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Sony Xperia J gets the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OTA Update

The Sony Xperia J devices started to get the Jelly Bean OTA update notification today and now its users can enjoy the latest Android features and function. Only the devices that are 100% stock got the updates, which means that in case you’re on custom ROM then you will have to revert the OS back to stock firmware.

The OTA Update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean might be considered a surprise as the Xperia J packs a single-core 1 GHz CPU and 512MB RAM. It seems like the devices runs pretty smooth and if you’re one that wants to always run the latest Android versions, then this update should be the one that you need to apply on your smartphone. Note that you have to be on a full stock Android ROM for the official notification from Sony to be sent for your smartphone.

Xperia J from Sony is the 3rd device from the Xperia series that got the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 OTA Update. Xperia T/ TL and Xperia V are the other devices that got the updates. All the other Xperia smartphones should get the update until the end of this month. The firmware has also been updated to the 11.2.A.0.21 version along with the kernel which has reached the 3.4 number. This should be the last build released for the Sony Xperia J as there won’t be released any other devices.

The new updated OS will bring the Google Now, Project Butter UI and all the other Jelly Bean based functions and features that should improve the overall look of your UI. The battery life of your device won’t improve after the update and you might experience even a worse autonomy of the battery. After you update the smartphone, tell us in comments how is the new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean running on your Xperia J ? Also, tell us in case you find any errors or bugs while running with this new OS.


  • ankur

    i had updated it right now… nd many of my apps stopped working

    • mark

      yes this is right, after i updated it with the jelly bean, apps stoped working

  • Amalan

    After the update my Xperia J is fast and smooth. But its draining lots of battery.

    • fillip

      hi How did you get the update ?

      • Kapil

        Use Sony PC Companion and update

        • abhijay

          it says not available

  • Fillip

    Hi How do i get the Jelly Bean update ? I have Xperia J and did not get OTA till now.

  • Girish Goel

    I’m having xperia j, n juz now updated my phone but it’s not getting restart. Wot to do? is there any trouble??? :-/

  • Bill

    I recently purchased a sony xperia j ST26i and upgraded to android 4.1.2. i have noticed that the power saver icon has disappeared and the battery option also disappeared from the phone settings.
    Can anyone assist me getting these two item restored?

    • bebo

      dnt noe bout d battery option n power saver……………
      buh u can try advance mobile care app from play store……………itz really usefull

  • rav

    its using too much of my battery

  • rajeswrudu

    battery life has taken a beating. my phone discharges in less than 48 hrs, which otherwise was more than 36 hrs before the update. The call history got truncated to last two days and continues to erase history beyond two days.

    • rajeswarudu

      correction. earlier my phone was discharging between 72 to 96 hrs, now it is discharging in less 48 hours

    • rajeswarudu

      correction. my phone battery is now discharging im less than 48 hours, which otherwise was taking 72 to 96 hrs

  • Dushmanta

    i got it updated..but many of the apps does not work properly & gets stuck..and battery drains too fast. Its a waste. please fix all the bugs.

  • Dushmanta

    Can anybody tell, how to fix the problem — after the JB update the phone sounds goes mute at times. which doesn’t fix untill and unless i restart.

  • nanana

    Since Ive updated the phone to 4.1.2, i couldnt connect to the mobile network. Ive turned it on, but i couldnt use the internet. Is it the phone problem? And whenever i play the music, it will get stuck at certain times. Does anyone here facing the same problems?

  • Dayang Arisha

    already update it 4.12 yesterday… so far almost all my software is not responding (need to uninstall and reinstall).. power saver is also missing.. but the screen performance so smooth unlike in 4.0.4 …notification also changed..