were affected, but, fortunately for them, Google and LG were’t able to deal with the high-demand for their smartphones, so the impact was at a minimum level.

If we look at the RAZR smartphones that were launched since Google acquired Motorola, then it’s obvious that the Mountain View-based giant was not involved in their development process, as the aforementioned devices aren’t even running the latest Android versions.

But if the SmartHouse report is true and Google has been working on the Motorola X Phone for a while, then the search engine giant lied to us and its partners. It means that Google has planned the iPhone killer for a while and it will be launched under the brand that will receive no different treatment.

If the rumors are true and the X Phone sees the light of day, then, in my opinion, Samsung will be the biggest looser. The South Korean company is the biggest smartphone vendor in the world, and, as a result, the biggest Android smartphone vendor. A game-changing Motorola X Phone with an affordable price, high-end specs, and a “software never seen before in a smartphone” would make the Android enthusiasts forget about the Galaxy S flagships.

Anyway, if the X Phone is launched in 2013, it will have to step on the dead bodies of a lot of amazing smartphones to become the king: Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, and the iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6, or The New iPhone, or whatever the cool guys at Apple decide to call it), which to me looks impossible at this time.

Let me tell you what would make the X Phone a “real break through:” Samsung Galaxy S4’s octo-core Exynos 5 Octa processor, Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx’ battery, Sony’s water and dust proof body, HTC One’s ultrapixel camera, and iPhone’s marketing. Not even Google is capable of such a thing.